Population: One is the online shooter that VR desperately needed. Even if you aren’t a fan of battle royales, this game can still be for you.

POPULATION: ONE is a VR Battle Royale, but compared to the other VR games, you can climb and glide off anything. This unique vertical combat system allows for limitless ways to outplay your opponents and to navigate around the map. Another feature that can be used is building but don’t let this scare you away. Building can be used to create cover to get behind and can also be used to fly off of to make rotations. People will eventually get good at using the builds, but it is a lot harder than…other games.

Real player with 435.0 hrs in game

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I was a playtester for this game from ~July to now. I probably have about 60-70 hours of playtime total.

To address the elephant in the room, this game for sure got some graphical downgrades from what we saw in 2018-2019 to accommodate crossplay with the Quest / PSVR. The devs have said a few times they have plans on improving things on PC, but I can only speak to what is currently available. The biggest issue for me is the sniping being… serviceable at best, I hope the devs are able to find a better solution for hardware that can handle it. If you’ve seen the sniping in Phantom: Covert Ops (another quest title…), it’s very similar. However, this game needs a playerbase to survive and if downgraded graphics is the answer, so be it.

Real player with 297.4 hrs in game


Mini Battlegrounds

Mini Battlegrounds

This is probably the most charming little game I’ve played in a few years! It’s based on PUBG, has an isometric top-down view perspective and a ton of arcadey mechanics. The art style is very nicely done, tons of character skins, weapon skins and the like in crates, login daily bonuses to boot.

Solo and duos for now, and very few options, but many more coming in future updates. Co-op zombie PvE mode is planned and is in testing currently.

It is a very fun little game to play with friends and mess around, in solo it takes 6 players minimum to launch a match. At only $5, I think it is a very fair price, and you should really try it out with a few friends as a nice little party game, it really shines if you do!

Real player with 58.6 hrs in game

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Overall Rating: 7.5/10

For a free game that just came out 8-21-18 this game is amazing! It’s like a cartoon version of PUBG but in birds eye view. When i first installed this game i was like “eh let’s just try it out”; it turned out to actually be a fun solid game lol. If you like battle royal games then try this. The sounds, load times, skins, rank system, gameplay mechanics, attachments to improve armor/weapons etc it’s well polished.


1. Low player base (it says it can hold up to 6-60 players but so far each match is about 4-5 :( However the wait times for queue has improved, max I ever waited for a solo/duo match was 3mins.)

Real player with 35.0 hrs in game

Mini Battlegrounds on Steam

Last Tide

Last Tide

“Last Tide” can be a very addictive multiplayer battle royale experience with Player (diver) vs. Player (divers) vs. AI (divers and sharks). It was created by the same people that made the popular game “Depth”, which is a very similar diving survival game. Players start each match with a knife only and have to look for pistols and rifles (attachments are available) that use either spears, darts or microjets. Three kinds of grenades are available. First aid to heal yourself has to be found and administered. And finding bags make carrying enough of everything a bit easier. Treasure can also be picked up to deposit into the robotic S.T.E.V.E,, which also controls the ever-shrinking shark screen.

Real player with 456.9 hrs in game

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EDIT: This game sucks now. They added a new mode in which you are forced to play a kind of survival game. Remove this mode or at least add an option, so that people can choose which mode they want to play. Well reps to the devs for still working on it but just making basically a whole new game is no option. People buy it because of the unique BR and you just completely change it.

The best battle royale game I’ve played so far!!


  • For EA it’s already pretty good polished

  • I havent experienced any bugs so far

Real player with 89.0 hrs in game

Last Tide on Steam

Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival

Having played this game for over 200 hours of my life, I can say without a doubt that this game, albeit fun, sucks. Why do I say this, you may ask? The developers (NetEase) have refused to fix many issues in the game, such as performance, lag, and address the heavy problem of cheaters/hackers in the game, for years. Despite their many promises towards the community assuring that they will indeed do so.

This game is heavily plagued by hackers and many technical issues, yet all the developers care about is updating the game with new “content”, this content being new player cosmetics, weaponry, and map changes.

