Soft Body

Soft Body

If you love games that sound amazing and feel good to play, this is probably your game of the year. It’s a bullet hell like no other; a game where you don’t shoot your enemies but try to get close enough to touch them without getting shot. And you do it by controlling two snakes at once, one with each hand.

Getting good at Soft Body is like a form of meditation. As you start to get better at it, you stop focusing on controlling one snake at a time, and you wind up controlling both simultaneously, not looking at either one. Then the game starts to throw challenges at you where you need to be moving and dodging and attacking with both of them at once.

Real player with 144.9 hrs in game

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This game is so damn good. The level design and controls are as smooth as an ice cold glass of Dr. Pepper on a summer day. It’s not meant to be an easy game, and the difficulty curve of Soft Game leaves something to be desired, but Hard Game is definitely where Soft Body shines. Tasks that are infuriatingly difficult at first eventually lighten up, only to be stacked on top of one another in rapid succession. There’s no feeling better than grinding out later-game levels and then returning to earlier ones just to find that you’ve become a LITERAL GOD all of a sudden. Add on to that the Halloween levels featuring not a single bullets, and multiple secrets I still haven’t even discovered the meaning of yet, and you’ve got yourself a game that’s worth far more than its asking price. 100% recommended buy.

Real player with 66.1 hrs in game

Soft Body on Steam

Voxel Bot

Voxel Bot

If you like Q*bert

Then you’ve come to the right place

Wrong button? Again!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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The visuals and music in this game are really good but some might be put off by the Qbert-styled controls. To break them down:

Up/W: used to ascend the level, not to move forward

Down/S: used to descend the level, not for backing up

Left/Right/A/D: still move you across the level in said directions but do so isometrically

It takes some messing around with to get used to.

That said, the level designs and play-thru are well worth the price.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Voxel Bot on Steam

Beyond Critical

Beyond Critical


Beyond Critical is a sci-fi versus game where players use unique abilities to battle for control over a super massive black hole.

In this game, exploding is the goal, not the end. Players in combat will choose to either grow until they explode or to sacrifice their mass for kinetic projectiles. Players must bend space-time itself in order to win in this unique and chaotic brawler!


  • 2 or 4 player versus game play.

  • Play as a team or in a free-for-all.

  • 4 unique ability classes.

  • 6 different color options for customization and team selection.

  • Supports Steam Remote Play Together to battle friends across the globe.

  • Beautiful visual effects are complimented by reactive sound design.

  • Full controller support and haptic feedback.

  • Seamless looping sound track with progressive stages.

  • Special ultra-wide monitor support that increases the play space.

  • Optimized for high refresh rate gaming.

  • Customizable arena configurations for varied gameplay and settings.

  • Supports reactive RGB lighting on the PS4 DualShock 4 Controller.

  • Can support a single keyboard and mouse pair with up to three extra controllers.

Ability Classes:


Lots and lots of lasers…Play as Photon and fire massive laser beams that stun enemies right in their tracks.


Control time itself…Play as Electron and slow down time for your adversaries and take the lead.


Speed is underrated…Play as Neutrino and fuel high reaction speeds with the ability to teleport in a flash.


No obstacle is too big…Play as Gravitron and push every opponent around with massive bursts of gravitational energy.


Players will battle for control over a super massive black hole. The goal is to stay on the central black hole to collect mass from it while strategically denying opponents access to it. Players must keep opponents at a distance just long enough to reach critical mass and explode, scoring a point for their team. Players have to be careful while in combat, as firing kinetic projectiles sacrifices large quantities of mass in return for larger projectiles. Reaching critical mass is the only way to score, so players should keep an eye out for micro-black holes that will give them a quick boost. The player or team with the most points at the end of the match is declared the winner.

Developer Note: “This was my first release game and senior seminar project. I spent a little over 16 months working on this title in my free time after class and work. All future content will be added to the game as free DLC. Thank you for all of your support. I hope you enjoy playing Beyond Critical with your friends!"

Additional Notice: Beyond Critical has no influence over the connectivity and quality of the Remote Play Together streaming service. We advise that the host be using a wired connection with at least a 15Mbps upload speed or higher to provide a good experience using the Steam service.

Warning: This is a Co-Op only game and is best played with controllers. There is no single player mode. Only one keyboard and mouse combo is possible at a time, if chosen over full controllers.

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Beyond Critical on Steam

Cubixx HD

Cubixx HD

5 stars out of 5; it is like the classic game Qix, but based off a cube stage, and it’s possible to play co-op or MP [5 thoughts]

1. i love this game, to me it is very similar to tetris. simplistic but not easy to master

2. soundtrack has some very decent moments

3. picking your laser’s color will change the sound that it makes… this is huge, imagine if sound #1 annoys the hell out of you

4. depth, beating most of the lower stages will not be difficult. making it to stage 50 on arcade will be

Real player with 193.1 hrs in game

This game is a remake version of a Cubixx game from PSP and I think its pretty good to have a content that isn’t available from PSP.

