Pixel Painter

Pixel Painter

저기요 사람들이 욕하고 야한것만 그려요 실망했습니다 또 애들은 주제에 안 맞게 그리는데 하트를 받네요 그리고 주제에 맞게 그려도 하트를 못 받고 주제를 벗어난 그림이나 야한 그림에 하트를 주네요 뭐 이 게임에 변테들만 있습니까? 또 보석을 얻었는데 왜 안주시죠 제작자님 이 게임에 대해 실망했습니다… 또 픽셀그림체가 아닌데.. 그냥 선으로 그린 그림 같았습니다 아니면 욕을 못하게 막아주시거나 픽셀로만 그릴수 있게 해주세요… 그래도 게임은 뭐 나름 재밌네요

Real player with 28.2 hrs in game

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I love the fact that you can paint in it, but there are bugs and glitches that easily make me want to destroy the game. And the other fact, which is funny, is that this game isn’t really in early access. The game, whenever you try and save your artwork, apparently I had my fill icon, and when I clicked save, it filled in my artwork, and messed it up. I wanted to cry and fall to the ground, BECAUSE I took my time on that art. I couldn’t EDIT IT and FIX IT.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

Pixel Painter on Steam

Meet PIP

Meet PIP

Don’t waste your money. This game, off you can call it that, is incredibly slow and boring.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Meet PIP on Steam