Life of Ocean

Life of Ocean

what kind of work is this

《life of ocean》is a First-person oceanic adventure survival game.

you will start from a desert island. Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive.

when you dont need to worry about food or clothing, there are countless treasures waiting for you under the ocean.

take the Treasure Map you found, camposs and shovel, become the richest adventurer in this ocean!

#### Survive

Health, Hunger, Thirst, Manage and monitor these vitals to continue your adventure. Grilled fish, fresh water, and Edible fruit to stay alive.

fresh water will be the most important resources, because fresh water is the medium of payment with NPC in this world.

#### Crafe Tools

Axe, Pickaxe, Spear, Torch, cutlass,firegun and so much more can all be crafted through an interactive crafting menu.

Ships are the main means of transportation in this game. Players can use ships to transport goods and explore travel.

Dynamic Weather System

This game has a basic day and night cycle, rainy weather, sunny weather, it will extinguish the equipment that uses fire to work on rainy day, such as campfire, barbecues, furnaces, etc.

We will add more weather season systems to the game in the future, such as dry season, wet season, etc.

Interesting treasure mining system

Digging treasures will make the player’s adventures easy and interesting. Before you set off, you need to prepare three items, the treasure map you found, a compass and a shovel.

After digging out the treasure, the player will encounter the skeleton or demon spirit . Beat them will get the key to open the treasure chest.

The rewards of treasure chests are random, also players can choose to sell the treasure directly to NPC for stable rewards.

Future update direction

The current version is enough for you to explore more than ten hours, but many details need to be polished. We will add more plants and animal to enrich the game.

And also enrich the vehicle system, add ghost ships, giant sea monsters and other contendable enemies to create exciting sea navigation.

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Life of Ocean on Steam

Flower Challenge

Flower Challenge

Pros:You can collect flowersYou can enjoy natureYou can fly with the basketYou can eat flowers for psychedelic effectsCons:I was promised wolves but there weren’t anyI fell off the edge of the map and while falling down I let go of my basket. Now I’m sad.I have no collision with treesOverall I felt this could be a good basis for a horror game. Well, with actual wolves

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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It’s pretty boring. The most fun I had is shooting up in the air by carrying the basket and looking down. I call it “basket boosting”.

Also, how does this cost 8,19€? For a lower price, it would maybe be fine if the dev would improve the game a lot, but it’s nowhere near worth this much.

Also also, this game toasts my PC. My RX 580 is suffering on every quality setting.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Flower Challenge on Steam

Eat fish 3D

Eat fish 3D

SO great probably the best game this year. truly a masterpiece among games

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Eat fish 3D on Steam

Biomes: Survival Era

Biomes: Survival Era

biomes: Survival Era

is a top-down, sandbox, solo or 4-player-coop, open-world crafting survival game.

The first version will appear as a regular survival adventure in a map based on the biomes of North America.

You will fight against animals and also flee from them, as well as harvest plants and mine rocks in order to use their raw materials in the manufacture of new weapons, tools and clothing. Either alone or with your friends you can build houses and explore the wilderness.


  • survival mechanics like hunger and thirst

  • Crafting of items and equipment

  • Hunting animals and harvesting plants

  • Different biomes with their native animal and plant species

  • Character creation

  • New human character (last screenshot)

  • Day-Night-Cycle

  • Speed of players and animals based on the slope of the terrain

  • Grid-based building system with which you can easily connect buildings with one another

  • Two camera modes, static with a vertical view and dynamic with a 60-degree angle and obstacle detection

  • Leaves of Trees between character and camera are hidden so that your character always remains visible

  • Show and hide roofs in buildings

  • Multi-floor building system

Pre Release

As long as the game has not yet been released, videos will be published on my Youtube-Channel .

You can also join my Discord-Server to stay up to date, sometimes I am also looking for people to test new functions. Of course, you can also talk to like-minded people there and make new friends who might want to play with you.

Idea behind this game

The idea behind this game is that animals and plants only appear in their native biomes before humans have messed everything up, including species that have been extinct and exclusive, introduced new species by humans.


This game was and is being developed by a single person.

