Space Commander: War and Trade

Space Commander: War and Trade

Very fun game that plays alot like a simplified single player version of Elite Dangerous. Game is new and a work in progress with easy to use controls and it definitely has alot of potential and I cant wait to see what new stuff gets added in the future.

As you progress through the campaign you are given a handful of ships for free to use and as you gain credits from doing jobs on the job board or from trading goods back and forth from planet to planet you can buy more ships and upgraded them. Jobs can range from transporting a prisoner to a location, to smuggling weapons or transporting some other goods, to destroying a band of pirate ships plaguing a system or take out a pirate space station or even fighting a large capital ship. As you do jobs and trade with planets and space stations you gain reputation that increases the amount of money you receive for completing a job and get better deals when buying and selling goods from trade. Also as you do jobs and take part in battles with pirates or trade goods you will slowly level up and get skill points that you can put into things like lowering the cost of gas or ammo, lowing your ship repair cost, doing more damage, lower the cost of buying and upgrading ships, and lower the chance of being detected and attacked by pirates while trading and so on.

Real player with 96.0 hrs in game

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Edit 15 DEC: I made a beginner’s guide in order to explain some confusing aspects of the game. I still recommend this game after playing for many hours.

Edit 2 DEC: This is a REALLY fun game and it’s very expansive (not expensive). I have been playing it for a while now and I wanted to edit my review. I have come very close to automating making money (thanks to a viewer who posted some great advice), the ship upgrades DO matter, there are three campaigns, etc. I bought the mega-pack, which is basically the pay-not-to-grind-for-eight-dollars thing for $8:

Real player with 72.2 hrs in game

Space Commander: War and Trade on Steam

Vidora’s Silence

Vidora’s Silence

Assemble a crew of various skills and venture out into Vidora’s wilderness in search of precious minerals. Your way of transport is AsmiCorp’s finest mining rig, the Series 61 train. A fully customizable, fast and enduring machine with capabilities to house crew, refine the minerals you mine and get you across Vidora’s landscape efficiently.

Your Crew

Starting out you have to preform most tasks yourself and on your own, this will not last long as you grow your crew. Crew members can be recruited to your train from crew vendors and be assigned specific roles such as Miners, Hunters, Armsman and others. You strategically place and command your crew to increase efficiency and survivability.

Your Train

With the modular design of AsmiCorp’s Series 61 mining rig, you are in control of the carts that it has, the equipment on board, increasing your housing space to house the crew you hire and ensuring that there is enough power to run everything. Keep in mind rookie, to build extra carts and onboard equipment you desire will require you to have the sufficient funds, materials and reputation to do so.


Each expedition outside the safety of your mining rig, requires planning and strategizing. This will not only ensure you deliver what you gather, mine and harvest back to your rig successfully but also increase the chances of you and your crew making it back safely, as Vidora and her creatures are known to punish unexperienced miners and their mistakes.

Majority of Vidora’s creatures rely highly on their sense of hearing. Making any sudden noises in her wilderness will definitely anger the creatures that surround you thus making preforming loud tasks like mining and shooting weapons very dangerous and require the suitable equipment, fire power and planning to complete your expeditions and return safely.


As an AsmiCorp miner, your main goal is to mine the minerals above and beneath Vidora’s surface. Along your expeditions, you will come across many valuable and interesting minerals, the most important being Asmegite. In order to extract these minerals, you will be required to use the many unique tools and equipment that AsmiCorp has provided you with or you have crafted. But be warned, harvesting Vidora’s precious minerals angers her and her creatures, so mining expeditions will not be easy or safe.

Gameplay Features

  • Construct your train (base), build carts, upgrade interior etc.

  • Explore a 34 square km open world on your train, on foot and other vehicles.

  • Hire crew with specific attributes, assign roles and lead your team.

  • Mine deep into the world with the help of explosives and powered mining tools.

  • Clear out Safe Zones to unlock new carts and upgrades.

  • Strategically balance your train’s oxygen, food supply, fuel, crew and more.

