Groove Fit Kingdom!

Groove Fit Kingdom!

adorable 10 / 10

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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This game is pretty fun. It has 3 little games for fitness and I enjoyed the tennis one the most. It also lets you do the games in 3 difficulties or in endless mode. I def recommend

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Groove Fit Kingdom! on Steam

Orlando Theme Park VR - Roller Coaster and Rides

Orlando Theme Park VR - Roller Coaster and Rides

Experienced on the Oculus Rift

You can view my puking here:

So the best part about this game, and the reason why it may be worth a free download, is because you can give everyone a facial. No, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about puke. You can puke on everyone and everything. You can aim for the head, body, feet, grass, whatever you’re into. Puke as much as you want. Eat some cotton candy.

You can also ride the ferris wheel for free. And a train. Walk around the park, puking and demo-ing the other rides. The demos take about 10-40 seconds. If you actually want to experience the full rides, each and everyone one of them, you’ll have to pony up $34.94 USD. LOL, yeah, I’m not kidding. Everything I have said so far is true about this game.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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Pretty disappointing. I love amusement parks so I was hoping this would be interesting but there are a ton of problems that need fixing before anyone should be expected to pay money for this.

  1. The game runs very poorly on my i7-9700k and RTX 2080S and nothing should run poorly on this computer. (Edit 8/30 - As of the latest patch, performance is greatly improved but still not perfect. Every 3 seconds like clockwork the game hitches slightly as if a process is updating that really isn’t optimized well enough. All of the below feedback also still applies.)

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Orlando Theme Park VR - Roller Coaster and Rides on Steam

Desert Raider

Desert Raider

Desert Raider Suicide Mission is an immersive VR action shooting game in a post-apocalyptic setting.

You and your pal Doug are sent to find an unidentified container somewhere in the radioactive zone and deliver it to your boss. Enemy drones are everywhere. Will you survive and complete this last job?

Society has been blasted back to the Stone Age where clans are led by tyrannical warlords. All known water sources are polluted or dry, only the ruins of cities remain.

The Big War has destroyed it all.

Will you be able to avoid cruel commander Sheeba or the hungry Weak Eaters?

Will you survive the lethal wild wastelands?

Is it really a suicide mission?

Desert Raider.

Key Features:

VR Single player action shooting game

Strong narrative set in post-apocalyptic era

10 unique missions

10 unique environments

AI enemies

Unpredictable situations

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Desert Raider on Steam

Lionfish Reef Patrol

Lionfish Reef Patrol

This is possibly the greatest game on steam.

Real player with 39.8 hrs in game

This was actually an interesting wee experience to play. Difficult to start with but found it easier as I played more. I would like to see more levels in the future with some more in the way of marine life. However I realise that this game is more about awareness of the destruction of our reefs and after playing I checked out the website and read up on how destructive Lionfish actually are. Really cool effort from Scott Gonnello and VidasGames (Usually see Horror games from Vidas but good to see him branching out). I would recommend anyone playing this to check out the website for more info and remember that it is informative experience and not a shoot em up!!

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Lionfish Reef Patrol on Steam



This game is something else, in a great/scary way. I was surprised to be presented with full voice acting throughout the game. I was expecting it to be another fnaf clone but this is far from anything that fnaf has shown us. I have noticed very few bugs even though it is still in early access, so that is something you should expect.

I will now go through the pros and cons of this game…


*Full voice acting

*Engaging storyline

*Great jumpscares


*Fantastic Lighting


*The only con for this game would be that you dont own it yet!! ;)

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Son.Light.Sleepwalker on Steam

RC Flight Simulator 2020 VR

RC Flight Simulator 2020 VR

The video for this game made it look more detailed than it really is, The plane operation and flying is pretty good , but the helicopter and quadcopter flying defintely needs an update to make the movements more fluid, they feel like they are models just moving about in the air and don’t seem to follow any aero dynamics rules and I’ve flown quite a few real ones to know how it should feel. It also give the impression in one video that your place might be up on the frame for erm? modification fixing I guess but nothing like that is possible in the game. You start on the runay so theres no taxi to the runway etc. The jets are pretty slow also so don’t get too exicited waiting to unlock those. Here’s hoping for an update soon and despite the shortfalls I’m a hopeful fan.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Very enjoyable so far! Always wanted a real RC plane but never had the time but this is a great option. Lots of aircraft to unlock with flight time, can’t wait to get to the jets!

