Strategy Meets Action

Drag and drop cards to play in real-time! Play cards in quick succession with no waiting for turns. Cards take effect as they’re played so think quick and adapt to an ever-changing board.

Build your Team, Build your Deck

At the beginning of a match, each player selects their team of three heroes. Each hero contributes five unique cards/moves, so be sure to mix and match for new strategies and interactions.

Key Features

  • Strategic yet action-oriented card combat played in real-time

  • Online matchmaking with ranked PvP and single player matches vs AI

  • Simple inputs paired with quick decision-making for engaging game play

  • A robust variety of character skins, player icons and card backs to collect

  • Inventive mechanics for genre-bending gameplay

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HASTE on Steam



KindFolx is a single player PvE real time deckbuilding card game! Follow Reinus in his quest to liberate the city of KindFolx from its corrupt leader!

-Fast paced combat that requires efficient and creative decisions

-Randomly selected enemies, events, and treasures will make each run different from the last

-A variety of mechanics and cards allow you to play in different ways that suit your play style or create additional challenge

-Frame by frame animation!

Long ago, in a land unlike the one you know now, a war raged between Humankind, and Monsterfolx. After 5 years, the battle would end, and Humankind would rise victorious.

Ozma, a human hero of the war, embraced peace between the races, and proposed the erection of a city that would be a haven for humans and monsters to live in harmony. The city would be called KindFolx.

5 years later, Ozma would pass away, and as agreed, a Monsterfolk would take his place at the head of the city as a sign of trust and faith by the humans. Darlocke, a cruel general of the monster army, would bring about a new wave of human hatred. Oppression would begin, and homelessness, violence, and slavery inflicted on humans would soar.

Now, in order to prevent these growing atrocities from inciting another war, a team of adventurers have banned together to put everything on the line to overthrow Darlocke in the heart of the city.

Will you and the Adventurers Guild be able to successfully destroy the evil in the deepest parts of KindFolx?

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KindFolx on Steam

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG

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Book of Beasts is a free-to-play Collectible Card Game. It is nothing like Hearthstone, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the likes. It’s more like a Puzzle game.

Your Deck consists of 20 cards. Each turn you draw up to four cards. You can play all of them on the field. Each card has (a) different element(s). There is fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. A card can have different elements on each side which means you will have a card you can connect to another fire card and have a connection to a water card at the same time. You can’t play a card if you can’t connect it to another one.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

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First Impressions:

I learned how to play the game after just the first introduction match. That is impressive!

The game is so simple to learn, I think I can get others who would be intimidated by other card games to try this out. I REALLY hope a Mobile version of this is on the way, because this game has great potential for a strong scene.

Also I was curious on how they monetize the game. It appears to be SUPER generous. I mean, 15 bucks for the ENTIRE first season of cards? Insane value!

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG on Steam



A realtime, roguelike, card game. Traverse planets, build decks and earn riches while battling to the extraction point. Some will make it, most will die…

IMC on Steam

The Magister

The Magister

I really liked this game (after I completed it for all difficulties,

I updated my review).

Basically you are the magister/witcher and you are sent to a city

to investigate the murder. The game consists of four parts:

  1. investigation of the murder (procedural puzzle)

  2. tactical fighting with enemies (simplified heroes 3)

  3. deck-building for diplomacy (simplified ascension)

  4. leveling/customizing your heroe to be able to solve all challenges (see 1, 2, 3)

From my point of view it has followin strong areas:

Real player with 118.8 hrs in game

Like the investigation games of the 90s…

This game reminds me of Grim Fandango and The Secret of Monkey Island from the 90s. It basically involves you running all over the place (from location to location), whilst trying to solve a mystery. You also occasionally encounter enemies that you have to battle, and the battles are your typical TRPG grid-based battles, but you use a card mechanic similar to Slay the Spire.

Pros: #1. TRPG fans will like the combat

#2. You don’t always HAVE to fight… most of the times you can talk it out

Real player with 52.8 hrs in game

The Magister on Steam

One Step From Eden

One Step From Eden

the dark souls of rockman.exe

Real player with 120.3 hrs in game

Takes a few hours to get used to but it’s great afterwards

Real player with 116.0 hrs in game

One Step From Eden on Steam

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game

I love this game and i see the potential

Especially combining card is really fun and i want to be able to combine two combined cards with eachother and just go crazy with it. I like all the references to other companies the naming of moves are great like the one horn demon. And praise no microtransactions

But and this is something that needs to be sorted you can basically take about 2 moves have a 2 energy lead, reverse literally everything and then just win from either the opponent not having any cards left or they keep hurting them selves and then you use one of your cards to put them out of their misery.

