Think of the Children

Think of the Children

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TLDR: This is a spin-off of Overcooked using a limited amount of abilities on a cooldown. Suicidal kids, high difficulty. Execution feels much sloppier. Waste of a fun concept.

While I honestly appreciated the overall tone and presentation, the game is not very balanced towards solo play. Having children around is even worse than dwarves in dwarf fortress. They will beeline straight into a danger zone, get an exclamation point going and a few seconds later they are dead. There are 6+ of them and you have usually half a dozen of hotspots to comandeer to successfully complete a mission. That means too many spinning plates at once.

Real player with 13.5 hrs in game

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I received Think of the Children in the most recent Humble Bundle. I’ve only played it for about an hour with my partner and we’ve had a decent time with it so far. Despite that, there’s absolutely no chance I could recommend this game to anyone who isn’t getting it in aforementioned bundle. Here’s just a few reasons why.

The game is buggy: Controller support randomly stops working in the menus. I then went to my computer, restarted the game without a controller. Half of the prompts were keyboard prompts, the other half controller. The select level screen was stuck as if my controller’s analog stick was stuck, but my controller wasn’t connected.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Think of the Children on Steam

ABRACA - Imagic Games

ABRACA - Imagic Games

Underneath the cutesy graphics lies a game that actually takes skill to play.

Abraca really is the perfect party game. Think of it as a little bit of a mix between Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party. Then, be a little forgiving, as the creators neither had the budget of those two AAA games, nor the price tag.

Each player controls both a prince, and a princess, but not at the same time. Each princess is placed in a giant box, and each prince races for the key to open the box and free his princess. You progress through a series of challenges as far as you can on your turn, with the other three players taking control of the defenders in the level. As the prince, your goal is to pass as many stages as possible, as the defenders your goal is to send the prince to the start of the stage as many times as possible, and as a princess your goal is generally to smash the other princesses so you can blow kisses to your prince through the lock-hole of the chest.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game

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Since i see no really usefull reviewers, I decided to give you guys one.

This is actually a really good party game, but ONLY a party game! This game is probably one of the best Local games out there. I don’t know how the heck the others managed to rate this game after playing for like 20 minutes, but think i tried it enough to give it a rating.

There are three modes: Race, Arena and Challenge mode.

The race mode is 2-4 player. This the mode that makes the game shine. You have to get through 9 stages before the others, and in every round, the chosen one has to go as far as possible within 60 seconds. While the chosen ones struggles to get through the stage, he have to escape from monsters which is controlled by 1-3 local opponents. (NO BOTS. ONLY THE OTHER LOCAL PLAYERS) On their way to comleting each stage, he/she have to escape the opponents either by avoiding them or beating them to move on. Every character gets a chance every round to be the chosen one, who has to go through the stages. If you are lucky and good then you might go through 3 stages within 60 seconds. And if you are unlucky then you might stay in the same stage until the next round. After every round the first chosen one is being chosen by a battle between friends (works like smash bros). The one who is finishing and beating the stage 9 boss the first will win the game.

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

ABRACA - Imagic Games on Steam



10/10 do not hesitate to buy if you have people for couch co-op available. Absolutely fun with me and my girlfriend who doesn’t like games.

Basically like “who shot the sheriff/murder/wink murder” you played as a kid but with more blood.

Quick to pick up controls are easy, Likelyhood this will last for 1 - 3 hour game sesh with a large group of friends its that fun. More people the better but just 2 was great fun and all game mechanics still work with minimum amount of people.

Will be even more fun with a group likely next two weeks i will update when i have a party.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

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huge concept, I played it with two friends it was fun!

I will test next week with other friends.

Special mention for cutting noise, blood and dismemberment :D

Please note that there is no game mode for 1 player, you need at least 2 players

Edit : I played it again with 5 players, it was very fun thank yuo for the game

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Ambush on Steam

Crate Wars

Crate Wars

Crate Wars is a chaotic couch co-op game for one to four players. Working alone or in a team with your fellows, you must push crates to defeat monstrous enemies crawling over colorful boards.

Push wooden, exploding, gum and metal crates for various results, but don’t get yourself killed by pushing wrong crates in wrong situations! Watch out for the crawling and flying monsters! Destroy treasure chests and collect powersups. Gather up up to 4 friends for couch co-op multiplayer experience.

Crate Wars on Steam

Dwarven Brawl Bros

Dwarven Brawl Bros

Dwarven Brawl Bros is a ridiculously fun local multiplayer party game that will keep you and all your friends entertained for every second that you’re playing.

My usual Player 2 had appendicitis so we were looking for something to play that we could use controllers and play on the TV and we decided to give DBB a try; best choice I’ve made this week.

Dwarven Brawl Bros is a retro style take on party brawl games and is one of the best I’ve played.