I’m sure the physics can be worked on and I suspect the devs will update in the future. if you’re looking for an ultra realistic sim this might not be for you at the moment so you’d have to pay £100 for RealFlight.

If you’re after a bit of fun, this is excellent!

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

RC Flight Simulator 2020 VR on Steam

The Patcher: The 1st Open Beta

The Patcher: The 1st Open Beta

“The Patcher” is a full-scale tactical multi-player action VR game.

Be strong! Be ambitious!

You must choose a faction – either ‘Junkmol’ or ‘Skymagg’ – as a Patcher of the Neo JS City. By fighting numerous battles, you will obtain weapons, revamp them, and gain experience. Every weapon and skill have degree of proficiency as you play, so you’ll get stronger as you level up.

Hybrid Multi-play

Don’t forget that you’re one of the factions, even if you fight against monsters on the battlefield. Cooperate with your fellow Patchers! If you succeed in defeating a mighty monster with others, you might get a chance to obtain a rare item. However, when you come across an opponent of the other faction, it’s best to attack right away or retreat and bring in your allies. Your instant decision is critical in each battle.

Various Game Modes

The war between two factions ends only when one side ultimately falls. Get ready for the best result!

  • ‘Deathmatch’: Create a party to fight the other faction.

  • ‘Conquest War’: Occupy the enemy’s territories for as long as possible, by any means.

  • ‘Boss Raid’: Defeat the giant boss with your party members. However, you’re not the only hunters there. Compete with the other faction for the throat of the boss.

Strategic Action Combat

Since the past, the Patchers have fought strategically with three weapons: a sword, gun, and bow. Of course, each weapon has its own characteristics, but you must find which one works best for you and become skillful at using it. The weight, reach, accuracy, and control of each weapon is vastly different and is key to your tactics.

The Storyline of “the Patcher”

_‘Neo JS City’ was once the most beautiful city, and there was a reason for it. The upper classes wanted to get rid of anything they saw as dirty and trivial. That’s why they decided to move all the unpleasant facilities – like the sewage treatment plant and the prison – underground.

Meanwhile, some people illegally and secretly settled in these underground facilities. Their habitation was called the ‘Patch Build’, and they called themselves the ‘Patchers’.

But the environment around the Patch Build was more severe than they expected. Survival got harder and harder. This caused a rupture in the community. Some said pioneering a new land for a better future was be the way to go. Others wanted to stick to the existing land and refine what they already had.

Now, you must follow one of them – and choose your fate!_

The Patcher: The 1st Open Beta on Steam

Ero Snooker

Ero Snooker

[0.2] Controls & Training & Help

[0.1] Menu & Settings

[0.1] Sound & Music

[0.1] Graphics

[0.1] Game Design

[0] Game Story

[0] Game Content

[0] Completion time (level/game)?

[0] is it Enjoyable & Fun?

[0] Could it hold a spot in Favorites? (& if the Game can be repeatedly played again)

[0] BONUS point: Multi-Player related

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Stars received: 0.6/10 ___ Note: v.4 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

Game description key-points: lazy DEV.

Overview: missing a cake and cherry…

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

This is a very bad billiards game. There are a large number of bugs in this game. You can’t even quit the game normally. You can only use Alt + F4. And one achievement is broken. I bet even if Judd Trump come to play this game, he would cry and go back to find his mother.

It’s time to uninstall.


Manual achievement:


Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Ero Snooker on Steam



this is an amazing game the only glitch is the off road place

Real player with 27.0 hrs in game

Poor reputation. How can I just see the buttons if their position is more than the maximum screen resolution? And the gameplay and controls are so horrible that I have to quit the game instead of respawning the car.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game


Virtual world Primus

Virtual world Primus

Asset flip trash with no content.

It crashes. The mouse doesn’t lock or conceal.

It is an absolutely brazen asset flip.


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Avoid at all costs. This is nothing but an empty city asset kit. Imagine a “developer” buying a $5 Asset kit, stripping all the life out of that asset kit in the $5 pack, then just flipping the asset map or city in this case and charging $19.99 for it.


No work done to said asset map. Nothing added. No life. No options. Not even an Exit option (ESC does nothing)

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Virtual world Primus on Steam