Planet Hotpot

Planet Hotpot

Still very rough around the edges, I believe in the next few months there’ll be a lot of improvements in the interface and depth of the game. For now, it plays smooth and has a well-defined gameplay loop (kill aliens, get powerups, kill aliens better).

I do recommend this game, but make no mistake this IS very early access at the moment so best not to go in expecting a complete game.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

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Now and again you come across an indie game that is so bad, so terribly made that it goes through the arse end of “terrible” and comes out being fun to play. ‘Planet Hotpot’ is one of those games. From the terrible controls to the basic graphics and truly laughable enemies, but it is mad as a box of frogs to play but oddly is so bad it becomes fun! The enemies fly around and glitch out as if they are supposed to do so and the action is relentless. But there seems to be no point to the game other than surviving as long as you can! At least it only costs a few quid and I am not quite sure why I even want to recommend this game, but I am. Maybe I have become so immune to the crap VR games Steam pumps out that I have finally lost my mind.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Planet Hotpot on Steam

Ben 10

Ben 10

I have been a fan of the Ben 10 franchise ever since the first episode came out. I have also watched every single Ben 10 episode from the classic to Omniverse, and played almost half of the games released for the franchise. Despite being a fanatic of the Ben 10 franchise, however, I wouldn’t recommend buying this game for the current price ($30).

If you are expecting to relive your childhood for a good 10-20 hours (even if you despise the Reboot but just want the latest Ben 10 game) and have the $30 to spare, sure go buy it now! If you’re not a big fan and just want to play the game for what it is, just wait for a sale.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

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I don’t like reboot that much. I watched the original Ben 10 when I was a kid and loved it. Still watching it from time to time but reboot… there’s something off about it which I cannot describe. I’ve decided to buy this game just to play as Diamondhead but ended up playing as Heatblast most of the time. He annihilates everything once maxed out and makes other aliens look like a joke. You have 10 aliens to choose, you’re familiar with most of them if you’ve watched the original cartoon so it won’t feel like a different one. Game itself is not good, though. Here’s why…

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Ben 10 on Steam

Cyberfrags ‘69

Cyberfrags ‘69

It’s time to get your blood up with some lightning-speed FPS action! Double-jump, wall-run, slide, and shoot your way to victory in PvP, Co-op, and single-player. In CF69, the fastest way to die is to stop moving. So don’t.


The Cyber-Nazis have come, and Cyber-Frank is pissed. Grab your hyperspace arsenal and get to fragging ranks of fascist assholes.


Play classic game modes like Free-For-All, Capture-the-Flag, and Team-Deathmatch, or test your platforming skills in Death-Relay. Small 6-player maps keep things ultra-fast, so you’d best start practicing, You’re gonna need it.

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Cyberfrags '69 on Steam

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD

After playing through a string of story heavy games, I wanted to take a break from the immense amount of dialogue and play something more purely gameplay focused. While nominating games for the 2020 Steam Awards, reading the most innovative gameplay category made Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD pop into my head (which I ended up nominating for that category). Turns out this was exactly the type of game I was looking for.

While there are some platformer elements, Super Monkey Ball has the unique twist of giving the player control of tilting the stage, as opposed to moving the character on it. The resulting gameplay is unlike any other game and offers a refreshing set of challenges, even to players who have conquered numerous other genres. Being purely skill based, nothing is left to chance, no equipment will make the game easier, and the only leveling up is the skill gained from practicing, failing, and learning. Gameplay is quick to hop into and the perfect amount of time between failing a stage and respawning is enough to think about what can be improved, but not so much that failing becomes an annoyance. There is an assortment of playable characters each offering different stats and the stages themselves are tuned to this, with various intricacies that may make the stage easier or harder depending on the character played.

Real player with 35.9 hrs in game

Kinda posting this review a tad late. I don’t think I’ve made my thoughts clear on this game just yet, but I know some people are taking newfound interest in the Monkey Ball series with the release of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania on the horizon, so I want to express my thoughts on this game now.