I spent a lot of time on Towerfall Ascension on my Ouya and loved it a lot, and there are many games out there like that but none of them really feel that great in comparison. DBB does.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game


Published and developed by Dwarves Might Fly, Dwarven Brawl is a local multiplayer party game that is really fun to play with (if you have any real life friends and not internet friends that is). With local 2 to 6 player 2D fighting Super Smash bros, retro kinda feel to the game.


Dwarven Brawl is a addictive and very fun local mutliplayer game. There are loads of game modes so there is a nice variety of gamemodes, with some options that can make the game different everytime that you play it. To me this has a slight feel of the way that the Super smash bros. which isn’t a bad thing, but is a nice way to set up your game like that. There is also a nice variety of weapons and stages that will be randomly selected as you complete each round of the game. The way that the game starts is that you start with no weapons, using only your bare hands, there are so many weapons that are thrown into the stage for you to pick up and switch through if you want. There is a nice special attack mechanic that will be charged up, every weapon that is on this game has it’s own special attack. With such a veruety of stages and weapons that you can aquire, you will play this game for hours having fun playing with your friends on this game. There is a nice ending screen on the end of each round, which shows you how much damage has been dealt and the damage you have taken as well. The only draw back that I have with this game is that it’s Local Mutliplayer, Most gamers don’t normally have friends round to play games, they use dedicated servers on the games or use their own servers to host multiplayer. Local means that there is no alternative and this might bring down the game slightly and limit the amount of people who

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

Dwarven Brawl Bros on Steam

Glorious Tournius

Glorious Tournius

A really fun party game with friends. Lots of screaming and laughing. You can really see the passion put into this game. Plus the zombies are really hard!

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Similar to Gang Beasts but with weapons. It’s a blast to play in its current state, definitely added to the game night roster with it’s local co-op play. Tons of hilarious moments have been had already. Can’t wait to play more and for more content!

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Glorious Tournius on Steam

Green Steel

Green Steel

It’s a fun, well developed game! Multiple maps, controller support, and sound design that actually sounds like it’s supposed to! A typical tank game, as far as that goes.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Green Steel on Steam



Shoot and deflect bullets as a frog equipped with a gun, a buckler and a sticky tongue.

GUN & BUCKLER is a lucrative blood-sport set some time in the future – a branch growing off the long tradition of frog breeding, introducing a new generation of frogs that understand how to use weapons.

The game puts you into the action of being pitted against your genetic peers and their freaky deviations, at the amusement of national TV, at the profit of the breeders and at the detriment of countless clones of frogs and toads.

Your job is to make sure you never get hit by a bullet. Don’t get hit. You will die, don’t do it.

Gameplay features:

  • Aim 360 degrees around you

  • Switch between blocking and shooting

  • Crouch first to jump high like a frog

  • Walljumps, climbing and sliding off walls

  • Fast swimming

  • Grab items, other frogs and steal their items using your TONGUE. You can dual wield.

  • Directional melee attacks

Other features:

  • Several arenas

  • Play vs other players or bots, locally or online

  • Controller support

  • Tutorials and training

  • Character customization and profiles


Manic Archers

Manic Archers

One of the best party games I’ve played! Unique, the artstyle is pure nostalgia, and the gameplay is just hilarious/random. This is a great party game, and love it’s Steam Co-Op compatible.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Well, first: you really do need a controller in order to play, it won’t work with mouse and keyboard. But even if it did, you’d still want a controller, I’d say. So now I probably need to buy a better controller for this…

The game has an awesome retro vibe, especially the music. The title doesn’t disappoint: the gameplay is frantic. You’re an archer, jumping around, shooting enemies, dodging projectiles, potentially hitting yourself while trying to get rid of the waves of enemies spawning. Fortunately your ammunition is also constantly spawning in random locations, because you need to keep supplied. And what an arsenal you can collect. It reminds me of the loadout of worms or xenon 2: absolutely ridiculously overpowered.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Manic Archers on Steam

Oh My Godheads

Oh My Godheads

I did not think that a game of this kind could please me, but the truth is that after testing it with colleagues in a friend’s house, saving the differences I think it is almost at the height of the Super Smash Bros, without losing sight of what is made by an INDIE study.


  • Flow of movements.

  • A thousand and one things that complicate the game (inverted controls, rain of swords, …)

  • A music of such quality for an INDIE product is appreciated.


  • It is missing a network multiplayer mode.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Capture the flag may be one of the oldest, most basic premises for a game ever, but it is a classic that can be easily reinvigorated with a fresh design and a few modifications. Oh My Godheads by developer Titutitech and publisher Square Enix Collective is a multiplayer combat game that is loosely based off of capture the flag, and it succeeds in keeping it engaging and fun by changing up the rules and impressing with its colorful, sharp style. With a few tweaks in gameplay, it has a bright future ahead.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Oh My Godheads on Steam