Wizard Of Walls

Wizard Of Walls

Great game! Wizard Of Walls faithfully captures a lot of the greatness of the original Wizard Of Wor.

Anyone looking at this game with fond memories of the original game will be happy with their purchase here. The game captures much of what made the original stand out as one of the best games of its era. The action starts slow and ramps up nicely. Sound effects and music feel fresh but also show great care in paying homage to the original. Would be great to see local coop added in the future, but from my limited playing so far, the online coop works great.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

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Wir schreiben das Jahr 1984. Der Heimcomputer Commodore C64 hat seinen Siegeszug in die Wohnzimmer längst begonnen. Midway Games Inc. wirft eine Portierung eines Arcade-Spiels aus dem Jahre 1980 auch für den C64 auf den Markt: Wizard of Wor. Das Spiel besticht durch seine sofort verständliche Spielstruktur, klare Ziele und eine simple Steuerung. Es gilt, Monster zu zerstören und am Ende der einzelnen Level muss ein Endgegner “Worluk” besiegt werden, um für das nächste Level die doppelte Punktzahl zu bekommen.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Wizard Of Walls on Steam



DoubleShake is an action-packed platformer inspired by some of our favorite 5th Generation games such as Mischief Makers, Klonoa, and Tomba! Our goal is to utilize modern technology, techniques. and game design to “shake up” a nostalgic aesthetic. In DoubleShake, you’ll follow Loam as she investigates and grapples with the ensuing Chaos that threatens to toss her humble little island into total disorder!

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When we awaken on an island and study the mysteries of the island. We spilled blood using our sword and pistol for the greatest treasure in the history of piracy. Make sure you have a good time with its action while dragging this game story in which we strive to rule the seas.

Be careful and don’t overlook the clues. Solving the mystery of an island will never be easy. Find explorable areas, access the knowledge and glory of the pirates who have already ridden the island. Learn from the mistakes of others and do not succumb to your ambition.


You can use your sword or gun to defeat enemies and reach the treasure, so you can reach your target by defeating the enemies that come in front of you. Let’s remind that it is more difficult to hit the target with a gun.


Our game, which has a third person perspective, has been used to provide a more comfortable control with a better observation of the environment.


Our game is to immerse you in that atmosphere and to do it to increase the sense of exploration.


You are on an island that offers different discoverable regions in a vast open world and there are enemies that will not leave you alone.

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Handball Action Total

Handball Action Total

Those looking for an alternative to bigben interactive’s handball games should look this one out. It’s far from being any “ultimate handball game” but it feels better in terms of translating the whole essence of the sport to a gaming sim. Plus… powerful creation tool to add and remove teams and leagues, can’t go wrong with that! ;D

Real player with 31.8 hrs in game

Accidentally saw this as i was looking through the reviews for Handball 21 while looking for a proper handball game with club teams and a club competition structure.

And i found one.

Thanks to whoever made this. It is not that far from PES/FIFA/NBA 2k series, and a step in the right direction for handball fans. Hopefully there is an update or a sequel with better visuals and arena atmosphere, that would be the only CON i have with the game really.

Big PRO is a huge edit mode similar to PES/NBA/Football Manager where you can create your own league entirely with a little bit of work. As licencing would be an issue for a small studio like this, allowing us to edit everything like this as long as the IHF structure is kept is more than enough. As i was saying above, just allow us to import banners, waving flags, possibly arena custom logos to further customise everything.

Real player with 25.6 hrs in game

Handball Action Total on Steam

Hard Reset Extended Edition

Hard Reset Extended Edition


achievements are okay, even tho some of them are a bit grindy. however, what should be mentioned - the difficulty. 100%ing requires you to beat the game on the hardest difficulty without dying (no checkpoints), which is brutal and may give the nightmares for non-FPS players. but, overly, achievements are fair. tough but fair

Real player with 69.9 hrs in game

Hard Reset is a game that very clearly sets out to evoke the more generic and traditional FPS style of yesteryear with the visuals aesthetic of a more modern game. It does that pretty well and it’s a fun and enjoyable game, but it fails in a few areas that are somewhat glaring, and it does have it’s problems. If you’re about to stop reading this review because I’m not going to be 100% positive about this review, well, that’s your perrogative, but I’m not saying it’s by any means a bad game. It’s a good game, bordering on great, but it has some foilbes that hold it back from true excellence.

Real player with 39.0 hrs in game

Hard Reset Extended Edition on Steam

Hockey Manager 20|20

Hockey Manager 20|20

The game is as deep of a hockey sim as I’ve ever seen, however no NHL license is a bit of an immersion killer for me, because I spend more time editing than I do playing. Another downer for me is not having the ability to choose between Euros and Dollars or KG’s and LB’s. When there is a complete overhaul to the US and Canadian teams available in the workshop then I’ll be more interested in playing, but until then it’s FHM for me. If you don’t mind the lack of an NHL license and or editing for months, then the game might be for you. If you’re like me though, I can’t recommend it.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

I like the editing options, there is a lot of play editing possibilities and you can even save and load edited databases. you can even get some addons here https://wasserlasser.com/

Although u might be spending a long time in the editor, the overall gameplay is nice and chill.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Hockey Manager 20|20 on Steam

Hearts 3D Premium

Hearts 3D Premium

Realistic 3D Hearts simulation with singleplayer, multiplayer and tutorial. With configurable AI strength and many adjustable rule and game variants you can start exciting Hearts games - or just play for fun.

