Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure

Forgive me if this is not professional looking, I am not one to do reviews. But for this game, I’d like to tell about the game and help spread word of it.

Gurumin is a light-hearted and colorful adventure that was first released on the Christmas of 2004.

In this adventure, you play as Parin. The setting is Teise Town, where you move here to live with your grandfather while your parents travel abroad for excavations. You get acquanted with the people in the town and then meet a girl who introduces herself and her brother as Pino and Puku, respectively. They then show you the way to the fabled Monster Village, where your adventure beings!

Real player with 107.3 hrs in game

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With first impressions in mind, it may be hard to decide if buying the game would be worth it. Certainly I was not the only one that felt the same way after reading some of the reviews on this game. After choosing to buy it, there was no regrets to be felt as the game progressed.

The beginning can throw off gamers from seeing the true colors of this game. It almost felt like watching a cartoon with the ‘odd’ opening cutscene, full of characters you won’t be introduced fully to until later, playing right after the setting is introduced. It is unskippable so prepare to watch it and its entirety. Afterwards, feeling skeptical about the game is totally natural. Eventually, this notion is more than compensated with the game’s solid gameplay and attention to detail, specifically how the main character, Parin, reacts to people and the environment. As this game is a port from the PSP well over a decade ago, the developers certainly took the time to add in small details that made the game more enjoyable.

Real player with 99.6 hrs in game

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Like Odinsphere in art style and difficulty, with a leveling system similar to dark souls. 10/10

You can only fight two bosses and five to ten minibosses depending on how you count them at the moment of writing this. However the combat is smooth and the story has some interesting hints from the bosses but is not very present right now. The combat can be difficult occasionally if you are not leveled up properly, otherwise it has a pretty decent difficulty on single player.

That being that at first you will have to fight strategically to not die, but as you level up you can go back to map areas where you had trouble and plow through them showing off your skill and level increase. There are special areas called mazes scattered throughout the map as you travel and quests that you can take on to extend game play.

Real player with 61.5 hrs in game

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I will give quick review on early access. I find most negative reviews are wrong and people only spend few hours on playing this great game while I’m really having fun to play this game, it’s really not difficult metroidvania and suitable even for casual & newbie players. That’s the reason the game made into cute anime to atract people that it’s fun to play.

These are the negative reviews I find are wrong:

❌ Mostly negative reviews saying it’s “repetitive gameplay”, while another metroidvanias games are basically the same. It’s wrong at all. This game is really fun which combines crafting, learning different skills, leveling your chars, building your skill tree.

Real player with 36.5 hrs in game

LOST EPIC on Steam

Ocean’s Heart

Ocean’s Heart

Ocean’s Heart is from your classic Zelda-like games genre, it’s an action adventure with tons of exploration where finding items and solving some minor puzzles involving moving or bringing objects and helping people paves your progress and makes your journey easier, the main difference I’d say is it has a simplified alchemy system for buffs and aids that reminds me of Gothic if it was a 32-bit game.

You play as Tilia a young girl with a talent for fighting and a dream of joining the Navy who is in search of her missing father which runs a bar, but is also in the Navy, who disappeared in search of a mysterious band of pirates who suddenly attacked their village and kidnapped Tilia’s best friend an adventurer herself, Tilia then embarks on a journey around the island in search of clues from them and meanwhile helping people with their problems sometimes resulting in rewards that either help or upgrade her capacities be it health, offense or defense. Speaking about upgrades although the game has RPG in it’s name it doesn’t deal with experience points, but it does put numbers in how much offense or defense you have, much like Zelda in general it requires you to explore and find the power ups or upgrades to make things easier against monsters, hostiles or the occasional traps.

