RTS Commander: Smash the Rebels

RTS Commander: Smash the Rebels

Early Access Watcher Public Service Announcement

Game: RTS Commander: Smash the Rebels

Version: Initial Release

Gameplay Footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmW2hdWWrQc

Disclosure: This game copy was bought by the reviewer.

I understand this game only has one level present in the current build, so this will not be factored into the plethora of issues and missing features. The major offenses include the inability to save (game crashes), random crashes (upon start up and selecting the one level), and the lack of a competent AI. The enemy will just spams the same light tank from the only enemy producing building and will not build any other structures to compensate for the inevitable lose of said building. The map itself is small with the border outlined by a thin line when you clear away the fog of war (which looks funky with the area outside the map completely illuminated. Even with such a small map, I encounter a few instances when it would nose dive to 1 FPS for a couple of seconds before finally fixing itself.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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I don’t think the timing was quite right putting this on the early acess market. I’m usually forgiving of early access releases, so long as they demonstrate a unique underlying idea. But I don’t see what’s unique about this game. It seems on the trajectory to be a very generic RTS.

The terrain looks like if you run google maps with no internet connection (so it can’t load images) and zoom it way in. All blurry and obnoxious for the eyes.

Some of the music didn’t hit the mark for me either. I might expect those sort of tunes in a coffee shop or something, but not while engaging in combat.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

RTS Commander: Smash the Rebels on Steam



Very impressed with this game. Was not expecting to enjoy the play through as much as i did. Check out my full review here!


Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

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I played the game a few hours now and what can I say, the game is awesome.

Switching between first and third person is a lot of fun. You can command and build from the air. and on the ground you can really fight along with the soldiers, it’s cool. I’ve rarely seen anything like this in VR games. The graphics are good and the atmosphere is really great, like a first C&C in VR, and there’s a little story too. It also runs very smooth on my old PC, but I had to reduce the graphics. For the price really good fun and I can absolutely recommend it.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game


脚本塔防 Massacre  Tower

脚本塔防 Massacre Tower

is a tower defense game aimed at enjoying slaughter

1. Real person trading market.

Open the speculation mode, all players share a trading line, buy and sell to earn the commodity price difference.

2: slot machines (the road to the devil)

Nostalgic for the slot machines of your childhood?Here is a perfect restoration of the 1970s slot machine, big three, small three, all have prizes, small four happy, open the train, roaming Fried, chain Fried, all seriously restored. In the game, the player can use him to earn super high game currency, although from the probability, this is impossible.

3: lottery (sutra depository)

Maybe in reality you are a person who will buy lottery tickets every time, maybe you will find out the rules and win the lottery. If you have this fantasy in reality, why not try it here? Here is a perfect simulation of the rules of winning lottery tickets, real random.

4. Tower defense formation - random tower washing, strategy matching

Each of the four towers has its own expertise. According to the tower’s life, attack, attack speed, attack range, growth qualification and skill slot, the towers are divided into seven qualifications.This is the topic of frequent conversation between players, is the most worthy of research in the game, the largest space, the most unexpected fun to develop.

5. Mechanism of death

Death in the game will return to level 1 and lose the hard-earned towers. Regeneration will randomly determine your tower defense credentials and nurture them until they die again in the middle of the game.It’s your choice to move forward and get more rewards or to stay here and play it safe.

6. Leaderboard : PVP competition, PVE list

See the results of the list, hard to develop the tower needs to compete with others!

7. Copy : Ludashi, Green cycle.

You can spend 10 minutes doing both tasks, or you can spend two hours doing a lot of research to maximize your reward.

8. Skills - your tower may not be able to hold the skills you want.

There are currently 34 skills in the game, each of which is divided into three levels: ordinary, advanced, and extreme. New skills are more likely to replace those already learned, so it takes luck and patience for the skills .

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脚本塔防 Massacre Tower on Steam

Zombie City Defense 2

Zombie City Defense 2

“Select this building and click the icon”

Which building? There’s like 10 and they all look the same and nothing is labeled.

What icon? My interface is covered in tiny icons, none of them labeled, nothing marked.

The interface is a sloppy mess, sure you can figure it out, but there’s no excuse for how bad it is right from the start. Even the tutorial assumes you already know what all the buttons are. Well no, I don’t know what the buttons are and that’s why I’m playing the tutorial you freaking Muppet. When you make a sloppy cluttered interface where everything looks the same, you either provide a tutorial that shows you what the buttons do, or just get out of my way and let me figure it out on my own.

Real player with 102.4 hrs in game

This hybrid of genres between tower defense and RTS and zombie survival game is fantastic.

All these genres have their downsides but thanks to the mixture they are negated and instead the aspects that make each of the genres great really shines in here.

Like RTS games often suffer from too much micro but are great fun for playing tactical and thinking out your strategy.

Tower Defense games are often a bit too passive, like there’s not enough interaction. Thanks to the units and the buildings that you occupy and upgrade and the looting and so on it gives it the much needed interactivity from the player.