Biomes: Survival Era on Steam

Dark Forest: The Horror

Dark Forest: The Horror

Dark Forest is a pretty good adventure horror game with decent graphics and atmospheric soundtrack.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Very funny short game!

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Dark Forest: The Horror on Steam

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

I truly enjoyed playing this game. The atmosphere was what kept me going to explore and discover more of what was going on here. If you liked playing Observer and Soma this game is right along those lines but with it’s own twist. It’s got a nice flavor of creepiness without resorting to jump scares to make you feel uneasy. . The ending is with a ‘to be continued’ tag and I do hope that there will be more game play to follow. Achievements are available which if you try to complete them will aid you in solving more of the mystery.

Real player with 61.0 hrs in game

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead is a story based Sci-Fi / Horror game that focuses mostly on setting a strong unsettling atmosphere while adding sci-fi elements around it.

You spend most of the game walking around exploring memories and piecing together the story. The cohesion system really works well and adds a nice survival mechanic.

Audio is relay nice too and adds a disturbing layer to the experience.


Real player with 47.4 hrs in game

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead on Steam

Tree House Survivors

Tree House Survivors

Through an “accident” seafarers arrive on an island where they have to fight for their survival. Help them by building and managing a tree house for them.

Assign jobs to your survivors and create the perfect environment to keep your residents happy. Setup your tree house smart to prevent accidents and help your survivors to gather new people. Manage the power and water supply in your tree house. Gather resources and create production chains in your tree house to ultimately find a way off the island for the residents.

The survivors

The survivors have needs. Fulfil them by building the required rooms in the tree house. Having residents with bad moods may lead to negative events.


Build rooms in the tree house and keeping an eye on the special room requirements.

Manage the water and energy supply

Some rooms require water and energy supplies. Create the required infrastructure and production chains to meet the needs.


Decorate the rooms so that the residents can feel comfortable.

Tree House Survivors on Steam

Understanding, The Game

Understanding, The Game

amazing!! bravo maty!! this is a very good example of a guy making a game with love.

i loved the idea and the basic but efective gameplay! cant wait for full game

atmosphere 10/10

music 9/10

player mechanics: 7/10

gameplay : to be a demo very nice! it took me 45 minutes to finish it.

the game mechanics are basic and easy to play! the flashlight lifetime is so weird, but developer will make an update and increase the lifetime of the flashlight so that’s fine

I see people who say the game has no point of direction. there are many videos on the internet of people who have passed the game without having to go around harassing an independent developer, the game is not perfect and is not a game made by a studio with million dollars of budget.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

This game is still in its ‘demo’ version with the full release coming as a DLC sometime this year.

I’ve played A LOT of horror games. Easily a couple hundred. This game has serious potential. It just needs polish.

The visuals and the spoops are on point. From the menu screen, I was immediately pulled in and couldn’t wait to get my teeth bloody on some good scares. Atmospheric sounds that have been used in some of my favorite horror games can be heard here as well. I heard noises that I recognized from Silent Hill, which is always guaranteed to score good points with me.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Understanding, The Game on Steam

Dustoff Z

Dustoff Z

Nice little snack-size blast-em-up to enjoy between bigger gaming jaunts. I’m surprised this has so few reviews on steam as it’s perfectly functional and cheap game to pick up and gun through on a lazy weekend afternoon. Ignore the time played, I probably took about 4 hours to complete this fully.

The basic premise is you fly a helicopter about on a 2.5D plain after a zombie apocalypse has occurred, strafing zombies down below, all the while performing convoy escorts, base defense, cargo delivery, and survivor rescues. You upgrade the helicopter and onboard gunners with coins and parts/supplies that you collect/earn for completing missions. There is quite a variety of zombie types arrayed against you with plenty of damage they can bring to bear on you (and even the unarmed walkers have a serious jump you need to dodge or you’ll be pulled out of control into a horde). You have to manage your fuel, health and ammo meters throughout each mission which you top up from collectibles that spring from killing zombies or landing or recharge helipads, which also double as in-mission save spots.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Hi everyone I am the bkbossman, you can find me on youTube and publishing videos here on steam. First off I’d like to thank Alf and Marie from Zordix publishing for putting me in touch with this little gem.

