its really good horror game i think reality system is very nice i recommend this game :)

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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Just the worst POS

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Desdemona on Steam




When we awaken on an island and study the mysteries of the island. We spilled blood using our sword and pistol for the greatest treasure in the history of piracy. Make sure you have a good time with its action while dragging this game story in which we strive to rule the seas.

Be careful and don’t overlook the clues. Solving the mystery of an island will never be easy. Find explorable areas, access the knowledge and glory of the pirates who have already ridden the island. Learn from the mistakes of others and do not succumb to your ambition.


You can use your sword or gun to defeat enemies and reach the treasure, so you can reach your target by defeating the enemies that come in front of you. Let’s remind that it is more difficult to hit the target with a gun.


Our game, which has a third person perspective, has been used to provide a more comfortable control with a better observation of the environment.


Our game is to immerse you in that atmosphere and to do it to increase the sense of exploration.


You are on an island that offers different discoverable regions in a vast open world and there are enemies that will not leave you alone.

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Alright, so I’ve played this game a fair bit, especially since I’ve found out that you could speedrun it (personal best is 3:12, but record is 3:08, held by my friend).

Summary: For a demo, it’s really solid. If you play the game properly, it should work as intended and you’ll have a smooth gameplay experience. There’s some bugs here and there that would cause your game to crash, but it’s few and far between.

Story: 8/10

The premise is really interesting. In my playthrough, I located all secret rooms and read all the dialogue possible for the full experience. The only reason it isn’t any higher was I definitely wished there was more, but it is just a demo.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

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Ginkgo is a game made by a group of talented students under the University of Southern California (USC) Games Program! Now I’ve yet to review anything made by anyone still in school before- I guess technically everyone was a student at some point in their lives. Anyways, it’s just such a weird feeling for me, but good! Though it’s labelled an early access title, I’d say it’s more accurate to be termed as a demo! I really hope this project does come to fruition~ However, for now how does this game do!? Oh the SHEAR anticipation! XD

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Ginkgo on Steam

Shadow Puppeteer

Shadow Puppeteer

A Small Hidden Gem

Shadow Puppeteer is designed around co-op and dosn’t just throw a second player on the screen. That’s a big plus considering that few games follow the same philosophy. You can play it single player though controlling the two characters Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons style (with the sticks, showder and trigers buttons). I can see many people complaining that the game is too hard playing solo. Sure, it takes a while for your brain to adjust to the multi tasking but I found it a nice and fun way to emulate the main challenge of the game which is the two players to be in sync and consideration for each other. As a whole I found it an easy game (whit the exeption of the bose fights) making it ideal to play with a significant other/family member who is not that much into games. For inexperienced players I would recommend the shadow character as the camera position sometimes makes it hard to correctly judge the distance in depth for the boy character.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Although it has some very interesting ideas and a cute aesthetic, it was simply too buggy for me. My laptop usually runs modern games at 60fps and yet this game ran poorly, to say the least. I got 5 fps at times, which made it almost unbeatable, specially playing solo. The camera angles are so bad implemented that I just kept falling everywhere. Sometimes, there’s a small delay after pressing a key and the action taking place, which basically results in the little dude suddenly deciding to commit suicide instead of jumping over a small gap… and also in the player raging uncontrollably as the screen fades to black.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Shadow Puppeteer on Steam

Break Bounds: Exile 越界:流放者

Break Bounds: Exile 越界:流放者

Game Introduction:

This is an Early Access game. It’s kind of interactive story game. Players will take on the role of a legendary character in a near-realistic sci-fi-set world, learning about himself and others, and about their relationship to the world, through dialogue with other characters, psychological analysis, environmental exploration and combat; unlocking the great mysteries hidden about the world, and the character himself. In Break Bounds: Exile we have experimented with different artistic approaches to presenting different scenarios in the game to give the product a more dramatic effect. For example, we used 3D scenes to suggest a stage and 2D characters to suggest that the characters were actors on a stage, and we also used different art forms, both figurative and abstract, to show the difference between the real world and the dream world.

Version Introduction:

The game is currently 1.5 to 2.5 hours of gameplay, which consists of basic worldview background disclosure, basic plot construction, basic environment exploration and puzzle solving, basic psychological puzzle solving, basic interaction with scenes and characters, and basic action and combat. The pacing of the game starts with a soothing storyline and ends with a very first battle, combining psychological puzzle solving, interaction and basic combat elements, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world created by the game relatively quickly.

In the future, the full version of the game will further upgrade the environmental exploration and puzzle solving as the plot progresses, increase the level and complexity of the psychological puzzle solving, improve the complexity of the game’s action and combat gameplay, open up regional map exploration, open up item collection, open up prop synthesis and more.

Game Features and Pricing:

The biggest highlights of the game at this stage are the immersive game design, multiple gameplay styles and unique narrative, including the seamless connection between cinematic footage and actual game play, the musical atmosphere, and the enhanced immersion of the plot. The Early Access stage of this game is priced at around 30% to 40% of the full version, aiming to provide the best purchase price for those who have supported us since the early days of the game’s promotion, and we sincerely thank you for your support.

Follow-up Game Version Introduction:

The full version of the game is designed to be around 20 hours in length, and the gameplay will be heavily expanded from the existing one. The full version of the game will feature around 50 characters, all of whom will have their own stories, performances, interactions, and more. There will be over a hundred background characters.

The full version of the game will have 8 to 10 chapters, guided by multiple main storylines interspersed, each chapter will be represented by a unique style and different expressions, and the tasks to be completed in each chapter will be relatively independent.

We will do our best to bring you an emotional and playful experience with laughter and tears, sadness and joy, which takes place in a virtual world but is nevertheless engraved in your heart.

Break Bounds: Exile 越界:流放者 on Steam