Spark the Electric Jester 2

Spark the Electric Jester 2

*Note that this review has been done from scratch to be much more acurate and in-depth since I changed my opinions slightly, some remained the same and some did change.

This is just my opinion and the opinions are subjective, so everyone’s experience is different.

This game is far from perfect and is definitely a devisive game just like some of it’s inspirations.

But still a pretty good game to me despite it’s flaws.

Spark 2 visually looks really colorful with that Sonic vibe going for it. It reminds me a lot of Sonic Heroes’s aethetics which looked even more imaginable than ever before.

Real player with 161.2 hrs in game

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Spark the Electric Jester 2 (StEJ2) is a sequel to the first game but redesigned as a 3D Fast Paced Platformer in the style of Sonic Adventure 1/2. A pretty solid one at that although lacking a bit of polish overall.

This time you play as Fark as the central character, with his mechanics taken directly from his campaign in Spark 1, minus the wall clinging, Fark himself controls great in a 3D space using a controller and moves at a quick natural pace that allows for you to naturally react to what’s coming up ahead. He also has some new moves this time, a standard homing attack type move that’ll instantly drop weak enemies and by holding the Left Trigger he can charge up on the spot for a burst of speed dash using the Jester Dash (think spindash) as well as cancel all his vertical momentum to shoot downwards, both help with platforming and orientating yourself around the stages.

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

Spark the Electric Jester 2 on Steam

Air Bounce - The Jump ‘n’ Run Challenge

Air Bounce - The Jump ‘n’ Run Challenge

If you enjoy 3D platformers I would definitely recommend this game. It’s nice and short with a really low price point. Seems like a really good speed running game, the controls are pretty well done and you even have great control over your character in air. For only $5, this game is absolutely worth it.

Real player with 29.4 hrs in game

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When was the last time you played a game you liked very much? Enough to play it for hours without stopping?

Personally, I had an unforgettable experience with this runner I haven’t had in a long time. Every level is like a new life. Beautiful locations, awesome gameplay and a lot more in this game made my evening enjoyable.

There is no adrenaline and drive here. But there is enjoyment and tranquility here…

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Air Bounce - The Jump 'n' Run Challenge on Steam



Beat the Moon levels. Got all the cheevos, and have put in a good 8 hours more or less on this game.

Pros - Simple controls, fun physics to experiment with, cool environment never got old, and platforming feels good for the most part. My favorite part is how there is more than one way to beat the level. Making for good replayibility if you want to try other methods. Plus leaderboards and cool level design makes me want to replay and look forward to the new levels.

Cons - Some challenges are a bit much, there’s a fine line between challenging and infuriating and this constantly walks it, and on certain levels, just dives head first into maddening territory. Jump pads sometimes require a bit too much precision, and I’ve spent most hours of this game being stuck on part and dying in cheap ways. There’s also a weird glitch where the soldier doesn’t get up if he smalls on a small platform, but the game is still in play and doesn’t consider it a failure.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

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Cosmotronik on Steam



its ok but i dont have arrow keys so its impossible for me to play

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Crystorld on Steam

Dann Fox & The Time Machine

Dann Fox & The Time Machine

Fight, Jump, Run!

Dann Fox & The Time Machine is a third person action platformer with fast paced combat, beautiful levels to explore and lots of secrets to unlock!


Beat your enemies up with a simple and fast combat system!

  • Use a variety of unique weapons, each with it’s own move set

  • Jump and roll to doge attacks

  • Choose different companions to help, either by attacking or defending

  • Bring your favorite weapon to the next level by upgrading it with the bosses' powers


Jump, roll and run your way through the platforming challenges of the levels! Each containing obstacles like…

  • Moving platforms

  • Falling Pillars

  • Rolling Boulders

  • Deadly Spikes

  • And many more!


  • More Than 8 Hours Of Gameplay On Your First Playthrough

  • 50 Levels

  • 10 Boss Fights

  • 12 Unique Weapons And Powers

  • Customizable Weapons And Companion

  • Over 200 Collectables

Dann Fox & The Time Machine on Steam

Desert Parkour

Desert Parkour

was wondering if you still read this chat so i think me and a lot of others will happely buy a DLC to this game and i will pay at least like 10 bucks for a level that is like 3 but 25x times bigger and have a lot of small skips and stuff and will take over like 7 minutes when your good and know the route but will take like 30 minutes first attempt because it will be very hard and maybe you can make a boss fight or something idk but please update this game or something

Real player with 97.0 hrs in game


Pros: Cheap, short and sweet, quick restart, some levels are challenging, can cheese some levels really badly and get super fast completion (good if you are into finding alternative paths), no glitches..

Cons: Inconsistent jumps and grapples that rely on camera angles, tight timer for a few levels (still reasonable with some practices), lacks variety.

This is a cool and simple 3D platformer game which requires some timing and routing skills in order to complete all achievements.

However there is something I dislike about both of it’s core elements, jumping and grappling hook. The height (or should I say direction of momentum) of your jumps and grapples depend on your camera. Which means whenever you want to jump or shoot yourself higher, you need to look at the sky and hope you land on the next available ground.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Desert Parkour on Steam

From Earth To Heaven

From Earth To Heaven

This is exactly what I was looking for!

  • there are no puzzles

  • no plot

There is only tranquility and tranquility again!

Real player with 874.0 hrs in game

Interesting game with great graphics that is worth having on your account. The game is simple and straightforward, nothing to be expected) Nice music, a lot of locations. A quiet game for relaxation and recreation. I advise)

Real player with 99.7 hrs in game

From Earth To Heaven on Steam



Gravity is a single player first person puzzle game set in the mysterious and futuristic Labyrinth. The player must solve the mystery of who they are and why he is trapped there. To solve the puzzles and survive the player will change the direction of gravity, not merely reversing it, but to any of the six directions. This will move the player as well as objects through space. The puzzles are extremely varied with no two being the same, giving players a constant challenge and perpetual novelty.

Gravity on Steam

Hell Of An Office

Hell Of An Office

Hell of an Office is a vertical, first person platformer game where the player finds himself in a hellish space. He is a frustrated office worker who must ascend through platforms of his office tower in ruins.

This game offers to the public a frenetic gameplay and the challenge of overcoming every level full of new obstacles.


  • Responsive first person fast-paced movement.

  • Rocket jumping, dash and jump mechanics to overcome this vertical platformer.

  • Over 60 challenging levels that will put your skills to test.

  • Bizarre combination of modern-day office and hellish landscapes.

  • Outrun the never stopping rising lava.

  • 3 gorgeous worlds which introduce new mechanics: portals, wind tunnels, dissolving platforms and more!

  • Compete with your friends on the online leaderboards.

  • A campaign mode which gradually gets more and more evil.

  • A cool as hell soundtrack that’ll make you rampage through the levels.

Hell Of An Office on Steam

Lights Orb

Lights Orb

I like the fact that this game give you a lot of different ways to improve your time and enable you to compete with your friends.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

I thought I would just casually go through the 3 levels but man was I wrong…

I restarted the first run for a bit of training and discovered that there was a ghost system ! Racing your ghost just make it impossible to quit, ran and ran again to beat myself to perfection and see how high I could go in the leader-board ! (I stopped after destroying my fingers, I’m not used to speed run)

One bad point tho : the tutorial text get away too quickly and don’t explain the orb mechanism that well, it took me some time to understand…

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Lights Orb on Steam