I’ll just get this out of the way: Banana Blitz is not a fun Monkey Ball game . To many, this game is seen as a pretty good platformer, and I can get by that thought, but the way this game is structured does not fall in line with what makes a Monkey Ball game work, and it’s all because of one fatal flaw in this game’s design: jumping.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD on Steam



This game is really funny!

It seems a bit difficult at first. But once you’ve played it for a while, you can’t get away from it.

Another good thing is that you can play again and again and have fun immediately.

(No long loading times, no unnecessary sequences.)

A good game to start again and again and have fun straight away.

For example by the boring #homeoffice because of #Corona.

A clear thumb up from me!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

An alright Cuphead clone that focuses on platforming over boss rush. It tries to capture the magic and appeal of that fan favorite, but it just ends up flat to the point of a free flash game. Even how the game feels cheapened.

In this game you need to clear all enemies in the rooms leading up to the boss fight. The problem is you restart when you get hit once. This is the difficulty and, unlike the aforementioned obvious inspiration, the foes don’t move on a pattern and the first set alone with multiple fast moving floating eyes can crowd you or sneak in on you at a moments notice. There’s also no check points, adding to the artificial difficultu scale.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Biscuitts on Steam

Boo’s Balloons

Boo’s Balloons

Boo’s Balloons is a very cute, simple, children’s game featuring hand-drawn artwork and a wonderful poetic story. You play as Boo, a cat who arrives at a fairground but loses his balloons! You must ride a hot air balloon to search and catch all the missing balloons floating in the sky, then safely land back at the fairground. While the playtime is rather short, including only one level, I see a lot of potential in this short but sweet game. If the developers added other levels, or continued Boo’s story, I could see this becoming a fulfilling game- or even just an amusing little children’s book!

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

This game is great! My nephew loved it. The poems were a really nice touch.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Boo's Balloons on Steam

Global Steel

Global Steel

Global Steel is a 2d run-and-gun video game inspired by Saturday-morning cartoons from the 80s. It follows the adventures of an organization that lives up to the credo of dispensing justice around the globe, with guns. Controlling three playable characters, it’s your job to shoot n’ blast through hordes of enemies as you save the world. Customize your armor-suits and weapons as you progress through an assortment of diverse levels.

Global Steel on Steam

Sacre Bleu

Sacre Bleu

SteamPunk-Paris: 1650

You are a Musketeer imprisoned on false charges.

Steam-blast your way out and find the evil-doers who framed you.

Uncover a plot to take over France!

  • Bullet-time combat

  • Rocket-jumping

  • Timer-stats for speed-runners

  • 2.5 D Cartoon-graphics

  • Best pretend-French you’ll find anywhere

Sacre Bleu on Steam

Swatch Out!

Swatch Out!

Swatch Out is a very entertaining game. While it is aimed towards kids and young ones, it still pulled me in with the gameplay that makes you mix and choose the right colors to defeat enemies and progress. It is a fairly challenging, yet rewarding fun little game. It is aimed towards children which helps them learn about colors and thinking skills to defeat enemies. However, this sweet little gem pulled me in and I recommend it not only for children, but for people who like a fun little nostalgic game that reminds them of their future, while being fun.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Swatch Out! on Steam

The Last Friend: First Bite

The Last Friend: First Bite


Not as seamless on a keyboard, but the game does claim at the very beginning that it is better played on a game controller. If the game is playable on PC, maybe they should have catered to keyboards as well. It’s not terrible, it just feels like it could be a little more seamless.


Characters are not very relatable or interesting. The puppy is bossy and he is small so may be the most relatable part of the game.


Very vibrant and colorful and very vector-like. The style seems consistent

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Works in Proton.

This is pretty fun, will probably pick up the full version in the future

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

The Last Friend: First Bite on Steam