NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is not as revolutionary as the title might suggest, but I think it’s the step in the right direction.

The disappointing thing is lack of canon story mode in the game. Instead, we have Ninja World Tournament, Mecha-Naruto Story and the Ninja Escapades. The Ninja World Tournament is just mode, in which you thrive for championship in a tournament consistin of 4-characters brawl. Initial ranks of the tournament are easy, but difficulty rises gradually. Also, you can roam the island (the bigger progress you made in the tournament, the more areas you can visit), doing challenges, missions and events. Even thought it has absolutely nothing to do with canon storyline, the mode is quite fun to play, some friendship events are hilarius.

Real player with 482.3 hrs in game

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This is one of those games I’m highly indifferent about. Looking back, I wouldn’t call this game a bad game at all, in fact I quite enjoyed it. The “story” is comprised of four short stories with some (easy) fights peppered in that expand the lore in the naruto world through the story of the Akatsuki, Itachi and Shisui, a unique story about the new character “Mecha Naruto”, along with a 10 minute movie about team Minato which I quite enjoyed. Overall, this will take maybe 2-3 hours to complete. Which is quite a bit less than I’d expect for a game with such a steep price tag. The replay value is unfortunately nonexistant unless you are looking for the two achievements given for achieving S ranking on the Itachi and Akatsuki mini story lines. However, if you didn’t already get these achievements on your first playthrough as these fights are quite easy, you will without a doubt get it on your second. There is also the “Ninja world tournament mode” which I enjoyed quite a bit. In this mode, you can select a character of your choosing (with the exception of all the young characters, which kinda sucks) and duke it out in a four-player brawl against NPCs. Unfortunately, there is no online mode for this. This is really awful since like the rest of the NPCs, they are quite easy to defeat, and offer no real challenge. I will admit by the S+ tournament I was sweating a bit at the intensity, but the difficulty is entirely due to major NPC buffs in the form of a constant “true awakening form” and not a more advanced AI. That being said, I still won it on my first go-around which really ruins the fun of the game. This will most likely take about 5-6 hours to complete (basing off my own time). And overall, you’ll get about 7-9 hours of gameplay out of the story if you play to completion. Such a small playtime leaves something of a bitter taste in my mouth considering the price tag of this game. However, if you’re seeing my play time, you’ll notice I have 100+ hours in this game as of writing this review. This is due to this games' bread and butter, the online mode. However, unfortunately enough for the online mode, the online community has depleted in the two months since this game has come out. This has made finding someone to fight almost a chore and you really have to just open the game and cross your fingers that you’ll find someone. Speaking from personal experience, now that the game is about 2 months after launch, it is a very common occurence that you will find noone to battle.Near the games' launch, the online was solid and all you had to worry about was a tiny bit of lag since so many people were on the servers. However, even now that not so many people are using the servers, the lag is still existant if not worse. This is a huge no-no in my opinion for a 1v1 fighter to have any form of lag. Especially to the point of making the game near unplayable at points. This raises a secondary issue in the fact that even if you manage to find someone to play against, that person might have a laggy connection and make your game either near impossible to play, or make your game crash entirely. In total, this game was very fun. But now that the main focus of this game, the online, has fallen into an abyss, I would advise against purchasing this game. Still, for all the fun I had, I think this game is great. 8/10, buy it if you have a time machine or you love wasting money for a couple hours of fun.

Real player with 167.7 hrs in game

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution on Steam



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