a very interesting game that can keep you busy for long evenings! it strains the brain well to solve problems, I advise you to play alone or with friends. I bought it at a discount and am happy with the game, for such money it is a very cool game

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

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This is quite an interesting game. Many levels, solutions, which makes the game varied and interesting. A good puzzle, something to think about, will stir your brain well, it is always good to do it. I advise everyone to get this game, good luck in solving puzzles.

Real player with 6.1 hrs in game

CubePuzzle on Steam



Saphyro is a basic Unity Asset flip, in this case it’s just a game template/tutorial intended to teach people how to use Unity, but it looks like A Korh decided it was good enough to just dump on Steam as a cash grab.

The fun part is that this asset flip doesn’t even launch properly. It would be nice if Unity asset flippers test the assets they rip off before dumping them on Steam and into DailyIndieGame bundles, but that’s the world we live in.

Anyway, asset flip, doesn’t even work, cash grab, don’t buy.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

VERY ENTERTAINING, for the first 5 minutes or so. Its a game that could be fun, if it were more customizable; But overall not bad if its on sale.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Saphyro on Steam

The Soldiers Factory

The Soldiers Factory

The Soldiers Factory is a top-down stealth game and the start of a trilogy.

Go undetected and sneak past enemy soldiers or secretly kill them. Overcome surveillance cameras and laser barricades. Use the room scanner, the taser pistol and many other weapons. But remember, the alarm will make the mission even more difficult.

The playing time on the NORMAL level of difficulty is approximately 12 hours. Of course, it depends on the player. The story takes you to several locations, which is divided into over 60 levels.

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The Soldiers Factory on Steam

Bunny’s Maze

Bunny’s Maze

An interesting game, with simple gameplay that sometimes complicates, but requires little effort to find a solution.

With 3 different environments and each one with mechanics, this ends up breaking the monotony.

Low price with a few hours of fun, I like that!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

The levels are poorly designed. The game is based around switches that alternate blocks. And the problem is that a lot of switch press sequences are forced. That is, you either have acces to only one next switch, or the other switches are very obviously pointless at current step. So most of the levels you spend more time holding down arrow keys than thinking.

Some of the levels (especially in ice world) are broken - you can ignore some of the switches and parts of the level.

There is no restart button too. But you’ll rarely need it.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Bunny's Maze on Steam

VR Military Reporter in Middle East (with tanks & helicopters)

VR Military Reporter in Middle East (with tanks & helicopters)

Let me promise you that the title of this experience ‘VR Military Reporter in Middle East (with tanks & helicopters)’ bears no resemblance as to what this experience is all about. In short, it is a small collection of non-Middle East areas that you explore with a drone or helicopter. There is no reporting, no action, almost nothing to interact with other than exploring the area while some annoying music plays in the background. I paid just £2.39 for this in a sale and I was bitterly disappointed, but if I had paid the full asking price of £3.99 I would be asking for a refund. Other than exploring some small areas there is no point in downloading this at all and it really should have been free.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

VR Military Reporter in Middle East (with tanks & helicopters) on Steam

VR Pirates of the Caribbean Life Experience

VR Pirates of the Caribbean Life Experience

‘VR Pirates of the Caribbean Life Experience’ is a small collection of weird scenes, with an ever-so-slight connection to water. In fact, apart from them all featuring water in some way they are not linked in any way. They are not fun, they are not educational, not interesting and they are not relaxing. Once again this developer hammers a nail into PCVR’s death with yet another app that makes it looks pointless. To say I don’t recommend this (or anything this developer makes) would be an understatement. Oh, and all the text was in Chinese anyway. I think it just goes to show an Oxford education isn’t worth shit.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

VR Pirates of the Caribbean Life Experience on Steam

Festivals - Headliners

Festivals - Headliners

Design your Event Sites, Book Artists, Build your Career as a Promotor and Produce your own Festivals in Festivals - Headliners.

Construct your Site

Build the festival site of your dreams with dozens of stages, food stalls, bars, and hundreds of decorations, billboards and lights. Put up fences and lay down paths to guide your guests in the right direction across your venue and include signing to manage any crowding. Use generators and power lines to form a temporary power grid. And most important of all, keep your fans safe.

Setup your Lineup

Every festival needs entertainment! Book bands, DJs and other talent to entertain your visitors, design awesome shows, include special effects, and make it a night your guests will never forget. And add fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.

As your career progresses, you make more connections, and get the option to book some very popular artists and acts for your events. Take good care of them, they’ll draw in huge crowds!

Be ready for D-Day

Start load-in early enough to be ready on time, but not too early or you’ll spend too much on rental. Don’t start too late, because you’ll never know what might happen. The event industry always has some “interesting” surprises for you along the way. Stay on schedule!

Staff Management

A festival is only as successful as the staff running it. They are your most vital asset, treat them accordingly. Hire staff in advance, so you know you have the best people on your team. Provide training and coaching to ensure they’ll stay with you for years.

During the event, provide them with good catering and plenty of breaks. As always, safety is important, so make sure everyone is wearing earplugs!


While hosting festivals is the most fun job in the world, money still has the be made to pay the bills. Not everyone is doing this for fun. You have to be careful not to overspent. As most festivals don’t make any profit in their first 3 events, don’t be to hard on yourself, but if you’re still in the red by year 4, you might want to consider a different profession. Also, not everyone is to be trusted. Watch out to make sure you’re not lured into anything illegal.

First-person / Third person

Of course you’ll want to witness the spectacle first-hand. As your the head of the event, your AAA card grants you access to every nook and cranny of the venue. Walk around among guests in first-person view, take control of the FOH booth where the lights are controlled, or join the talent on stage to wave at the crowd!


From the early release on Steam on, you’ll be able to share your festival sites on the Steam workshop to share with your friends! Before the final release, we’ll add options to add your own assets to the game, which you’ll also be able to share on the workshop. How this exactly is going to work is still a secret, sign up as a tester to learn more first hand!


  • 2019: Initial work

  • 2020: Work on background systems

  • Now - 2021: Get frontend ready for (beta) testing by end of year

  • 2022: (Early) Release

  • 2023: Initial DLC’S

Tester Needed!

We’re currently actively looking for testers! We hope to ship a first playable version in private beta soon, sign up using this form now to make sure you’re included!

Initially we’ll be testing on windows mostly, but if you want to test on macOS or a console, please let us know through the form, once we’re ready for you, you’ll be the first to know.

Festivals - Headliners on Steam




SlikoBan is another game inspired by the Sokoban game genre and you have to put some colored blocks in the right spots by pushing them through the levels. The difference between Sliko and SlikoBan is that in the later one you can push the blocks any number of tiles you want, although that should make the game easier that’s not what happens here. The game is difficult and the late level are kinda frustrating. But it’s difficulty doesn’t make it a bad game, quite the opposite, is the challenge that makes it a good game.

Real player with 11.8 hrs in game

Very good. I like the way the box moves, it looks really cool. Nice graphics and fun gameplay.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Slikoban on Steam

Strong towers

Strong towers

terribly clumsy game, no joy in playing it at all!


Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

A cool game where you need to collect your squad of Vikings and capture magic towers, defeat troll troops and much more, in other things an interesting strategy)

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Strong towers on Steam

Bunny’s Trail

Bunny’s Trail

A simple but very nice casual memory game, the graphics are cute and colorful and It has original and relaxing music. Recomended if you like simple games to play casually and if you like cute rabbits.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Simple. Delightful. A different reviewer caused me to buy this, and he or she was right. Training visual memory for a tiny price? Yes, please.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Bunny's Trail on Steam