Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing

This is easily the best 2d combat racing game out there and I’m not even exaggerating! It reminds me of the old games I used to play on arcade, the art style is cartoony, characters are funny and music is mind blowing. The progression is quite linear and the later levels kept me engaged for hours where I had to dodge incoming attacks and time a counter blow while riding at high speeds and evade the contraptions all at the same time! With so much variety in events and depth of content in terms of weapons, riders and atvs this game is dirt cheap as compared to other games on Steam.

Real player with 50.8 hrs in game

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Rude Racers is a cheap game but very optimized and hides a very challenge gameplay.

What is Rude Racers?

It is a scrolling game, where you need to beat your quad/endure bike enemies with your speed or with the brute force before the time finishes or the finish lap.

We have two modalities: Career and quick mode.

In quick mode, you can choose the type of race you will do, while the divided into seasons (5 in total) while the career doesn’t need an explanation.


Real player with 35.3 hrs in game

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing on Steam



This is a happy simple game.

Through the transmission of happiness, more faces are full of smiling faces.

Game mode: use the mouse to pull the smiley face to make it touch other faces. After many collisions, all faces turn into smiley faces. After winning the game, you can enter the next level.

Features of the game:

The screen of this game uses a variety of Galaxy effects with a high degree of authenticity. In operation, players only need to control the mouse to put their own tactics into action. On the whole, it’s a work that tests the strategy of players. If you like, you can download it and experience it yourself.

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Smirkers on Steam

Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer is a simple & straight forward twin stick shooter with loads of mobile style upgrade grinding. Roguelike fans will probably find this one on the easy side but if you like circle strafing enemies with the trigger down, give it a try.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

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Early Looks into the game:

Played For around a half hour, and so far, I like it.

Game is fun, lots of good bosses and gameplay, definitely something I havent seen a game done before.

I haven’t found out yet but im assuming that this game is sort of an enhanced pc edition of a mobile game because im getting that kind of feel from this game. However, the game is VERY good for something that I feel like would be a mobile game. Definitely recommend for anyone who enjoys quick fps rounds involved with fast paced gameplay. I would mostly recommend getting this game on a discount, but full price is still a decent price.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Space Pioneer on Steam

The Smugglers

The Smugglers

You will smuggle goods or protect the law. Assemble a team and take on the role of a cunning smuggler or an honest law enforcement officer once per turn. Compete against an opposing team on one of many boards. Just like in real life, each team has different victory conditions, completely opposite, making you quickly identify with your new role. Will you tactically pursue victory or will you pull out the gun and settle the matter in a rather violent manner? Remember that the decision belongs to the whole group, and you won’t be able to win alone.

Each playthrough begins with smugglers landing in a cargo drop zone, and the law guards are tasked with melting down and stopping the smugglers from making their final escape. Cover your tracks and defend your loot or try to track down and stop the smugglers from escaping. Think your side will always win? Remember that in every gang there will be at least one agent who will certainly mess up the whole game…

The Smugglers on Steam

Realife Simulator

Realife Simulator

what Is Real Life simulator?

Real Life Simulator will be a Simulation and Role Playing game. In this game you will be able to spend time in an imaginary world with real people online. You can come out of the real world and shape your character’s life in an imaginary world.

what You Can Do In the Game?

When you first start Real Life Simulator, you will have a $ 5,000 financial resource as an ordinary citizen. You can use your money the way you want it. You can buy yourself an outfit, rent a house, buy a car or throw it at the bank and fold your money with interest.

In the game you will be able to do many professions.

For example, as a policeman, he could pursue crimes in the city. You can bring the criminals to justice.

You can provide justice as a judge. As a health worker, you can help the players who need help.

As a lawyer, he can take cases for money. As you solve your cases, you can progress in your career.

As a taxi driver, you can earn money from your customers by taking them to the place they want to catch on the road.

Or you can kill a man as a criminal. Remember that when you commit a crime, the police of real players may come after you. When you are caught, you will be brought before a judge. During the court stage, you can hire a lawyer who is a lawyer, and you can reduce your penalties to a minimum.

If you get a penalty, you will be suspended from the game for the duration of the penalty.

important Detail!

There will be no Artificial Intelligence Players referred to as NPC in any way in the game. All Players will be made entirely from real online players.

What you can do in the game will be limited to your imagination.

What we think to offer in the Closed Beta Process.

(1) Career System

(Policing, Judge, Attorney, Taxi driver, Bus driver, Health Care) Read more!

(2) Purchasing System

(Home Rental, Home Buying, Buying Food and Drink, Buying Household Goods, Buying Clothes, Buying a Car, Buying Weapons)

(3) Presidential System

(Presidency During the Beta Process - City Control will be in the hands of the Managers.)

(Every month the city control passes to a person’s control and the person is completely selected by voting among online players)

(4) Dialogue System

(Online Players will be able to talk to each other through the Global Messaging System on the same map. You can also chat with the people you meet through a private messaging system.)