Real player with 60.0 hrs in game

If you’ve played RAW Deal, With Authority or Synamic D this is a game you want to check out.

It’s still in Early Access, but the foundations are already here for something awesome . A wrestling collectable card game, much like the games mentioned above where you build your best desk of cards to challenge the AI or PVP for EXP to level up and VC (No micro-transactions).

VC earnt from winning matches is then spent on opening packs of cards to acquire new moves to add to your collection.

There is also a create a wrestler option where you can watch your CAW perform the cards moves during gameplay and a create a card and combine option, where you can cook up any move you wish.

Real player with 38.8 hrs in game

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game on Steam

Age of Giants

Age of Giants

Pretty neat game for a dollar.

When i reached prestige 2 most of the maps keeps crashing, might even crash at last lvl just because you speed the game up or click on a tower to repair it too fast.

i didn’t have a single crash before reaching prestige 2 though…

At this rate i can’t complete the game because of this issue

i really want to give this review a yes but mainly because i can’t continue playing i feel like i have to give it a no. :(

Real player with 96.2 hrs in game

one one of those mobile tower defense games ported to steam where the developer didn’t even take the time to allow for full screen gameplay. final score: wait for sale

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Age of Giants on Steam

Rise of Humanity: Prologue

Rise of Humanity: Prologue

I recommend this to fans of turn based games who are cool with card based attacks. This is basically a free demo of the full version of Rise of Humanity, and it accomplished its goal of getting me interested in the full game which I have now wishlisted.

Here is what you need to know:

+High quality graphics detail, great antialiasing, as well as decent music and sound effects, but as for graphic performance…

-Ultra graphics setting @ 1440p on my RTX 3080 maxes out the GPU with an average of ~90 FPS? Its not like I can zoom out wide, so I was hoping for something a bit closer to my 165 Hz refresh rate.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Changed the audio settings aaaand… it’s gone. Completely. Reinstall did not help. I’ll probably try it later, with version 1.x. Unplayable atm.


upd.: the bug was fixed fast enough, devs are surprisingly interested in feedbacks, and gameplay, nevertheless still being buggy, is promising.

I’d like to see less pointless actions in battles, like move to the shoot distance - use card - click on the single enemy instead of use the card on the enemy on click. Or drag card on yourself if this is the only option to use it - on yourself. Also planing a chain would be better imho then use cards one by one.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Rise of Humanity: Prologue on Steam

时间卡牌  TimelineCard

时间卡牌 TimelineCard

This is a card action martial arts Jianghu game:

By constantly strengthening ourselves, we can defeat the incredible enemies, even justice or evil.

Nearly one hundred martial arts moves, find the enemy’s weakness, equip your luck and defeat them with your strategy.


  • Eight sects' unique skills and Jianghu starting skills, 74 moves in total;

  • Store system with limited resources, you may have to save money;

  • There are four common attributes related to attack and defense in martial arts, which not only affect the attack but also the defense. If the boss defense is low, it is possible to pass the customs with one stroke;

  • When starting other time lines, the hidden functions such as card selection will be enabled, making it easier to trigger continuous technology;

  • Open play, can attribute build, card build, or weaken any enemy;

  • Random enemies, random treasures, random store items;

  • It is strategic and easy to operate, but the game is difficult.


It focuses on strengthening the combat system, four states are related to card damage, and four kinds of defense breaking effects have a greater impact on the combat (when the enemy’s power is negative, the defense breaking).

Martial arts moves of the same sect will trigger cost reduction. Each sect has its own unique skills: you can kick the head, injure, poison attack, internal skill, Dodge, double critical hit, triple critical hit, heal yourself and stun the enemy.

easy to operate

3D world, 2D UI. There are hundreds of moves and dozens of special effects for players and enemies. It’s easy to operate, just use your brain.

world view

You may be looking for something, a father you haven’t seen for a long time, stronger , or a secret of time. The end seems to be the starting point. When you get there, there may be a clue.

时间卡牌 TimelineCard on Steam