The end of the world is coming soon! Survive among endless zombies!

Content and gameplay:

You will spawn with Police 9mm pistol.

After 15 seconds that game began, Zombies will spawn some spots.

Kill the zombies to gain experience and cash.

Upgrade your weapons or buy new gun with that cash.

It’s endless survival game. Zombies will getting stronger and stronger, also gives more funds and exps.

Control - Alive:

WASD: Basic movements

R: Reloading

M1: Fire

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Honey Villa

Honey Villa

You play as a hacker who lives alone in a villa. In a rainy night, there was a knock on the door. after opening the door, a beautiful girl fainted in front of the door. She was just drunk. The hacker took the girl into the house for the night. The next morning he girl suggested sharing the house…

Players need to think of strategies to make enough money to feed self and the girl. Get enough food, enough water, and enough sleep. And enhance intimacy with girls. This allows players to play “dice games” and “guessing games” with girls. The loser is punished with a drink and a massage.

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Honey Villa on Steam

VR shooting cute balloons

VR shooting cute balloons

This is a VR casual shooting game. Players can wear a helmet, immerse themselves in the virtual reality scene created by the game, and experience shooting interactive games. When entering the game, the player can choose the language mode of the game, and then enter an open field with colorful balloons floating in the air. The player needs to operate the handle to shoot, and can walk around at will. Every time a balloon is broken, a girl will drop. Players need to be close to the girl to catch and score points. If you can’t catch it, points will be deducted. Players need to collect 40 points to end the game.

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VR shooting cute balloons on Steam

Deep Dark Fight

Deep Dark Fight

This game is not OK, it is bad. All sounds in game (music, jumps, sound of your death) are very annoing (but not gachi sounds of course). 1/2 of levels are VERY boring. Bosses are very boring, too. The last level had made so bad, that I deleted game. This game is not rofl-able, it is too good for that (but it is too bad to play it serios). I don’t want to play this game for free, and paying even 300$ hm hm… 1,5$ for it is silly

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game

♂ T H A N K Y O U S I R ♂











Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Deep Dark Fight on Steam

嗜血印 Bloody Spell

嗜血印 Bloody Spell

Bloody Spell is basically a Chinese version of the Dark Souls series, where everything hits hard, and you have to rely on your dodging skills, recognizing attack patterns, blocking if needed and doing tons of hit and runs onto bosses or mobs in order to survive. To be honest, I never played a Dark Soul game, but after seeing Aris aka AvoidingthePuddle’s stream, I bought this game because of one thing; not the Dark Soul experience, but the T & A. That’s right, I bought it because apparently you can change your gender to a female, and you have a ridiculously risque outfit for your character.

Real player with 138.8 hrs in game

Ok, this game is friggin' awesome!


Awesome combat

Varied enemies

Random levels

workshop support

cool unlockables

awesome spells

a feeling of progression that few games manage to deliver

challenging combat, obstacles, etc.

Awesome boss design.


Confusing story due to poor translations (Maybe if you speak chinese it would make more sense to you)

Some poor design elements can be frustrating (like how you can only upgrade your equipment in the tomb if you find a specific character and have specific items)

Real player with 52.3 hrs in game

嗜血印 Bloody Spell on Steam

变量 Variables

变量 Variables

Edit: It’s become one of my favorite games on Steam! You will really have to think to beat the higher difficulty levels.

It’s a good idea, realize the execution is currently very crude, and English descriptions are laughable. ; - ) almost returned it, but I’m hoping it will continue evolving.

There are some aspects of Tetris (or more accurately Rampart) in the placement phases.

it would be better to have more tiles, as it’s easy to trap yourself with a layout you can’t expand. Edit: You will learn that you can remove the bases and relocate them! Do this wisely for better chance of survival.