Compete with tricky computer opponents, or play relaxing rounds with friends or family in online mode!

Game environment, cards, rule variants and much more can be customized! For beginners, there is an animated tutorial in which Hearts is explained step-by-step with all the rules.


  • Singleplayer mode with configurable opponent

  • Many new rule variations of Hearts with up to 6 players

  • Multiplayer mode with LAN or Online mode

  • High Quality full animated 3D graphics

  • Lots of tables, rooms and decks

  • High-performance A.I.: different levels of difficulty

  • Voice output and sound

  • Highscore lists

  • HD widescreen output

  • Tutorial, detailed game instructions and help

Hearts 3D Premium on Steam

Toree 2

Toree 2

Toree 2 takes everything the first game did and does it even better. Faster levels, more colorful visuals, a much better soundtrack, it pretty much met all my expectations (and perhaps even exceeded them in some places).

My only real issue (and this applies to the first game as well) is that the default controls when using a controller kinda suck; the camera sensitivity is too low by default and you can’t control the camera with the bumpers or sprint with the right trigger like you can in the Switch version. It doesn’t matter too much since Steam lets you remap stuff anyways, but still.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

The sequel to a Mini-Masterpiece, with some caveats

Any positive I have for Toree 3D rings true for Toree 2, it’s a decent expansion to the first game but that’s all feels like, an expansion despite it’s sequel moniker. This isn’t to sound negative, whats here is just as good as the first game but it doesn’t really change much or add much new to make it as enticing as the first game was.

The soundtrack is still killer, arguably even more killer than both the original and remixed versions of the first game’s OST. Toree 2 doesn’t mess around with it’s music and it helps add atmosphere to these new locations.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Toree 2 on Steam

final m00n - Defender of the Cubes

final m00n - Defender of the Cubes

Fulfilled my every expectation and surpassed literary everything I have ever dreamed of about a modern 21st Century “take” on the bygone 1980 classic Williams Defender. final m00n pushes the boundaries set by Defender and breaks the mould with many refreshing new ideas, perspectives and aesthetics bringing to the fray both something different and something very unique.

This review is kept simple, with no game play spoilers (it is best for you to discover these for yourself) and just my appraisal. The game is graphically astounding and the overall presentation polished as the most precious of stones, the diamond and likewise is well worth the asking price. The music is original, retro and yet futuristic at the same time and fits in perfectly with each m00n. Wow. There is also an electronic lady who pops up on occasion to inform the player of new threats of ship status which in my opinion adds more depth to the game. There are many many more things for you to discover so in conclusion:t his is what games are about; finding something intriguing during the earliest stages (Steam Greenlight) of development, the agonising wait and finally the wait ends and the game is released. I am not disappointed in any manner. Defender will always be my favourite arcade game of all time and final m00n is a dream come true for those myself and others who love pure retro game with seriously souped up graphics and a magnificent soundtrack. 9.5 out of 10 - pretty much near perfect retro gaming heaven. A very special THANK YOU goes to the developer Frank Gallinsky who has put his heart and soul into this project for bringing to the market a unique and visually stunning shoot ‘em up that plays like a dream and makes you come back for “one more go” on a continuous basis. final m00n Defender of the Cubes will remain indefinitely on my sold state drive.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

This game is more than an old school REMAKE.

It’s an respectful homage to Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar, the developers of Williams Defender (1981), and also to Dave Theurer and Rob Fulop, who developed Missile Command for Atari in 1980.

final m00n takes up the topic of bidirectional horizontal scrollers and transforms it with countless innovations and incredible richness of detail, as well as a dark end-time mood; into a game that is undeniably a gem in this genre.

The soundtrack is so fitting and is undoubtedly a million years ahead of any other game soundtrack.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

final m00n - Defender of the Cubes on Steam

Handball Manager 2021

Handball Manager 2021

Awesome game! Finally a good handball game, especially at times, when we can’t play real handball.

It’s fun to progress with your favourite club and create a team of all your favoutire players. You also learn a lot about managing / coaching a real club / team.

Unfortunately it only has the real players for German, Spanish and Czech leagues, but with the editor mode, the community can create the other teams. I will share a data set including all Championsleague teams as soon as I’m done.

There are still some little bugs and crashes in the game, but only one week after sending a bug report, most of them were already fixed.

Real player with 184.6 hrs in game

The best handball simulator on the market! Although, to be fair, that’s sadly not saying much when looking at the handball games available currently.

The game offers all the options that one could want from being a handball coach. Additionally, the ability to customize your experience through the editor certaintely gives the game a lot more depth and replayability.

However, there are notable flaws. This mainly has to do with the sometimes poor English grammar as well as the fairly outdated graphics - both of these aspects really take you out of the experience. I have also experienced a few crashes from time to time which has resulted in a bit of loss in my game progression. Lastly, the lack of certain official team licenses as well as the sometimes seemingly inconsistent match simulation are also worth noting.

Real player with 55.4 hrs in game

Handball Manager 2021 on Steam