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Vidora's Silence on Steam

Home Wars

Home Wars

I didn’t expect too much from the game besides fighting mass battles with plastic soldiers against bugs in the style of Total War but the game has so much more. It’s like total war with around 10-30% the content, only 1 enemy, no diplomacy, management of only 1 base, ammo management, research and battles.

The good:

  • You have to build your main base in the style of total war

  • You have to manage how much ammo you have in stocks

  • The variety of units is great, there are few simple upgrades to unit stats and new units usually solve a slightly different role while being also stronger. (e.g. slow weak cheap artillery = mobile arty = powerful arty = supressive Arty = versatile Arty)

Real player with 44.1 hrs in game

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Home Wars is a fun, refreshing and challenging strategy game.

It’s premise are very interesting and ,dare I say, extremelly original when all the element are taken into account.

I personally loves it, because it strike so many nostalgia chord about old games that I like : ( SimAnts, Earth Defense Force, Toy Commander and Army men)

The game despite it’s simple graphics and childish look is incredibly complete, packed with feature , heavy on unit and weapon diversity and fiendishly hard.

However the game have a good number of flaw, gameplay and balancing wise in Campaign mode.

Real player with 39.2 hrs in game

Home Wars on Steam



⠄⠄⠄⠄⣠⣴⣿⣿⣿⣷⣦⡠⣴⣶⣶⣶⣦⡀⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄it’s good

⠄⠄⠄⣴⣿⣿⣫⣭⣭⣭⣭⣥⢹⣟⣛⣛⣛⣃⣀⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄Play it









Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Really bad

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Invaders on Steam



Ever since I was born, around 12 years of age, I have dreamed of a game where I could build my base, raid the enemy, and fight for scrap. Fortify my team’s base with traps, walls, barbed wire, and turrets, scavenge scrap from mechs and craft explosives. Who is that on the phone? Ring ring? Oh why hell, it’s konami, they want Hideo Kojima back.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

Clapping simulator

but really though its a nice little game, matches arent too long or too short, base building that can be really OP, nice little crafting system, and small fun bugs that come with every new game

give it a try yourself!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Scrunk on Steam



work in progress not a good experience at all!

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Travellers on Steam

Vedelem: The Golden Horde

Vedelem: The Golden Horde

Vedelem: The Golden Horde is a fun real time strategy (RTS) game where you and your peasant army fight off the Mongol hordes.

You need to gather as much of the limited local resources as you can, to build up your military and your keep.

Also, you should level up your military academy to get better units (because, let’s face it, my half-trained peasant army just wasn’t very good, and needed to be replaced by some professional soldiers).

A good tactic is to put up some walls around your keep to protect it; if your keep falls, you lose the game. (C’mon, let’s build that wall!)

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

Nice strategic demo project from university students! Fun for a couple of hours.

RTS base defense

You control a base which has a doomclock for when the enemies come in full force. The goal is to survive until the clock reaches zero. At that point the enemies receive a buff to ensure your demise. You have to gather resources by constructing buildings, build defensive units and walls to weather the enemies. Basically a very very very very dumbed down version of ‘They are Billions’.


Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

Vedelem: The Golden Horde on Steam

ZI Survival

ZI Survival

ZI Survival

You are stranded in the vast expanse of the island. Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive.

Explore on land as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and base you’ll need to stay alive. Stay sharp: hunger, thirst, and exposure conspire against you as you brave treacherous elements and the dangerous creatures.

Stay Alive!


  • Rocks, Trees, Animals, AI.

  • Build your base or solo or with your friends.

Building and Upgrading

  • Upgrade items and buildings.

  • Explore various caves and planet locations.


  • Different AI zombies, and many more.

  • Rare monsters or random zombie horde spawns at world.

Point Of Interest

  • World map with point of interest.

  • Dynamic & Static spawn world loot tables, which provides different challenge on every game play.

  • Craft items with better quality and invest into skill points.

  • Different AI behaviours, depending on Sight, Sounds, Health levels, day or night cycle.

  • Quests and levelling system.

