Hacker’s Beat

Hacker’s Beat

I was looking for a different kind of rhythm game and this might be it. From watching the gameplay videos of this game, it got me pretty hyped. The fact that the edit mode just came out just get me even more excited to play this game.

The core gameplay is alright, I’ve certainly had some fun playing some of the charts but I think there’s something wrong or missing from the game. For example, after exiting the result screen I was greeted by random white triangles on a black background while the music’s still playing. I thought “Oh, something cool is happening” so I started to mash the keyboard for a few minutes only to realize it has crashed.

Real player with 40.3 hrs in game

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Wow! After my very first playthrough I found myself inspired enough to write a positive review. The music is phenomenal! The visual a bit on the trippy side, and it’s a good idea to preview the songs before trying them out in-game, to get a feel for what they may throw at you. It’s not easy, and that’s not a bad thing…as it poses a good challenge that gets easier with familiarity. This game is in my favorites playlist already…so with less than a half-hour played at the time of reviewing Hacker’s Beat. it’s safe to say my playtime will grow rapidly. This game may not be for everyone, but it sure is for me!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Hacker's Beat on Steam

Music Racer

Music Racer

Today is May 24, 2020. I recently realized that my review for Music Racer was probably not written in the best state of mind, so I’m back with a good night’s rest under my belt. I opened the game up in non-Legacy mode.

Grading Criteria:

non-Legacy vs. Legacy (pre 5/27/19 update)

I. Graphics

II. Gameplay

III. YouTube plugin works?

IV. Replay Value

The non-Legacy version is the version of the game made after the 5/27/19 update, which broke the game for a lot of users at first (but now it’s fixed, so +1).

Real player with 46.1 hrs in game

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You may be confused why I’m reviewing this game with barely any playtime. It’s because I’ve played the mobile version of this game, and after just a few minutes of playing I can see the pros and cons of the PC version.

I recommend this game, however, I will give a rather critical review.

This game in a nutshell: Beat Sabre with cars.

This game in an essay:

You have to choose a car, the colors of the rims and the body if you’d like, a map, and a song from either your computer or YouTube. I recommend using local files, as some songs may not show up on the YouTube option.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

Music Racer on Steam



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