Real player with 240.3 hrs in game

thanks steam and netease for permanently banning the cheaters after the season has ended.I was laughing so hard when i claimed my season rewards when i found out that the cheaters i reported have been perma ban, imagine cheating countless of hours in the game to get to grandmaster then the next day the cheaters opened their accounts, then found out that they have been banned =) best feeling ever! Thanks for giving justice for the players that are playing fair and square. AND TO THOSE CHEATERS OUT THERE, stop cheating already or you might be next on the line in the banned list of steam =)

Real player with 214.5 hrs in game

Rules Of Survival on Steam

Fractured Lands

Fractured Lands

I’ll update the review when i play more :)

So far i love it tho it has problems yes but other then that it is pretty good game the cars and the bikes is a bit funky to use in driving mostly the bikes i’ll….stick to cars thank you :P as for the loot it seems fair but sometimes can be a bit harsh when your not luckily enough to find loot that you need.

The FPS seems fine tho i am not playing from the US so i am most likely in US severs so i am finding it rubber banding now and then in some matches some worse then others which makes the playing experience bit unpleasant and takes away the enjoyment of the game to a degree but i always seem to burst out laughing or be surprised by players that kill me at times :P.

Real player with 137.8 hrs in game

Is it another battleroyale? yes.

Is it Hella fun? do bears shit in the forrest?

Is it smooth with the controlls? they programmed them with digital silk.

Is it worth the money? how much money do you put on shit food compared to a one time payment with a lot of fun?

Is it better than Pubg? That’s very subjective depending who you’re asking, and if they say no they’re wrong and you should burn their mailbox.

So a little about the game per se:

Everyone starts at the middle of a big hangar like house thingie, where they can go in whichever directioni they want, sometimes the ring is in the middle, sometimes it hugs the corner of the map and gives you the middle finger while it steals your wife while you are at the oposite corner of the map.

Real player with 63.9 hrs in game

Fractured Lands on Steam



Annihilation is Character Based 5v5 and 60 Players against each other Battle Royale game. Game time is set on Post apocalyptic Sci-Fi age.

Player can play both First person and Third Person perspective.

5v5 mode is focused on Competitive and E-sports mechanism. Battle Royale mode is focused on more Action Adventure.You have to focus on surviving , struggle and understand your operator’s skills to be the Last Man Standing.

Annihilation on Steam

Battle Royale Bootcamp

Battle Royale Bootcamp

I just played the new update (Patch 1.2) and it is a vast improvment from the game I bought last month.

Historically, I’ve really been bad at playing FPS games. I just want to get good enough to enjoy playing, get a few kills and not die 3 seconds after spawning.

This game is exactly what I wanted… a no-pressure, single-player environment where I can learn to aim better, manage my ammo, and know when to run and when to fight.

So far, this game has helped me with my aim and I’m way less panicy than I was when I started. Been streaming/saving on Twitch so I can track my progress. While I’m not ready for PuBG or others yet, I feel like I’m somewhat improving.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Game runs well. Lead time on snipers etc good. But no footsteps from AI, battle royale games rely heavily on sound and getting 4 or 5 bots suddenly shooting you from behind is great for your twitch aim, but in a real BR game I would be dead. Could not get my mouse sensitivity low enough. But yes I can see how this game would help in BR games for spotting other players and sniping.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Battle Royale Bootcamp on Steam



Ahahah, this is a pubg for the poor. This game is a good prank for a gift to a friend. Hahahaha

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

poopy game no good

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Battleground on Steam



at first i thought this would be pretty good at best, but it was less than a doller so how could you go wrong.

for the first 5-10 min you are going to get insta killed(your learning)

but in less than an hour your going to probobly win every 1/4 rounds and have a blast

this game has potental and i have many ideas for you, heres a few

you can shoot through walls, higher the calibler higher the damage

you can blast through walls to walk into them using grenades or breaching charges

add windows to buildings

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game


Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Battlegrounds2D.IO on Steam

Countdown Final Zone

Countdown Final Zone


is a dynamic first person shooter. You have to battle on large post-apocalyptic maps using various weapons. Prepare yourself for epic fight on battle royale mode, deathmath mode, team deathmatch mode and zombie anihilation campaign.


You will fight with 32 real players on large maps to win round.

Find weapons and dominate map in dynamic gameplay.

BATTLE ROYALE - you have one life, last man standing wins

DEATHMATCH - you against everyone

TEAM DEATHMATCH - you and your team on field, best team wins


Play solo or with friend in cooperation mode.

You have to break through destroyed city, survive and complete the mission.

Gather weapons and ammo in hidden places.

Prepare yourself for the next wave of zombie hordes.

Countdown Final Zone on Steam