As the largest economy of mankind, Naya launched the angel coming plan to transform human genes. The project failed. Naya was occupied by the crazy gene scientist Longli. As a former executive of Naya, grace began to fight crime. This work is a third person shooting game. The player plays the protagonist grace, sneaks into Naya and starts fighting. The attack method is a machine gun that can be fired repeatedly, Laser grenade, laser sword chopping, lightsaber sprint, players can complete their mission in a single line plot.

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Xangel on Steam

Airport Simulator 3: Day & Night

Airport Simulator 3: Day & Night

Nearly recommended this because I’ve enjoyed playing it eventually after realizing I need to have the employees doing all the work and just managing then versus doing the work myself.

Managing the crew works quite well and I enjoyed it. Why is it better to manage, here’s when the problem lies, the game is a buggy mess, most vehicles work ok but there are some that completely break the game.

To start you drive the bus, baggage, and fuel truck, appart from them ending up upside down sometimes they work fine for the most part. It’s once you unlock the other vehicles that poop hits the fan. The jetway got stuck in the terminal building and it’s still stuck there, never to be used again, I have to pay to skip that task now, the baggage loaders bug out a lot and will end up as scrap on the map meaning I have to buy/rent a new one and try to ignore the Broken ones.

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

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When things worked, it was actually fun for a bit. But things are constantly not working, the game seems like it is in a pre-alpha stage, things are so buggy almost nothing works correctly about 85% of the time.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Airport Simulator 3: Day & Night on Steam

Riot At World

Riot At World

I don’t recommend this game anyone. Another Unity3D game with a lot of bugs and really bad optimization.

Please, think twice before you get it, there dozens of better games, even in for the same price.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Riot At World on Steam

Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3


Part 1: What to expect?

Part 2: Who is the right person to play?

Part 3: Result

Part 4: End-comment



I really don’t know what the most negativ reviews expected but it’s like they did not really played the game. Yes - it is not a racing simulation but neither is the F1-Series from Codemasters! Yes the F1-Series is a bit closer to a simulation but it is nothing compared to Assetto Corsa (both), iRacing, RaceRoom and so on.

So what can you expect from PROJECT CARS 3? A FUN GAME! JUST ENJOY THINGS AGAIN!

Real player with 67.5 hrs in game

EDITED: After months of waiting for them to improve this game I’m changing my review from positive to negative. There has been a complete lack of transparency from SMS and they decided to release a terrible DLC as opposed to focusing on fixing bugs and improving the overall quality of their product. Even when asked, SMS said that they are focused on fixing bugs and not on future content. The next update was, you guessed it, the DLC and a few bug fixes.

So I’ve played both PC1 and PC2 and I can say that this is nothing like those two games. It takes a completely different direction that isn’t at all Simulator, and I believe it shouldn’t be called Project CARS. But hey! Brand recognition, amirite?

Real player with 51.2 hrs in game

Project CARS 3 on Steam



Carperation is a racing game with item and unique ability for each vehicle. Players can use different items or ability to win: not only can you boost yourself, you can also interrupt your opponents with different featured items and attack them! In the game, there are a lot of Hong Kong styled vehicles, such as taxi, jumbo taxi, rickshaw, three-wheeled ice cream bike, etc. Their unique ability can be utilized for defending, hacking, attack, etc. Split-screen and controller are supported. The game is very suitable for playing with friends, family and relatives, especially during party and festival.

Hongkongese (香港)

Carperation 係一個可以用道具同特殊能力嘅賽車遊戲。運用唔同嘅道具加上部車自身嘅特殊能力係比賽入面勝出。除咗可以幫自己加速之外,仲可以妨礙同影響對手。遊戲入面有好多唔同帶有香港特色既車可以揀,例如珍寶的士,人力車,三輪雪糕車。佢哋各自都有唔同嘅特殊能力,有防守嘅,有攻擊嘅,有干擾嘅,仲有更多。而且遊戲支援分割畫面同手制,非常適合party同節慶嗰陣同親朋戚友一齊玩。

Carperation on Steam

Hot Pot VR

Hot Pot VR

I bought this game based on some of the reviews, but I will start off by saying this is THE BEST VR cooking game on the market, if you’re into simulation with a little bit of arcade. It reminds me of when I was in kindergarten playing with one of those life-sized toy kitchens with my classmates.

It’s not as intricate/frustrating as Cooking SImulator can be, but still PLENTY of recipes, ingredients and cooing techniques to keep you busy in EA. This is early access but it really is varied with lots of different recipes from all over the globe and feels satisfying in VR. I haven’t had it that long and the dev has made some QoL improvements thus far and I’m sure it’ll only get better. I highly recommend this game if you like Cooking Simulator and Overcooked.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

Amazing idea, near amazing execution (so far). Now, I know it is an Early Access game, but sometimes it can be a bit weird. Sometimes, when cutting a piece of meat for example, it will have a really small piece I can cut, but the biggest piece is not possible to cut. Other than small nitpicks like that, this game is amazingly built and can only go up from here.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Hot Pot VR on Steam