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

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[url] Please see my curator page for more games that are well worth your time[/url]

Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10-14h

Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1

Has it been in a bundle: No

Is there a good guide available: Yes, “Katharin” wrote a very nice walkthrough and an achievement guide. On astats you can find extra tips for “Fleet Feet” and “Fragile Flower”

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

Ocean's Heart on Steam

Actraiser Renaissance

Actraiser Renaissance

First of all, this is a QUINTET remaster. The mere fact that this game exists is a tremendous blessing for a certain cult fanbase.

The obvious bias aside, is the game good?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE

It’s obvious that a lot of faithful effort was put into remastering this game. From including Yuzo Koshiro’s amazing soundtrack and accompaniment to the astounding artwork given to the many characters, menus and intro cutscene. People put their sweat and tears into this, and it shows in that regard.

Real player with 54.0 hrs in game

A great example on how to make a remake. Renaissance does an excellent job of bring the original SNES games action and town sim into a modern era with new graphics, classic and remixed soundtrack, and expanded story that makes you feel more immersed in what was a somewhat bare-bones world before.

The new artwork is great and the story telling is actually quite deep. Everything reads like a positive psalm with the writing really showing some great character development and overall storytelling. Which is good as all the new characters do little gameplay wise. The story is the only way you will interact and learn about the characters and their backstories.

Real player with 40.9 hrs in game

Actraiser Renaissance on Steam

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven® combines the features of a hack & slash and a twin-stick shooter in a nonlinear interplanetary story-driven action RPG.

What boundaries would you cross to save your home?

Avril used to be a regular 16-year-old girl, not what you’d call a natural-born hero.

Until a mysterious event devastated the Earth, and she lost everything she cared for.

Now she’s the only one who, with the physical and mental powers that she has been gifted, can attempt to save her planet!

This is how her cosmic journey starts: soon enough, Avril will learn that the line between good and evil is thin. It’s up to her to decide whom to believe: her choices will change the destiny of the universe.


PHYSICAL/MENTAL DUALISM → Find the perfect balance between your body and mind to face the challenges and enigmas you will find along the journey, but keep an eye on the double health bar: it tracks both your physical and mental healths, and if you lose sight of one of them… you’re dead!

DEFENDER OR CONQUEROR? → Choose if you need to use your wits or strength in your interactions with the factions: decide who you want to become while you reach your goal, but be careful of the consequences…

FAST-PACED MULTI-LAYERED COMBAT SYSTEM → Quickly learn when to switch between physical and mental mode: sharpening your strategic dualism is the only way to keep pace with your opponents!

RETRO SCI-FI VISUALS → Fill your eyes with the original hand-painted visuals inspired by the Retro Sci-Fi Art of the 1950s - you will visit colorful and fascinating planets, and meet the most intriguing creatures of the entire universe!

RESPONSIVE NON-LINEAR NARRATION → Your choices will change the fate of the universe and of the creatures that inhabit it. Are you ready to take responsibility for your decisions? Find out all the possible outcomes of the storyline designed by a Writers Guild Award winner!

Batora: Lost Haven on Steam



A sci-fi dive in the 90s, both for the game design + gameplay and for the dystopic cyberpunk concept style.

Gameplay per se is a bit wonky and you have to get used to the stealth mechanics, which are really retro-style by all means.

Still, the game is pretty enjoyable, the atmosphere is right and the lore is well thought out, which you can extrapolate by the mission briefing/debriefings and from the files you download from the terminals, giving the appropriate feeling and background, much alike to the first Deus Ex game.

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

You are a one man go in and solve the problem type of covert or overt operative whom corporations hire to do their dirty laundry. Covert if you move effortlessly like a ninja from shadow to shadow, crouch like a tiger, and jump like a spider waiting for the right moment to feed needles into the skull of your enemies. Or overt if you prefer the cacophony of machine guns and the smoke C4 makes when you are fed up with doors that don’t greet you with open sesame right at your arrival.

