Carperation is a racing game with item and unique ability for each vehicle. Players can use different items or ability to win: not only can you boost yourself, you can also interrupt your opponents with different featured items and attack them! In the game, there are a lot of Hong Kong styled vehicles, such as taxi, jumbo taxi, rickshaw, three-wheeled ice cream bike, etc. Their unique ability can be utilized for defending, hacking, attack, etc. Split-screen and controller are supported. The game is very suitable for playing with friends, family and relatives, especially during party and festival.

Hongkongese (香港)

Carperation 係一個可以用道具同特殊能力嘅賽車遊戲。運用唔同嘅道具加上部車自身嘅特殊能力係比賽入面勝出。除咗可以幫自己加速之外,仲可以妨礙同影響對手。遊戲入面有好多唔同帶有香港特色既車可以揀,例如珍寶的士,人力車,三輪雪糕車。佢哋各自都有唔同嘅特殊能力,有防守嘅,有攻擊嘅,有干擾嘅,仲有更多。而且遊戲支援分割畫面同手制,非常適合party同節慶嗰陣同親朋戚友一齊玩。

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My Opinion is sooo 50/50

Atmospheric with a creepy vibe! Scary bits in there too-

Just check the Screenshots and when you think you like the style buy it

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

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Good Game! Atmospheric with a creepy vibe! Scary bits in there too- would recommend!

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Deceased on Steam