The Perfect Tower II

The Perfect Tower II

I have been playing this game on early access for 2 months now (since apparently we’re flexing playtime in reviews I have 1475 hours). I’ve played a lot of idle games before but this is the first one that managed to keep me hooked more then a few days. There are a few reasons for that :

  • the content is very varied, much more then any other idle game I’ve seen before, with a lot of different buildings that feel like different games but somehow tie together really well (you can fight bosses, optimize a factory that feels a lot like modded Minecraft, or try to get the highest possible scores in the various experiments of the laboratory, and a lot more…)

Real player with 5474.0 hrs in game

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I don’t typically do reviews. Usually someone else said it better and didn’t take 13 pages to say it. But for whatever reason I felt the urge to hear my own sweet Cherry keystrokes and here we are. Hi.

First off, this is probably one of the most, if not thee most advanced TD variant out there. It’s extremely involved and has system upon system that initially don’t seem too connected but everything assuredly is. Don’t go into this expecting Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (My first TD game back on Kong). This will take hours to fully understand if you go in blind and don’t read a guide. The ingame help wasn’t much help when I started and the updates to it still don’t seem like they would be too helpful. But if you stick to it, the systems and loop aren’t in some foreign language and can be figured out with some time and effort.

Real player with 1183.8 hrs in game

The Perfect Tower II on Steam

Battle Crate Simulator

Battle Crate Simulator

In this box-by-box physics simulation, you build ships out of crates to blast enemies and carry cargo. With two modes available, work your way up from a dingy to a battleship in adventure mode or arrange a battle in the sandbox!

Build ships using an array of components with different stats and an assortment of weapons with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each box moves independently so damage to any ship will greatly affect it’s performance; using the targeting feature, you can instruct your ship’s hardpoints to strike critical blows. You are also able to save and load your designs into any mode, allowing you to test your adventure mode designs in sandbox battles to reveal their weaknesses. This game was designed to be very “menu-light”, so most interaction takes place directly with visual objects to create a smooth and simple take on the vehicular build-and-battle genre.

Available Modes

1. Adventure Mode

  • Build a ship with limited supplies and try to survive on the open sea!

  • Trade goods from markets by transporting supplies in custom built freighter ships.

  • Arm you ship and fight the fleets of ambient ships you’ll encounter.

  • Accept quests to fight challenging enemy designs and conquer the seas.

In adventure mode, a open world environment awaits for you to explore with custom battle crate ships. By trading, stealing goods from NPC ships or scraping enemy ships you defeat, you can earn resources to unlock new crates and build bigger ships. Random encounters on the open sea present challenges and opportunities; you may find a cargo ship worth pillaging or aggressive pirates may spill your goods into the sea!

2. Sandbox Mode

  • Create a custom battle with as many object as you’d like.

  • Set teams and join either by starting the game.

  • Restart will reset your designs so you can tweak and start it again!

In sandbox mode, you can create custom battles with your own ship designs. Set up two opposing fleets and watch them battle to the end. Want to tweak something shortly after starting? No worries, just reset and all your setup work is preserved!

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Battle Crate Simulator on Steam



good game, fun boss

Real player with 41.4 hrs in game

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Fun little puzzle game with good music, mechanics and levels

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Loopindex on Steam

Automation* of Sorts

Automation* of Sorts

I played the first few levels, and while some of the menu functions need a bit of updating, the gameplay action itself and controls are very solid and a lot of fun! Never ending chaos! My dad and I are having a lot of fun with it in our solo playthroughs.

I will update this review when we get a chance to play multiplayer later.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Automation* of Sorts on Steam




Electraplanet is a survival/adventure game. Using third-person point of view, you can explore new planets after your’s has been exploited entirely. Fighting and exploring are the main key’s to start your own electricity factory or upgrade your production levels.


Produce, Protect your electricity and optimize your production, since electricity is the currency. With a exponential progression, the more you produce, the more you are efficient.

Multiplayer Option

An open world where you can create your strategy with your friends by simply starting a game or continuing your older one, and friends can join through Steam. Sharing creations, fight become really interesting with friends!

ElectraPlanet on Steam

Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor

Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor

Nimbatus is a great game that ha sucked away my free time.


The tutorial is not the best, it only tells you the bare minimum in its first section on how to build a mobile craft, and all the other tutorials are basically useless, the only usefull one for the ingame content is the logic section that teaches you how to build a basic ramming style sumo drone even thougb the objective is to create a drone to fly forwards with no context as for why you need to know what this could be used for. ALSO the in the harvesating tutorial the ore does not get harvested correctly, it shrinks into the center unlike chunks being ripped off of the ore in the acutal game.

