Doorways: The Underworld

Doorways: The Underworld

Nice Premise: Shame about the game

This follows directly on from ‘Doorways: Prelude’, a not unlikeable game with an interesting premise and short run time. They’re cheap games in a series that includes ‘Doorways:Unholy Mountains of Flesh’ and a lot of what’s happening in this second installment/third chapter doesn’t require you having played the first installment/chapter one & two.

There are minor spoilers regarding mechanics this game uses, so do not read further if this matters to you.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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Picking up where its predecessor left off, Doorways: The Underworld unleashes the third chapter a story that revolves around tracking down four psychopaths and bringing them to justice. You are once again Thomas Foster, an agent of the Doorways company that specializes in these matters. This time you have been sent on a mission where two agents previous to you have failed; to bring The Surgeon to justice. Just like The Professor and The Sculptor before her, she is a nasty piece of work that has butchered many “patients”; turning them into hideous abominations that beg for their own demise.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

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