Ladder Box

Ladder Box

Ladder Box is about a courier box in the recycle center which does not want to end up being normal trash, so with the help of other boxes, it travels a long way to become something better than normal trash.

Pass levels with mesmerizing level mechanics!


  • 120 levels.

  • mesmerizing moving mechanics.

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Ladder Box on Steam

Osman Gazi

Osman Gazi

it is better than the mobile verison beacuse you can have unlimited arrows

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

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nice greek game

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Osman Gazi on Steam

Uniboom-War of Unicorns

Uniboom-War of Unicorns

A lot of big steps for a student and a lot of unicorns

First of all I might be a little prejudiced because the developer of this game was part of the student course that I take, Game Development. This is the final work of said developer and all Game Dev Student work together to help each other and we are very well connected. So a lot of us took part in the tests. Nonetheless the game has been released and i bought it refusing the offer to get a free key in order to support the little game.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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If you liked the Diablo III unicorn levels you will love this game!

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Uniboom-War of Unicorns on Steam

Gaia Project

Gaia Project

I had zero Gaia Project experience before booting this up. I think there’s a marginal learning curve to the UI, but after you run through the tutorial and get a game or so in, it’s totally reasonable.

The AI is also fantastic, really an exceptionally well done AI for a game of this complexity. I have about 15 games under my belt, all on 3-player 8-sector, and Hard AI continues to offer a real challenge (winning scores tend to be in the 160-170 range, whether it’s me or the AI pulling it off). The paths taken to victory also seem quite varied, so it’s not like it’s just programmed to spam Econ4 or something dumb; there’s real complexity going on under the hood. It’s not like every decision is perfect, but I seriously think it’d be difficult to find a better done digital board game AI for a game of this sheer scale.

Real player with 88.7 hrs in game

Honestly I’ve played countless games of Gaia Project IRL, it’s absolutely my favorite TTG, and this digital adaptation is perfectly fine. Yes, there are grammatical errors, but how many of us actually read the EULA to begin with? Oh noes, they forgot the C in Bescods in the achievements! Time to review bomb the game, amirite?

And sure, the UI is “clunky” compared to in-person, but let’s be real here - Gaia Project is probably one of the most complex games most people will ever learn. If you’re taking the time to learn it, you probably have enough smarts in you to get through some menu screens. Upgrade your cognitive navigation track past 1 before you throw your hands up in defeat.

Real player with 49.5 hrs in game

Gaia Project on Steam

Handball Manager 2021

Handball Manager 2021

Awesome game! Finally a good handball game, especially at times, when we can’t play real handball.

It’s fun to progress with your favourite club and create a team of all your favoutire players. You also learn a lot about managing / coaching a real club / team.

Unfortunately it only has the real players for German, Spanish and Czech leagues, but with the editor mode, the community can create the other teams. I will share a data set including all Championsleague teams as soon as I’m done.

There are still some little bugs and crashes in the game, but only one week after sending a bug report, most of them were already fixed.

Real player with 184.6 hrs in game

The best handball simulator on the market! Although, to be fair, that’s sadly not saying much when looking at the handball games available currently.

The game offers all the options that one could want from being a handball coach. Additionally, the ability to customize your experience through the editor certaintely gives the game a lot more depth and replayability.

However, there are notable flaws. This mainly has to do with the sometimes poor English grammar as well as the fairly outdated graphics - both of these aspects really take you out of the experience. I have also experienced a few crashes from time to time which has resulted in a bit of loss in my game progression. Lastly, the lack of certain official team licenses as well as the sometimes seemingly inconsistent match simulation are also worth noting.

Real player with 55.4 hrs in game

Handball Manager 2021 on Steam

The Royal Game of Ur 3D

The Royal Game of Ur 3D

The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest board game known to mankind!

The game belongs to the sub-genre of board games called “racing games” and is the historic predecessor of Backgammon. 4500 years old game boards, pieces and dice of the Royal Game of Ur were found in the so-called “Royal Tombs of Ur” near the city of the same name in todays Iraq. On several, approx. 2000 years old Babylonian clay tablets, which were inscribed with cuneiform writing, rules of the game were preserved. These are the oldest surviving rules of a board game.

A Classic Game in a Modern Style

This digital adaptation offers you the opportunity to relive this timeless gaming masterpiece in our modern times. You can play against a computer opponent with an adjustable difficulty level or against human players. Both local and online multiplayer are supported. The game rules can be adjusted to your individual likings in each match.

What You Can Expect

The game requires you to make smart tactical decisions, but doesn’t put you under time pressure. Combined with the realistic graphic style and atmospheric sound ambiance, the game offers a perfect mix between puzzling and relaxation.

The Rules in a Nutshell

Move your pieces along one of several available routes across the 20 squares of the game board. To do this, you roll the four tetrahedron-shaped dice and move one piece of your choice at a time according to the total of the values shown on the dice. There must never be more than one piece on the same square, so you may kick opposing pieces off the board. If a piece lands on a square that is marked with a rosette, it is protected from being kicked out. In addition, the dice may be rolled one more time. If you get all your pieces to the finish line, you win.

The Royal Game of Ur 3D on Steam

Air Traffic BLITZ VR

Air Traffic BLITZ VR

Great game in general. Absolutely stunning graphics which are very realistic. It really looks like there has been time put into creating it and not just different pieces from other games put all into one. I totally recommend the game for all those who love VR games and are into planes and how airports work!

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

An interesting game for VR helmet owners. The gameplay is fascinating and addictive. Reminds me of a board game to a certain point, where you have to react and distribute the traffic. It is influenced by factors like the climate, that can complicate situation.

The graphics though sketchy but very enjoyable, the muted colors relax and tune in the appropriate way. Like a critic, I note a little bit unresponsive control, the aircraft sometimes do not respond to commands

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Air Traffic BLITZ VR on Steam