Real player with 99.3 hrs in game

This is tough to rate this as not recommended.

The main appeal of this game, for me, was concept of creating completely autonomous spacecraft. And at a glance, it does that very well. I was able to create several different ships that were able to go off alone and solve missions by themselves, and even a ‘factory mothership’ that would replicate a variety of subordinate drones that would do the dirty work for mom. It is pretty satisfying at first, almost like a simulation of 2D electronics with a unique environment to play with.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor on Steam



Automatrons Story

Over time, machines learned and became, not only intelligent, but self aware! Over a 100 years of evolution has passed by, now machines are here to conquer the world of humans. And you are there to make it happen!

Game Features

  • Real world levels - The Automatrons maps are build following the real landscape as reference, for this first version you will play in 3 different countries.

  • Level based progression - With an initial of 30 levels you will unlock levels, turrets, skins and abilities. There will be more levels with more rewards!

  • Skin customization - Choose between 7 different skins for your turret, more 7 skins to your cursor and 2 skins for the spaceship. Much more will come in the next versions.

  • Turrets - With more than 15 turret types you can build your perfect strategy to conquer the world and beat your enemy.


We are looking forward to know where in the world you want to play.

Automatrons on Steam

Satellite Repairman

Satellite Repairman

Concept of the game is fun, but you simply don’t have enough time to get prepared before everything you build is obliterated. Also, the mechanics of building new comms towers/missile launchers doesn’t allow you to build in spaces that should be big enough, or replace destroyed buildings.

This game has great potential, and I’d really enjoy it if there were just a few fixes made. Even if the sandbox mode allowed you to have a greater preparation time the game would be much more playable.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Really not a fun game. Took a decent RTS idea and tried using 2D platforming controls. I did not enjoy trying to set up a defense satellite by hovering with a jetpack, in a timed challenge. Plus, the core mechanics of comms, radar, and gps are not explained very well, their use isn’t obvious on the screen, and even the tutorial briefly mentions them. I get the sense that this design is intentionally difficult to understand, and I think that is what ultimately kills the fun for me. If the game offered some more assistance to the challenges, then I could be more patient with the game’s own shortcomings.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Satellite Repairman on Steam



Edit: This game is chugging right along. Still recommend, still think $10 is too much. But if it keeps going, it’ll be worth it in no time.

Ok. Here we are a month and a half in. I just picked up this game because the partner saw it and said it looked like something I would like. I did not realize it was pre-alpha, I just jumped in. Bought it for both of us. We’ve both put about or close to, 10 hours into the game, each.

I want to like this game mainly because I don’t wanna be wrong about spending $10 or go through the refund process. I am really hoping the Dev’s listen to gamer suggestions and improve this little project.

Real player with 18.4 hrs in game

This is currently pre alpha, and that taken into consideration, i could still not recommend. It is utterly unplayable 5 min in with frames counting 1/min.

I’m gonna wait it out and come back in a year or two. You should do the same, unless you wish to support the devs or just have fun money to spend with little return.

Edit: after another 4+ hours of gameplay, most of which spent on just getting the game off the ground, there are additions to be made.


So, i checked it out again as pr your recommendation. I’ve sort of completed the game - in the way that the game’s broken, inhibiting further progress through the story.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Trashed on Steam

Bullet Shot

Bullet Shot

Bullet Shot is a game where you control bullets. When the enemy shoots, you can take control over the bullet, and rotate it to target your enemies. The goal is to strategically control the number of available pauses and degrees needed to control the bullets and kill your enemies as fast as possible.

Game mechanics

The ability to control bullets and time gives unprecedented gameplay. You don’t walk around the map or shoot enemies. The limited number of pauses and degrees gives quite a challenge.


The various maps offer interesting places where the player will be. From enclosed rooms to open enviroment. Varied lighting and times of day. Weather effects such as rain make the entertainment even more interesting.


  • Bullet control with 360 degree rotation

  • Time control

  • As many as 3 possibilities to pass each map

  • As many as 3 maps with over 90 levels

  • Physics of objects

  • Ragdoll physics

Roadmap(this year):

  • Gathering user feedback and incorporating it into game

  • Increasing content (maps)

  • Gameplay improvement

  • UI improvement

  • Steam Workshop

  • Localization

Bullet Shot on Steam