Real player with 41.8 hrs in game

If you’re a native English speaker like myself, you might have an issue locating the button to select language. It’s a small hurdle. Apart from that, once you get an idea of what you’re doing in this game, it becomes extremely interesting. You start your little game being able to flip over three tiles, which you can select one of as your turret of choice. It doesn’t end there, and if you think your level one turret will end up just taking space, it won’t. Once you get enough turrets that fit into a crafting recipe, it’ll wipe those tiny little baby turrets out and replace it with a turret with more hair on its chest than Austin Powers'.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game

变量 Variables on Steam

AeternoBlade II: Director’s Rewind

AeternoBlade II: Director’s Rewind

Very fun game to play…. a bit hard on the start but if you don’t have a “no guts no glory” attitude you’ll lose…

very rare mechanics for an ARPG… Hack and Slash? YES! but you’ll find it hard to kill a normal mob in early stages… Time manipulation to solve puzzles and combine them with skills in battle for a stopped / rewinded / fast pace battle… This game is not for all but if you’re up for a challenge then look no further…

Real player with 96.4 hrs in game

รีวิว Aeternalblade II : Director’s Rewind

  • ในโอกาสนี้ผมขอขอบคุณผู้พัฒนาเกมที่ให้โค้ดรีดีมมาเล่นและรีวิวกันด้วยครับ

Aeternalblade II : Director’s Rewind เกมอินดี้ฝีมือคนไทย จากค่าย Corecell : Technology ซึ่งเวอร์ชั่น Director’s rewind ที่ผมกำลังจะพูดถึงนี้เป็นภาคที่มีการปรับดีเทลจากผู้พัฒนา ให้ความแตกต่างจากต้นฉบับที่เคยวางจำหน่ายก่อนหน้า เรียกได้เวลาเป็นการยกเครื่องใหม่กันเลยทีเดียว


และในรีวิวนี้เป็นการแสดงความคิดเห็นหลังจากเล่นไปแล้วประมาณ 23ชั่วโมง โดยที่ไม่เคยเล่นภาคแรก หรือภาค 2ที่เป็นต้นฉบับที่เคยลงบนเครื่อง Nintendo Switch และ PS4 มาก่อน

Real player with 28.7 hrs in game

AeternoBlade II: Director's Rewind on Steam

Zombie Town VR

Zombie Town VR

really fun game to play totally enjoyed it….. completed levels wish there was more …….. love the dancing a great feel game and fun fun fun leaves me wanting more ,,,,,,

Real player with 51.9 hrs in game

Very Fun, but short. Hopefully the developer will add more levels.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Zombie Town VR on Steam



I thought I was too young to have a heart attack but after playing this in Insane Mode, my coronary bypass surgery is booked in for next week.

Real player with 30.9 hrs in game

I still cant forget this perfect game. I’m playing since by 2014 then

i had impressive emotions, when i played for first time, its was unforgettable.

I’m sure most players layed down the game just cuz is not scary more and

all finished the game but actually is famous game and i loving her else like others…

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

Outlast on Steam

L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

Great game with a unique premise. The facial animation is used to determine if a witness/suspect is telling the truth or lying. The voice acting is solid and the cases are based on real life cases of the era. The developers researched how police investigations were done in the 40s and it shows.

Sadly, I can’t recommend this game as you require a connection to RockStar’s Social Club. After 30+ hours of playing the game stops connecting to the SC. That means it wont' launch. I’ve reinstalled the game but still I can’t connect to the SC. Such a shame too. It was good while it lasted. I’d avoid this entirely.

Real player with 46.7 hrs in game

Buyer beware.

I have bought the Complete edition and it did indeed have all the content and DLC. However in 2019 I had to uninstall to make room for other games, and here I am in 2021 trying to reinstall it, only to find that it only gives me some of the content.

It only gives me a couple of the patrol cases and the DLC that didn’t come with the original game and I found none of the regular game levels are there at all, which is odd as I had done most of them before I had to uninstall and still have trophies for them.

Real player with 46.1 hrs in game

L.A. Noire on Steam