Real player with 50.3 hrs in game

Zombie City Defense 2 on Steam

King and Kingdoms

King and Kingdoms

Whatever you do DO NOT buy this game, yes its in development but that is not an excuse for the developers to totally ignore players when they submit tickets reporting faults

The game has a research section, the developers decided to alter it and in doing so the section no longer works, it refuses to carry out any research stating that you have insufficient resources to carry out the research … strange when my resources are over twenty times that needed

The game does not allow you to carry out what is basically the whole idea of it, to take over other kingdoms, it is hard enough to work out how at the beginning with no game instructions but eventually when you do work it out don’t expect it to work

Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

Discord is the best way to contact developers for help.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

King and Kingdoms on Steam



Papertris is an interesting and fun arcade puzzle game in which colored cubes dissolve in all 6 possible directions and you decide where to place your cubes.

In addition, there are also power cubes and numerous possible combinations in a classic but modern and lovingly hand-painted game.

  • The Challenge mode is tricky with various tasks where the player has to solve suitable tasks in order to get to the next level, which are more difficult at each level

  • In the Endless mode, which gets faster and more difficult from level to level, you can score points as long as you can

  • The 2 player VS mode demands tactical skill in which players can use numerous combos to send each other blocking cubes to block the opponent’s options

  • Combinations of the cubes in all 6 directions

  • Atmospheric music

  • Icon option for color blind people

  • Dark mode

  • Full Controller support

The game itself was designed with a lot of fun and inventiveness with my kids (4y & 2y) and the majority of the game was hand-painted by them, which thus has a beautiful and playful charm.

We really had a lot of fun creating and collecting ideas for the game and hope to inspire you as much as we do.

Papertris on Steam

Uniboom-War of Unicorns

Uniboom-War of Unicorns

A lot of big steps for a student and a lot of unicorns

First of all I might be a little prejudiced because the developer of this game was part of the student course that I take, Game Development. This is the final work of said developer and all Game Dev Student work together to help each other and we are very well connected. So a lot of us took part in the tests. Nonetheless the game has been released and i bought it refusing the offer to get a free key in order to support the little game.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

If you liked the Diablo III unicorn levels you will love this game!

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Uniboom-War of Unicorns on Steam

Monster Dice

Monster Dice

Unable to play with friends. Lan option doesn’t work. This is critical! Explain how the game works more concisely as the wording is very off and confusing. The bugs are numerous. I do not recommend this right now. Definitely a Dungeon Dice Monsters' concept which could be great. Play Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeon Dice Monsters and use that formula. This is a great concept but it gets boring fast. Needs a lot of work. Not worth the $1.20 right now but it will be. Good start but keep going.

What this game needs:

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Needs more work. Opponent can not summon any monsters. Only way to win is to use only lvl 1 monsters so you can summon enough to get to your opponent. Needs multiplayer. When volume is changed in settings, it always ends up on default 60% which is way too loud.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Monster Dice on Steam

The Royal Game of Ur 3D

The Royal Game of Ur 3D

The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest board game known to mankind!

The game belongs to the sub-genre of board games called “racing games” and is the historic predecessor of Backgammon. 4500 years old game boards, pieces and dice of the Royal Game of Ur were found in the so-called “Royal Tombs of Ur” near the city of the same name in todays Iraq. On several, approx. 2000 years old Babylonian clay tablets, which were inscribed with cuneiform writing, rules of the game were preserved. These are the oldest surviving rules of a board game.

A Classic Game in a Modern Style

This digital adaptation offers you the opportunity to relive this timeless gaming masterpiece in our modern times. You can play against a computer opponent with an adjustable difficulty level or against human players. Both local and online multiplayer are supported. The game rules can be adjusted to your individual likings in each match.

What You Can Expect

The game requires you to make smart tactical decisions, but doesn’t put you under time pressure. Combined with the realistic graphic style and atmospheric sound ambiance, the game offers a perfect mix between puzzling and relaxation.

The Rules in a Nutshell

Move your pieces along one of several available routes across the 20 squares of the game board. To do this, you roll the four tetrahedron-shaped dice and move one piece of your choice at a time according to the total of the values shown on the dice. There must never be more than one piece on the same square, so you may kick opposing pieces off the board. If a piece lands on a square that is marked with a rosette, it is protected from being kicked out. In addition, the dice may be rolled one more time. If you get all your pieces to the finish line, you win.

The Royal Game of Ur 3D on Steam

Warriors of the Nile

Warriors of the Nile

I saw Celerity play this game on one of his streams and it looked fun. I’ve never played Into the Breach, but I do like Slay the Spire, Monster Train and other turn-based strategy games so I thought I’d give this a shot.

I will say, this game has an extremely steep learning curve. The mechanics themselves are pretty simple, however you will probably die a ton to boss fights in particular, mainly because summon effects are not properly explained. The scorpion boss in act 2 and the lion boss in act 1 are the most egregious examples of this. It would be nice to have a tooltip somewhere that showed what units were spawned when a unit dies.

Real player with 45.9 hrs in game

Game was fun for the first few hours, but becomes extremely repetitive, because players are forced to restart the entire campaign (27 levels) every time they lose a level. This is not a bad feature for a hardcore game for the hardcore gamers, but considering that this is basically a mobile style turn-based tactical strategy game costing $13 (minus the pay-to-win gimmicks), the game is a bit simplistic and repetitive to force players to do Iron Man mode as the only mode.

RNG is the real determining factor in this game as well. You are guaranteed to fail on a run depending on what “upgrade tablets” appear for you to choose from, as well as certain units. The was 1 run I made where I got about 1/3 of my characters' upgrades to be Epic & Legendary ones, and another where I got to level 15 with only commons ones to choose from for each of the 3 characters for example.

Real player with 34.6 hrs in game

Warriors of the Nile on Steam