Its basicly a Qix in a nutshell, its a Mixed ideas between Qix and 3D Perspective, giving a Fast-Paced Arcade Slice and Dice gameplay.

Its really addicting to play this game, and added Steam Leaderboard brings more competitive to the gameplay.

The only thing that I really wish is Multiplayer, since this game supports up to 8 players, if I’m not mistaken, and I really wish if there’s an Online mode where you can play multiplayer also.

Real player with 13.7 hrs in game

Cubixx HD on Steam



FOTONICA is an adrenaline rush, at the very least. A high speed running game with one button as the sum total of a player’s control. Don’t think of that as a limitation. Quite the opposite. Since this is first and foremost a sensory experience type of game, deriving much from little, it would be unfortunate if even the smallest part of a player’s attention were taken from the screen.

The player, as “runner”, travels very minimalistic landscapes. Some are vaguely identifiable, such as rooms in a sort of building. (The more identifiable the terrain, the faster landscapes seem to go by as the eye/brain connection struggles for context.) The runner also jumps, but I hesitate to call this a platformer. It does have platformer characteristics, such as the pink dots one attempts to acquire by contact. And the varying size and levels of platforms. Some game levels, in fact, are almost entirely platforms. These are generally the more difficult; as players struggle to attain the secondary goal, SPEED.

Real player with 24.1 hrs in game

FOTONICA is a first-person platforming/running game developed by Santa Ragione. Become one with the speed of sound while you try to survive each level on every difficulty and try to beat your previous highscore.

| | Poor | Bad | Average | Good | Superb | Explanation |

| Design & Visuals | | | |


| | Minimalistic graphics for a minimalistic game, uniquely designed levels |

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game




Somewhere tiny, deep in the fractal foam, there is a strange and vivid world… a world with two dimensions, weird noises, and the all-consuming urge to gather more points. Welcome to Fractus! Blast your way through waves of organisms to release the portal to the next level, where you can do it all again! There is an infinite number of levels, but things get difficult quickly. How far can you get?

Fractus is an abstract twin stick shooter for Windows and Linux. It is a unique visual experience and a challenging game. Most of the graphics are fractal objects that are procedurally generated on the GPU. It also features an odd medley of guitar-generated sound effects.

Fractus on Steam




Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

MISKATONIC is a Free VR game. It worked on my HTC Vive system, played ?, sounded ok, looked ok. It needs more room in your playspace than it requires, button required to start playing is a reach too far. Has a tutorial room, with instructions but I don’t know how to pronounce the words used for the 3 spells. Reads like the 3 spells are audio activated. Supposed to be a wave defense game where you can blast flying demons, use a shield to protect yourself and make stuff levitate. You are rooted standing to a point on floor, and yeah it is for midgets, so you are looking at inside your body if you are tall.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game


NEON Ultra

NEON Ultra

After spending a few hours (340!) with NEON Ultra, and working up to a high score over 163,000,000 (no cheats), I can honestly say that I like this game. Alot. One screen. Just a handful of power ups and one weapon (upgrades). Only six or so different enemies. Relentless fun and challenge! Yes indeed I do love this game more than many of my $20-$60 dollar efforts. I will always play it. Try and stop me! This game costs $5. I would pay $50. What are you waiting for? Get your copy today. Now! Stop reading! GO!!

Real player with 392.1 hrs in game

Neon Ultra is a fantastic, fun and addicting twin-stick shooter. Its gameplay is a clone between Geometry Wars and Asteroid. There are a varieties of unique baddies with different behavior and the incoming asteroids will flood the screen when least expected. There are plenty of powerups to pick up and once you max out your weapon, you feel invincible and mowing down everything in your path. The graphics is bright and colorful and I love the particle graphics. The soundtracks is uplifting and fast pace that blend in nicely with gameplay.

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

NEON Ultra on Steam

Paddle Combat

Paddle Combat

Fun and addicting

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Paddle Combat on Steam

Construct: Escape the System

Construct: Escape the System

It’s a platform game in First person view, so it’s different from what we usually have platformer wise.

If your a platfromer fan you are sure to enjoy this one, it’s different from what we usually experience, but it still is great and thoroughly enjoyable game, do note that the game is fairly simple to play but there is a difficulty spike that will test your patience, but in the end they are all doable, winnable and killable…

The game is beautifully done, the level design, layout, look and feel is very beautiful, a lot of care and attention went into creating a very beautiful and visually appealing game. The accompanying sounds really enhances the overall quality of the game, with a soothing soundtrack to really set the relaxing mood for the game itself, the combination of sounds and visual art really comes together quite well.

Real player with 38.4 hrs in game

First of all let me say that this game will not appeal to everyone!

Now as for the game, the gameplay is nice, first person explorer/puzzle type. It starts off rather blocky as in any touch with a wall/platform/object instantly stops your movement. Once you get used to it, it’s rather fun and smooth.

Lots of areas to explore, Construct HUB, 4 HUBs, 4 System Core Acesses, 4 System Cores and several Ability unlocks. Each is fairly big and you will need to understand the mechanics to progress further.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

Construct: Escape the System on Steam