Super Rebellion

Super Rebellion

A great game for anyone who wants to spend a few hours destroying aliens

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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The game has lovely neat graphics and nice sound but… everything else is a bit bland and boring.

Powerups are very limited and not scale with stage.

Boss and mid-boss are die-and-try until you know the pattern until you relise you need to restart the game from scrath every time.

The main problem is that powerups are given randomly so is actually possible to have one or two stages without a single powerup.

beating a boss without any powerup is just plain tedious.

Even if you learn the patterns by heart the puny base laser is just a torture to bring down bosses.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Super Rebellion on Steam

Alien Breed 2: Assault

Alien Breed 2: Assault

Good sequel to the first game though I should say that being in the same spaceship without real novelties apart the weapons and one alien… but well, you have MIA joining the party, so…

That’s how I can summarize Alien Breed 2: Assault. After colliding with your ship, you’re aboard that ancient lost ship, discovering what happened really, helped by MIA, the robot that you have to trust to get out alive. However, given the weird creatures that are living in it, you guess that it will not be a round of pleasure but a full assault that you will be conducting. Given the fact that nearly nothing changed, here’s a copy/paste from my review for the first part of Alien Breed, which was Impact.

Real player with 12.7 hrs in game

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While did enjoy first Alien Breed game and second delivers more of the same, it kind of doesn’t. One point is still that played this one on hardest difficulty aka Elite instead of Veteran. Tested rookie after beating the game and it was truly fits it’s name, think someone who hasn’t even used controller before might have enough time to deal with them aliens.

So first two levels went ok, thing this time around levels are way more darker and claustrophobic and also felt like there were more locked camera phases which are tad annoying to deal with when aliens are starting to run at you from all around. Considering some of the basically can jump out of the floor right next to you from all side is pretty irritating on elite difficulty along the control scheme not holding up to that fast paced action with enemies taking much more punishment on lower difficulties while dealing way more from tiniest runt and it’s easy to get gangbanged and stunlocked in midst of that. Stunlock comes in using items like grenades, health packs, hardener armor etc which are life savers except your activation of them is interrupted due enemy attack. This caused severe issues during level 3 and especially during it’s ending section. While as an escort mission it’s not that annoying as Mia the synth friend won’t take much punishment and wait most of the time to you progress upon things, towards the end she stands in the way and kinda sets the pacing and alien AI really decides oddly whom to attack out of the two. After this phase it’s the ending room of level 3 which was worst thing so fart to deal with, masses of enemies surrounding all around and whacking you instantly to pieces, not good place to stand the ground due how arena is made and it’s in two sections and closest save is before escorting there so need to do quite a few things again with cutscene x4 to 5 for potentially dying quite fast again. This was quite annoying due first two levels giving more freedom on going around and giving chance to save, in third level this formula of opening map to be more approachable to limiting your access more and more when you proceed that kept going on till the end of the 2nd title.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

Alien Breed 2: Assault on Steam

Aliens vs. Predator™

Aliens vs. Predator™

Aliens vs Predator (2010) is a first person shooter that introduces you to three seperate storylines involving a Human, a Predator, and an Alien. Overall the storylines are decent, while not nearly as difficult as I would have prefered. For example Nightmare Difficulty seems to simply increase the damage and accuracy of your opponents, but not necessarily making them difficult due to one shot mechanics available to Predator and Alien. Boss fights bring a interesting level of difficulty, but are still single meat shields with high health pools that you have to mow down while dodging mechanics and the occassional add. Overall scenary in the game is one of the highest pluses I will give, as the environements truely have the universes feel to them.

Real player with 108.7 hrs in game

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People say the game is mediocre, and perhaps that is justified. However, I feel the game is at least in the higher end of mediocre games, and can produce a lot of fun. At least for fans of the different creatures the game tried (and in my opinion, succeeded) to bring alive.

I am not in a position to review the multiplayer so consider this to be mainly a single player review.

People are usually concerned with the duration of gameplay, and what many have said is true, it’s short, with the marine campaign being the longest, Predator in the middle and the alien the shortest. It’s a shame, as I found that the alien was the most fun, then the predator, and lastly the marine. Though this is not to say that it isn’t fun to play the marine, it’s just the weakest of the species. All three species campaigns adding up to perhaps 12h, though I might be slow - spending a lot of time in the shadows as an alien, watching how the marines patrol, and cloaked as a predator, deciding which marine to pick off first.