I’ve played a few hours of Dustoff Z now and I’m enjoying it thoroughly, it has definitely taken the great aspects of the original Dustoff Heli rescue and enhanced them with a better tech tree, graphical enhancements and a fun and engaging story line.

The original was simple involving just 4 upgrades (2 choppers and 2 guns) and focusing on great game play, something which has transferred well into this latest iteration. The tech tree has been expanded so you now have not only more helicopters to choose from but you can upgrade them individually. You can also now choose to have gunners on your chopper and the type you bring with you can affect your progression in the game.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Dustoff Z on Steam



NecroCity is a place that differs from any other place. This is a place where you will meet various creatures, ranging from small to giant ones. In NecroCity you can meet skeletons, werewolves, goblins, zombies, ghosts, and other ugly monsters. NecroCity is a city-building economic strategy game, in which the action takes place in a secret land, whose residents are divided into two basic classes: people and monsters. In the game, you will play the role of the governor of a dark city. Your main task will be to build and manage the city, starting with a network of roads, buildings, and fortifications.

Due to an extensive system of building improvements, you will be able to create your own amazing NecroCity. Remember that each building will be important for the world presented in the game. Gain the necessary skills that will allow you to control the inhabitants, and will also attract new categories of monsters. Make your city self-sufficient and go with your army to conquer another land!

Building the dark city

One of the main mechanics in NecroCity is building and managing the available space. Start your NecoCity adventure with basic buildings, such as Tomb or Crypt. Each building has its own unique task and is essential for the development of your NecroCity. Some of them increase your maximum population, others generate the resources you need. As you progress in the game, you will gain access to much more expensive, but also much more powerful buildings, such as the Necromancer Mansion or Undead Sanctuary.

To expand your city, you will need to extract and obtain resources from nearby mines and old tombs. Some of the resources may be available outside your city walls. To get them, send your units for this task. Use the obtained materials and resources to develop your NecroCity, thanks to them you will be able to expand your army or improve fortifications. Each of the buildings in the city will be an extremely important role in the functioning of the entire community. Thanks to the extensive system of building improvements, with the acquired experience, you will be able to improve the defensive wall around your city, add defense turrets and traps.

Defense of the city

The development and management of the city are not the only duties you have to take care of. NecroCity is located in a land that is also occupied by living creatures, mainly humans. Unfortunately, coexistence is not possible, people cannot accept the fact that these disgusting beasts live in their land. As a governor of NecroCity, you will have to provide the residents with peace and security. Defend your city against enemy attacks and take care of the safety of its residents. Create advanced defense systems around your city, including defense turrets, various types of traps, and many other available city defense mechanisms.


Management and defense are not the only aspects that await you at NecroCity. To fully ensure the safety and prosperity of your city, you will have to face the human kingdoms and conquer their lands. At the beginning of the game, your skeletons and werewolves will be perfect in combat. However, when the time comes you will have to face more powerful opponents - mounted and heavily armored knights, call your best units to fight. Regardless of whether you choose, the Necromancer or the army of the Undead to fight, your opponents will flee full of fear. It’s time for monsters to take over the world!

Take control of your NecroCity

Manage your city as best you can, develop it, and make sure that each class of monsters is satisfied with their position in the city. Manage your city as best as you can, develop it, and make sure that each faction of monsters is satisfied with their position in the city. Meeting the needs of all residents will be one of the key features for a good prospering city. Keep an eye on the satisfaction status bar of each monster category, thanks to which you will avoid internal conflict between them. The internal dispute between the monsters is the last thing you need in the ongoing war.

Creature classes and their abilities

In the game world, you will have access to many categories of monsters with different skills. Each of these classes will have a unique set of skills. Make the monsters feel good in your city because this will allow you to create class leaders, such as the Werewolf Alpha. An extremely important aspect of the game is the book in which all the behaviors, habits, and skills of the monsters are written. Thanks to the book, you will be able to plan appropriate space management and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your community. Developing your character and gaining new skill levels will allow you to discover new secrets of these amazing creatures.

When you hear angry shouts at your gates, be ready. Here comes the doom.

The world of NecroCity is waiting just for you!

NecroCity on Steam