(5) Car Mechanics

(6) Privatization System

(You can shape the houses you have purchased or rented the way you want.

You can shape your characters' clothes and look as you like)

some Systems We Consider Adding

These features will be released in the version will be sorry to say sorry.

(Unfortunately, we need serious financial support to add them. We hope that you will provide a nice game experience as a return to you.)

judge System:

Judge System: As a Judge, you will be faced with the crime in the city and will be caught by the police and will be the people. The punishments you will give according to their crimes will be up to you. (Judges will be composed of Moderators and Administrators.)

attorney System:

Persons who have committed a crime will be able to defend themselves in court against judges by purchasing a lawyer from among other actors.

(2) Fighting System

(We will be able to create a place of competition in the spaces by creating various fighting places.)

Some Fighting Competitions You’re Thinking About:

boxing Competitions:

(Boxing Match Online Players Simple Fun Mode in Vaccination).

(In addition, Monthly Championship Competitions will be organized. Required Degree Game Game Participation will be able to.)

(3) Training Areas - Gyms

(Training areas where you can work out before a fight, Gyms for Improving Yourself)

Realife Simulator on Steam

Last Generation: Survival

Last Generation: Survival

Release day for Last Generation Survival and I picked it up without knowing much about it. For early access I’m liking how this game is looking. Couple graphics issues, rocks floating in the air, the dirt road is placed above ground by a couple feet in a few spots, there’s no sound when striking a robot. Needs some work but I like it so far. I did a quick intro video of it here.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

While i am giving this a positive review, the game needs a lot more improvement.

1. The Settings options are buggy, you can check out my video. I DID NOTICE THAT I CHANGED A KEY IN THE GAME AND AFTER THAT I GOT A CRASH.

2. AI needs improving, DEV could go for a different type of enemie (maybe aliens, not zombies)

3. The maps needs a little more work, some of the assets are floating on the map and some of the map relief is wierd.

A Big PRO is that the graphics are not bad, and the mechanics are good. A good start for a game.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Last Generation: Survival on Steam

Rocky Ride

Rocky Ride

Important bit: I enjoyed playing Rocky Ride

The game consists of racing tracks to get trophies, gold or otherwise. You also win money for good race finish position, and pick up coins and get coins for knocking other contestants off the track. You get to choose whether to spend coins on speed, acceleration or handling. The controls are so-so, the car control gets better once you’ve upgraded it via spending the coins earned.

Story: No story.

Graphics: I hope you like bloom and over-saturation!

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Remember the 90s, back when we all had a local pizza parlor with an arcade and we had to beg our parents for quarters? Rocky Ride is something you might see if we had modern arcades that didn’t cost a dollar per play. Its beauty is in its art style and simplicity, and it’s a game that’s here to serve niche fans.

My gameplay will tell you more about whether Rocky Ride is right for you than anything I could say. It’s a modern take on the old style arcade games, and either that’s your cup of tea or it’s not. And that’s okay. You’ve just got WASD movement controls and a rearview mirror that you’ll never use, but the braking and reverse are more responsive than in any other racer I’ve played. Jumps are cinematic. Loop-de-loops are fun but require momentum you sometimes won’t have. Mines are satisfying to wreck your opponents.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Rocky Ride on Steam

MX vs. ATV Reflex

MX vs. ATV Reflex























| | | |

Real player with 1681.9 hrs in game

MX vs ATV Reflex is widely considered to be the best arcade motocross game ever made, and it’s hard to disagree. Very complex and fun physics, easy to play but insanely hard to master. Its free air physics, the best terrain deformation in any game until Spintires appeared — in some ways it’s still superior to Spintires though — and legendary track design makes it a game which is definitely worth your money.

Make no mistake: this isn’t a game in which for the first day you will ride a bike like Ricky Carmichael or James Stewart. Over a hundred hours of gameplay and I still find myself a few seconds slower per lap than the top guys. You will fall, you will fail, and you will do it a lot, because the physics are very twitchy and sensitive, but when you actually succeed in nailing that perfect lap, that perfect race, the game will get incredibly satisfying.

Real player with 244.6 hrs in game

MX vs. ATV Reflex on Steam

Destroy It

Destroy It

“Destroy it” is like a developer test room with only one function: Ragdoll collision. Choose from two houses and a satellite to destroy, click and drag your mannequin, then realize the money spent was a waste. I’d consider this at risk of removal for being some sort of potential asset flip.

Lacking any sort of features or customization, the application opens to a menu with three structures to choose from. Once selected, the said structure spins wildly next to a limp dummy you’re intended to control. No on-screen instructions explain how to do this, but it’s not difficult to discover that the mouse serves to anchor and pull him into the building. There is no environment to speak of, just a large void atop an infinite plane. You can control the camera with WASD keys and rotate with the right mouse button. And that’s about it.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Great game, besides the repetetive music and way to simple gameplay and bugs and only 3 very badly designed levels it was great. 11,5/10

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Destroy It on Steam