You can even hack systems, steal company data and make some side income by grabbing datacubes and other interesting things that come at your way. And since this is a Cyberpunk/Neuromancer inspired game presumably made by transhumanist wonks who enjoy running around with subdermal chips under their butt-cheeks, replacing limbs and adding subdermal armor and other kinds of protections are also available.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

DataJack on Steam

Death Tales

Death Tales

After 4 hours of gameplay here are my thoughts.

The game is visually stunning and amazing to look at. I thought the colors would be weird, but it flows and is captivating. The art style is both whimsical and creepy at the same time. The soundtrack and sounds are not overpowering and very thematic (as a content creator I turn them down a bit for streams & vods but for normal play you don’t need to). Mechanically the gameplay is smooth and the challenge is appropriate. You will get lost in the gameplay and be drawn into the world. The equipment choices and power ups allow for a variety of playstyles - scythes, hoods, armor and spells are plentiful and have all sorts of fun uses. Speedrunners can run through areas once just to collect gear to give them an edge, and completionists can run a stage multiple times to collect all of the rewards. There are also events, shops and quests to add to the depth.

Real player with 22.9 hrs in game

Hack and slash you way through a colorful world of Fantasy and platforms with over 40 pieces of armor and gear (my favorite is the Unicorn set which I now have 2 parts of!!)

You are a new Reaper gone rogue and you will fight different creatures in epic color!

The levels and the different scythes,armors and enemies with there one effects/abilities! I LOVED IT!

I loved every second of it, I will play this a lot! Thank you so much for making a game that I fell in love with after 5 min of starting it! STUNNING!!

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

Death Tales on Steam

Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and Nightmares

gameplay review: fight stuff. that’s about it, if there’s other stuff to do i haven’t fount it yet

so i got a bunch of bugs:

game has crashed multiple times… at least it has autosave i guess?

graphics settings don’t save

if you level up multiple times from one monster (like you can from certain golems) you only get one skillpoint. didn’t check stat points, but that’s likely to have the same issue

seems like most areas only drop gear with extremely low levels. so the only place to get high level gear is the shops… sometimes. as a side effect, there’s no way to earn zs quickly, so high-level gear in shops quickly gets prohibitively expensive

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

I played for about an hour today and so far it’s pretty good fun. The maps are large and it is really an experience getting from point a to point b. I do wish there were keyboard character controls, but that could be something for when this comes out of Beta. I did have an issue once where I was being attacked by an invisible enemy and another glitch were things stopped attacking me all together. I’m looking forward to playing more. The voice acting so far is really really good. I’m excited to get the part I voiced.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Dreams and Nightmares on Steam

Extreme Stream Power

Extreme Stream Power

This is a shooting game, last in future space everywhere is full of danger, the alien invasion, the betrayal of artificial intelligence, chemical and biological weapons cause the variation of moment threatening human life, you must have a technical side, and then joined the practice qigong and martial arts school, the students practise every day to improve their own ability, role firm stance, and abdomen, both hands on the waist, set the body energy in the palm, trying to to hit an opponent with optical flow, with the opponent!

  • Select a character and enter the arena for training.

  • Enhance your abilities by inflating the air button or by touching the replenishment items on the floor.

  • Scramble mode, the hit person will be eliminated, you can cooperate with others, but after the cooperation, you will also need a decisive battle.

  • When you graduate from the training school, you will face the threat of the outside world, all kinds of monsters will come, use the skills learned in college to defeat them!

Extreme Stream Power on Steam

Human Madness

Human Madness

the game graphics are really great

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

The game is fun. The Graphics are nice. You can remap your keys and there are a lot of setting for the graphics. Just one question. where are the maps? I can only play one map, the tank map. In your game video it shows more than one map. There are some menu bugs. Also I find the run speed a little slow it would help to pick up the games pace if the run speed is faster. There is also too much recoil on the guns. But all and all the game is pretty good. I would recommend this game to others but not just yet. Hopefully these issues will be addressed. For the price it is worth it if it becomes more polished.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Human Madness on Steam