ZI Survival on Steam

Zombie Builder Defense

Zombie Builder Defense

I like the gameplay aspects of it like the ability to upgrade blocks and build as you see fit. The selection for weapons is good, the skill tree is also good but i feel like it is too easy too level up. i would like to see either slower xp gain or more skills in the skill tree. I like the boss battles but the level 40 boss is really difficult and i feel like we should get more time to prepare like adding more waves and having that boss come later in the game. i would like to see more bosses added too. Survival is cool but the zombie spawning doesnt work so you kind of just run around like an idiot and have nothing to kill. the game is really good but a lot of aspects need improvement.

Real player with 60.0 hrs in game

Fun little game that cost you less than a can of Spam. Ideally better with friends but it can still entertain you if you’re at work pretending to be busy.


Can be bought with money from selling steam badges

Nice sound effects and smooth animations

Has an endless mode

Telent tree that saves exp and upgrades to your profile


I have no idea what this has to do with Bitcoin

Zombie AI seems to only be able to brute force its way to kill you, thus zombies are easily routed

Single player boss fights can be much more difficult than multiplayer

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

Zombie Builder Defense on Steam



A game with a lot of potential, currently still early in its development cycle… and it shows at times.


I was really drawn to the sort of ‘mass effect’ feel in a survival game. Even the tool you use to mine, craft, build or fight reminded me of an ‘omni-tool’, as do the weapons. Survival games are so frequently based around the sword and board ages or… gah… zombies, this game presented a much welcomed alternative to those flavors.

The game looks beautiful and the mechanics seem well polished and in fairly good working order, particularly when you take the development point of the game into account.

Real player with 55.1 hrs in game

Eden star is an amazing game. It combines so many strange crazy ideas such as Minecraft, mirrors edge, mass effect and survival and somehow pulls it off but not just that it does it so well. The point of the game is that you are whoever you think your character is future Steve, Commander Shepard, a dog in a space suit, and you must survive as long as you can. Think Minecraft but with a survival mode during the night. During the night monsters will emerge and attempt to attack your base’s heart the Eden Kit. The Eden Kit is important because it is responsible for three things. It allows you to respawn, it creates a shield that blocks out the radiation of the night which will eat away at your shield and it helps you regen health which as far as I can tell cannot be regenerated any other way. Also you die easy. The world is huge and it contains a gorgeous landscape that you could spend hours exploring and admiring. Even now though I have seen a lot of the environment it still makes me go wow as the colours and designs and contrasts are perfect. The render distance also helps as you can see so far and see so much. There are many puzzles comprised of jumps and plat forming however there is a free running mechanic. The free running mechanic is almost as good as mirrors edge the only problem is that the game doesn’t run at 60 fps for me so it is a bit clunky but otherwise reminiscent of mirrors edge (which had one of the best free running system I have ever used that put assassins creed to shame). The crafting though simplistic is still detailed and very creative you have four different types of building shapes. Primitive which are simply cubes that can be crafted out of several materials, panels which is self-explanatory which can be made of many materials as well. Foundations which you use to create a flat area to build your base on and finally ramps which are ramps shocking I know. The game also comes which a weapon system and upgrade system. So far there are few upgrades and only 2 weapons. A pistol and rifle. Yet the aiming feels precise and the weapons powerful while the upgrades feel effective. The respawn system is my favorite out of every game ever as it is good but so devilish. You use this material called tesliuim which is used also to increase the shield radius of your Eden Kit and it is used to respawn however it requires one but since there are no chest or other storage containers if you die you lose all your materials, blocks and ammo. So might as well be carrying 1 tesliuim but happily you keep all your weapons and upgrades. There is some much more to Eden Kit and there is some much is being added for example the developers have considered adding a multiplayer which sounds amazing.This game has so much potential it’s crazy especially because the concept is so strange. It is one of those ideas that if pulled off right will be just the best. Please check this game out at least go on YouTube and watch some gameplay because even if it never gets updated again it is worth the money. Have a great day and never stop gaming ever. Well unless you need a break.

Real player with 30.4 hrs in game

EDEN STAR on Steam