If this game ended after The end? Level I would have given it a good review but it doesn’t. The game ends after Vulcano which is a poorly designed hell compared to the rest of the game. It’s like going from easy to expert. It took me 6 hours to casually make it to the last level but since then I have spent 14 hours trying to complete Vulcano with no luck.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

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I just fully completed the game and I can definitely say: it was absolutely worth my time, effort and money. Eggy is a fantastic 2D-platformer with intriguing physics, stunning environments and a lot of creativity.

The game can be frustrating at times, but unlike games such as Getting Over It, Eggy does have checkpoints. Everytime you make it to another checkpoint after a hard section, you feel satisfied and motivated to continue playing.

The game also truly rewards creativity. While there always is a path available to go, thinking out of the box can occasionally work in your favor and reward you with a shortcut or secret.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

Eggy on Steam

Doorways: Old Prototype

Doorways: Old Prototype

I just stumbled upon and finished this free demo-like-game of Doorways: Old Prototype for about 35 minutes. Not quite surprised, I wasn’t expecting any back story or deep explanation of gaming mechanics inside this game. There are some documents in game that explain the chronological background story about the making of Doorways games and its developer members, and also about the connection between the stages in this demo-like game and full game. It is a prototype, anyways.

Playing this particular game feels like playing 3D platforming, with linear pathways, simple puzzles, eazy predictable bosses, and enhanced quake3-like graphics (thus it’s very light game). No replay value whatsoever, probably just meant to tease players to try the full series of Doorways. But hey, it’s small, quite fun, and free. :3

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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What a great way to show the evolution of a game.

They took the original prototype for the game, and mixed in a behind the scenes look at how the game(s) came about.

Your goal is to find pages throughout the game by avoiding obstacles, and making your way from one level, to the other without dying.

A first person platformer with quite impressive graphics, and audio, especially for a prototype game.

Having said that, this is a prototype, so some areas may feel less impressive than others, where graphics are concerned, but it does not take anything away from the gameplay, which is quite solid.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Doorways: Old Prototype on Steam

Freedom Flight

Freedom Flight

Freedom Flight is a relaxing game, where you fly through procedurally generated worlds, collecting energy rings and try to get the best highscore. You need to collect enough rings to get to the next world. In the final game you will also have to search and rescue a friend. This game is made with Unreal Engine 5 and it’s still work in progress, the final version will have more details. The game is based on one of my favourite games: “Superflight”.

Relax and Enjoy

  • Enjoy the flight through beautiful procedurally generated worlds.

  • If you collect enough energy rings you can proceed to the next new environment.

  • Search for parts of your cyborg friend, which got scattered between the worlds.

    (More details coming soon)

Hunt and Score

  • Make your experience more intense and start hunting points.

  • If you get closer to the surface you will receive more points, however you will risk to crash.

  • The energy rings give you extra boost, so you can fly up again. Use your energy wisely, because it runs out quickly.

Your highscore will be added to an online leaderboard (if you like), so you can compete with your friends and show them how to fly like a pro!

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Freedom Flight on Steam

Tomb Raider: Underworld

Tomb Raider: Underworld

Underworld is the ending to the Tomb Raider revival of the mid 2000’s, which was helmed by the folks at Crystal Dynamics. It concludes the central plot thread of Tomb Raider Legend: finding Lara’s mother, whilst introducing the villain of Anniversary (The Tomb Raider 1 remake) into the fray: Natla.

From the start, you can tell this game has a much more ambitious scope. Past the tutorial level, every other level takes place in large, open environments with freedom of movement far beyond anything presented in “Legend”. Whereas Legend had smaller, linear levels with a sizable emphasis on combat and action segments, Underworld eliminates all of that and focuses on large, open environments with more complexity to their puzzles. There’s also more actual tombs in Underworld than Legend, which took place mostly in urban environments and buildings.

Real player with 50.1 hrs in game

Tomb Raider: Underworld takes you on an adventure through Norse mythology to find the lost island of Avalon. Beautiful levels, fun gameplay, exploration, and amazing visuals make this game a beloved addition to the series and truly worthy of the name Tomb Raider.


  • Puzzles

  • Fun traversal/climbing

  • Beautiful variety of levels and locations

  • Easy combat

! Thor’s hammer!

  • Puzzles can be irritating when you have to pick up items

  • Repetitive and sometimes frustrating combat

Real player with 23.6 hrs in game

Tomb Raider: Underworld on Steam

Whispers of the Ancients

Whispers of the Ancients

This game has a potential. I like main core story and idea about it. The most enjoyable part of the game is sounds of whispers, level specific sountracks, and the level designs. It is a good game for a solo developer and designer. I played this game in the beta tests and I can surly tell that the game changed a lot in a good way. Last words, There should be added more content and more levels into the game.

Real player with 35.2 hrs in game

I love this game, the mixture of parkour and puzzles is really cool, the story is also a good story and the fisics of the game are very good. I love to play this game with friends because we do competitions with each other and that´s super funny!!

I also recomend this game because they are improving and upgrading the game everydays

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Whispers of the Ancients on Steam



5ife waiting room

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

I had a lot of fun playing the game. When is the second come out ?

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

4ife on Steam

ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition

ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition

TL;DR version:

The very definition of an OK game, not too good, not too bad.

Everything in Enslaved is fine, from it’s story (inspired from the famous chinese novel Journey to the West) to it’s main characters, post-apocalyptic atmosphere, music score and game mechanics.

With motion capture and voice acting of the main character from veteran Andy Serkis and story writing from sci-fi talent Alex Garland, while not a must have, Enslaved remains a fun enough game to play in cold winter mornings, with nothing better to do.

Real player with 57.8 hrs in game

There are three modes of play to choose from - I chose Normal - and I used an X-box 360 controller – mostly.

From the main menu you can choose to “Continue Journey”, which of course continues your game from the last save point. Saves are automatic; just watch for the swirling blue symbol in the bottom right corner. If you choose to continue after you’ve already finished the game, you’ll get to re-watch the game’s epilogue. You can go back and try to get all of the collectibles via “Chapter Select” (it will give you stats on the collectibles per chapter from this section), and if you’ve gone back since finishing the game, “Continue Journey” will return you to the chapter you were last working on.

Real player with 26.1 hrs in game

ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition on Steam

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider: Anniversary


An amazing game! I’ve played the others by Crystal Dynamics and I’d place this with the gritty reboot as the best.

THE GOOD: Damn near everything!

The puzzles are actually puzzling, the platforming challenging, the dialogue and acting are actually good and the story gives Lara some surprising depth! The music hits both the atmospheric and action themes perfectly, and the game is more than its money’s worth in terms of length (expect 20 - 40 hours). Oh and it still looks great in 2015!

Real player with 41.6 hrs in game

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a superb game in almost every way. As a video gamer new to the franchise, I can now fully understand the reasons behind the tremendous popularity of the Tomb Raider series and the fervor of its fan base. The extent of my previous experience with the internationally celebrated Lara Croft amounted to about 20 minutes of game play on a roommate’s Playstation back in the year 2000. Thus, I had not been truly prepared for how fantastic a journey I would embark upon in Tomb Raider: Anniversary for PC on sale from Steam.

Real player with 40.6 hrs in game

Tomb Raider: Anniversary on Steam



I thought I was too young to have a heart attack but after playing this in Insane Mode, my coronary bypass surgery is booked in for next week.

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

I still cant forget this perfect game. I’m playing since by 2014 then

i had impressive emotions, when i played for first time, its was unforgettable.

I’m sure most players layed down the game just cuz is not scary more and

all finished the game but actually is famous game and i loving her else like others…

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

Outlast on Steam