A fun little game that is a mix of tower defense and critter simulation.

There are many various critters in the game with each type having their own behavior and priorities,

some being peaceful, some preying on other types of critters, some plants having different ways to spread, some critters eating specific plants and so on, which makes for a surprising amount of artificial intelligence in the game.

You don’t control anything directly but instead are given power to generate a breeze that gently pushes stuff around.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

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This is a great game! A retro style with a current social feel! Some things I like about it:

1. It feel like playing one of my arcade machines

2. Who doesnt want their garden to thrive?

3. The game is explained just enough that makes you think about what you need to do in order for your garden to stay healthy

4. While there are not tons of critters/plants/baddies to understand its great fun learning how they all interact and what they do

I really do enjoy playing this game and look forward to the next round of mouse clicking madness! (thank goodness for pause!)

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Compost on Steam

Dr. Byte

Dr. Byte

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Dr. Byte on Steam

Need for sharp

Need for sharp

You play as a cyborg specially developed as a SWAT unit. Engineers believe that you’re the best of all cyborgs ever made. You have been sent to training facility to test if it is so. You will face simulated hordes of enemies that you must destroy and show best result possible.

Need for Sharp - action, top-down shooter with dynamic gameplay. Kill enemies and earn money which could then be spent on special abilities available in the game. Upgrade your weapons and abilities as you progress through the game to reach the highest score possible. Make use of environment and develop your own strategy at staying dominant on the map for as long as possible.

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Need for sharp on Steam




200% more guns! 200% more fun! 999% more brain! Shoot your way through a gigantic spaceship full of deadly robots and face an Artificial Intelligence that is learning from your actions.


Play with up to 3 friends if you can’t dig it alone. PROTOCORE will continuously test the teamwork and skill of you and your friends.


Be smart! The enemy that you are facing is playing with you and will change the game according to your actions!


Make your own and unique classe! Choose between a lot of weapons, skills and perks for 10^42 possibilities.


You don’t have to think complexe but fast! Grab two guns at the same time, feel and follow the flow of a juicy metal slaughtering.


Master all the patterns if your are good enough to make your name on the international leaderboard!


Play the non linear campaign mode, fight daunting bosses and find out the secrets beyond Protocore.




COD zombies if it had down syndrome

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

I enjoyed this game so MUCH! its AAAA game. Im rating it 100/100 3

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

XOMBEE on Steam

Extreme Stream Power

Extreme Stream Power

This is a shooting game, last in future space everywhere is full of danger, the alien invasion, the betrayal of artificial intelligence, chemical and biological weapons cause the variation of moment threatening human life, you must have a technical side, and then joined the practice qigong and martial arts school, the students practise every day to improve their own ability, role firm stance, and abdomen, both hands on the waist, set the body energy in the palm, trying to to hit an opponent with optical flow, with the opponent!

  • Select a character and enter the arena for training.

  • Enhance your abilities by inflating the air button or by touching the replenishment items on the floor.

  • Scramble mode, the hit person will be eliminated, you can cooperate with others, but after the cooperation, you will also need a decisive battle.

  • When you graduate from the training school, you will face the threat of the outside world, all kinds of monsters will come, use the skills learned in college to defeat them!

Extreme Stream Power on Steam

Bot War

Bot War

Played a couple rounds, it’s a fun game, maybe a bit pricey for where it’s at right now. I’d love to see it refined, be able to be less laggy perhaps become available in multiplayer (3 players 3 teams or 3 players on a team even). I’m not a game designer and have no idea how, but some ideas I would offer is being able to pick spawn points, spawn in different places around the points (so players don’t get killed immediately from enemies firing at other teammates respawning) and perhaps a bit of delay when teams switch so players don’t get killed immediately.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

Hello! This game is actually a hell of a lot of fun. I just wish the controls werent strange and the guns actually looked like guns. The Physics could also use some help but, not at all a bag game! i love it

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Bot War on Steam

Move with AI

Move with AI

The somatosensory game made with AI technology does not need any somatosensory equipment. It is enough to turn on the computer camera.

Game play

Red / Blue joint can touch red / Blue column; In other cases, the game fails. The speed of the column will be faster and faster.


It’s a boring game. Don’t expect it to be fun. But compared with running for half an hour, it’s more relaxed to play your favorite music while moving with the

rhythm. (Please play your own music.)

Move with AI on Steam



As mutant you have to ensure survival by eliminating all threats and avoid being captured.

With each successful kill you can feed on your prey and choose which of your senses you’d like to regain and eventually enhance.


Regain a clear picture of your surroundings and develop super-vision.


Spot and locate threats before you can see them and acquire the skills for eavesdropping.


Sniff out the scent of other living beings and receive the ability to make out traps.


Analyze your enemies and gain additional information about their equipment and stats as well as buffs.


Learn how to interact with objects and become a unstoppable force of power.

As hunter you have to ensure the mutant is captured alive and brought back to your employer safely.

Use each hunter’s unique skill and equipment and choose the right tool to tackle the mutant’s potential senses.

Use light to blend, sound to distract, special aromas to deceive, injections to render substances useless and various gadgets to block off objects.

S.E.N.S.E. on Steam



This is a happy simple game.

Through the transmission of happiness, more faces are full of smiling faces.

Game mode: use the mouse to pull the smiley face to make it touch other faces. After many collisions, all faces turn into smiley faces. After winning the game, you can enter the next level.

Features of the game:

The screen of this game uses a variety of Galaxy effects with a high degree of authenticity. In operation, players only need to control the mouse to put their own tactics into action. On the whole, it’s a work that tests the strategy of players. If you like, you can download it and experience it yourself.

Smirkers on Steam