Real player with 45.7 hrs in game

Aliens vs. Predator™ on Steam

Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection

Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection

Summer 2021 and Cold Iron Studios made it, Aliens™: Fireteam already renamed Fireteam Elite is about to be released in two weeks. Sweet & refreshing to see another game based on the franchise showing up. And don’t worry, Uncle Randy was not in charge this time.

Whatever the outcome about A:FE, after more than eight years, Aliens™: Colonial Marines signed by Gearbox Software & TimeGate Studios remains an unfinished & unpolished base game having undeniable flaws but, at the same time, a nice crossover between James Cameron & Stan Winston 1986 feature film and the numerous Aliens™ 1988-nowadays comics as well, and above all an absolutely unique experience in Bug Hunt brought by Demiurge Studios. That great Solo or Co-op' horde mode having its own, mechanics, metagame, challenge, pace, level design, depth, Aliens classes, AI surprises, toolset, and ultimately its own gameplay & skillcap. Watch out, many moves you make & decisions you take directly impact the Co-op' situation & progression, especially in UBA diff' conditions, the most captivating & immersive difficulty.

Real player with 3309.2 hrs in game


As most of you know, this game was basically announced as an AAA game with next gen graphics, and ended up a (at the time) bug-ridden B-list game with last gen graphics. Many people were understandably upset about this, especially those who pre-ordered. If you don’t wish to do business with a company that found itself in a lawsuit claiming false advertising, more power to you for your ideals.


I played this in Jan 2015 after some massive patches, and after the game was on sale for $5. At this point, I experienced the game as practically bug-free, except for the astonishing fact that the game still won’t let you go: When I quit the game, it is immediately restarted (wrong exit code or something?). Restarting Steam too helps, but it’s a bit ridiculous. On the upside: no game-breaking or fun-killing bugs while I played.

Real player with 264.3 hrs in game

Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection on Steam

Aliens Go Home Run

Aliens Go Home Run

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The Short of it: A fun mix of many nostalgic games from decades past, infused with some modern ingenuity. AGHR does arcade / replay value correctly, and is worthwhile / fun for the price - it put a smile on my face =)

Reminds me of: If you liked Strikey Sisters , you’ll probably like Aliens Go Home Run.

Real player with 21.8 hrs in game

I have mixed feelings about this game for a couple of reasons, one is that the balance and difficulty curve in this game is often pretty bad and, after taking a break from video games for a couple of weeks, the game has seemingly deleted my save data (I was at the final boss too). I do however definitely recommend this game and here’s why.

First of all, the game practically oozes charm. If you’re into games that are built upon a wacky or crazy idea, or even into games with a good sense of humor, then this is definitely the game for you. Who knew that bloodthirsty aliens could be fought off with baseball ey? The charm even seeps into the gameplay too. At the base of the game we have Breakout but with a completely different rule set. It actually makes Breakout engaging and fun to play, and honestly the worlds/levels that are good are REALLY GOOD. I had a blast playing the levels I actually enjoyed. And holy hell the music in this game is so damn good. I really wish there were more tracks. This is probably more of a backhanded compliment but the music is SO good that I feel like it’s wasted somewhat. Most of the bosses share the same theme and I think it would’ve been cool to have separate boss themes. But that’s just me. The art style and character designs are super cool too.

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Aliens Go Home Run on Steam

Bug N Out

Bug N Out

I went in not expecting much and was amazed at how further disappointed I became…

…but there is the tinniest gem worth pointing out deep within these difficult to chew paragraphs, for whomever has decided to read this all the way through.

What is proclaimed as a quick game to easily pick up, with no saves, and no loading screens, shows off a decent premise, but delivers only a weak play experience. There is no story, no real Menu after you load into it (just an escape Menu, with ‘Sfx’, ‘Music’, and ‘Quit’ dirty-faced Options starring down your pathetic Bug N Out playing soul), the Sound FX are nice and that’s all that can be said about them, while the techno-jungle-euro 1990’s style music fits the graphics style and design of the game. Which is really okay, until 10 minutes have passed, and you realize it is just one short looping song for the whole soundtrack, (I cannot tell if it is 30 seconds or 3:00 long due to its designed repetitiveness) and you to turn it off to safeguard your mind from drum beating into head numbing emptiness. While the graphics are fine for 1990’s, the impressions of this game drop like Wiley-Coyote off a cliff when you realize it was made in 2016! (double-check that… WTH!). That’s when the realization sets in, those nicely drawn single seated pictures before the game automatically starts (Yup, no choices in life here, just wishes you didn’t waste so much of your life in such a short period of time), and between each ‘World’ (which is a loose term as each world is one map, which is really just one static screen with a few moving components, played 5 times, with arguably no variation what-so-ever to these 5 rounds, and again between these worlds except a different colour palette and 2 new bugs), those pictures are hiding the loading screens (someone lied to me through text!). The credits are probably the best part about this game -And I do sincerely mean this. Yes, its one quick screen, yes it is just two creators, but shows the pictures of the two designers and what they split evenly for the project. It is because of this that I feel I have a small connection to these creators; that personal touch is what is needed more throughout this game (like about 1000% more, in every dirty mud-stuck crevice). On the credits screen, you also find the Thank you’s to the backers of the game: 1 Mega Backer and 3 regular backers; I have the distinct impression that these creators decided to not put much into this game as they probably didn’t get many backers for it. I know how hard it is to design and build a game, but most importantly how much time it takes. This would make a lot of sense if this was their first game design project and they didn’t receive much incentive to push the quality development of the game, because that is what it feels like here. However, I could only find myself playing for around 30 minutes before I felt I had committed too much time already to this piece of something dark brown and sticky -it’s a very muddy game.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Bug N Out on Steam



This is actually kind of fun. I wish there was a full screen option and is there a way to exit the game with out having to close the task bar icon?

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

ColorsInvasion on Steam

Galaxy Annihilation

Galaxy Annihilation

A surprisingly good space shooty arcade style game. There are a great deal of ships to unlock and choose from, each with different stats, primary weapons (though most tend to shoot straight forwards) and unique ship specific abilities, many of which are very fun to use and look at in action. You also get to choose a special weapon to use to complement your ships abilities or weaknesses or strengths. Again, there is a good amount to choose from.

Enemy variety is decent, bosses are OK, powerups are what you would expect. There is nothing revolutionary here.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

I can’t add much more than what has already been said in the positive reviews. Only negative thing I noticed was that some of the English spelling and grammar was a little off and that the Gatling Gun didn’t seem to work properly but, it didn’t take anything away from the game for me.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Galaxy Annihilation on Steam



Short Version: Fast paced tower defense plus 2D run’n’gun that pushes all the right buttons. Awesome retro simplicity in gameplay (run, jump, shoot, build one of three towers) with plenty of modern features (upgrades and extra challenges galore) along with an intentionally silly story make this game utterly scrumptious.

You know those crazy dreams where a bunch of random pieces from your life / movies / video games get smushed together in a ridiculous fashion that somehow make a weird kind of perfect sense? Well, imagine a dream where Megaman lost his job and decided to instead pursue his secret wish of becoming a spaceship handyman, only to be sucked into an 80’s sci-fi movie plot where aliens were invading the ship and only his newfound turret-building skills and rusty blasting action could save the day. This is Spacejacked in a nutshell, and it is glorious.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

When I first saw this game, I thought it would barely have enough content to keep me entertained for a couple of hours. Well, I’m glad I was proved wrong.

How can I even start to describe this game? “A super fast-paced arcade tower-defence” it’s a good start but it doesn’t cut it.

This game makes most tower-defence look easy by comparison:

  • You have to manage to defend your spaceship’s cores located in different rooms from getting destroyed. This means, you have to fend off hordes of enemies in several separate rooms, basically at the same time, with limited resources (metal). Since you barely gain any metal from the monsters/ aliens you kill, most of the time you’ll be running from room to room destroying your turrets to get metal to build or upgrade turrets in another room and then repeating this process until all rooms are secured.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

Spacejacked on Steam



Story brief

Unidentified planets appear,Causing countless human deaths and injuries,A young man save his parents,He uses special power to fight aliens。

Game content

《Zerowood》It’s a 2D action game,Some game levels has a fighting system,You can enter the buttons in order show your skills,It’s like a fighting game。But,Each game level is different。You can control our hero to fight,And control the alien mech warrior to fight。This game has bicycle、skateboard、air battle too。This is a special action game。

Play this game。You can ride a bike fast to avoid traffic,On the truck chop energy ball and fight alien spiders。Sit in meditation,Use soul power fighting the alien mech warrior。And summon soul sword cover you。Skateboard game levels,You can do a kickflip attack excavator。Yes! Very crazy!

Zerowood on Steam