Air Hunter

Air Hunter

Quite addictive action in which you can get stuck for a long time. The game is addicting and fun. It has good graphics and musical accompaniment, For the price, the very thing !!!

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

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Not a very fast airplane arcade scrolling shooter in which you fly on a combat plane and shoot oncoming enemy planes. Quite calm gameplay, allows you to relax and turn down the screen for an hour or two.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

Air Hunter on Steam

King and Kingdoms

King and Kingdoms

Whatever you do DO NOT buy this game, yes its in development but that is not an excuse for the developers to totally ignore players when they submit tickets reporting faults

The game has a research section, the developers decided to alter it and in doing so the section no longer works, it refuses to carry out any research stating that you have insufficient resources to carry out the research … strange when my resources are over twenty times that needed

The game does not allow you to carry out what is basically the whole idea of it, to take over other kingdoms, it is hard enough to work out how at the beginning with no game instructions but eventually when you do work it out don’t expect it to work

Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

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Discord is the best way to contact developers for help.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

King and Kingdoms on Steam

Zombie City Defense 2

Zombie City Defense 2

“Select this building and click the icon”

Which building? There’s like 10 and they all look the same and nothing is labeled.

What icon? My interface is covered in tiny icons, none of them labeled, nothing marked.

The interface is a sloppy mess, sure you can figure it out, but there’s no excuse for how bad it is right from the start. Even the tutorial assumes you already know what all the buttons are. Well no, I don’t know what the buttons are and that’s why I’m playing the tutorial you freaking Muppet. When you make a sloppy cluttered interface where everything looks the same, you either provide a tutorial that shows you what the buttons do, or just get out of my way and let me figure it out on my own.

Real player with 102.4 hrs in game

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This hybrid of genres between tower defense and RTS and zombie survival game is fantastic.

All these genres have their downsides but thanks to the mixture they are negated and instead the aspects that make each of the genres great really shines in here.

Like RTS games often suffer from too much micro but are great fun for playing tactical and thinking out your strategy.

Tower Defense games are often a bit too passive, like there’s not enough interaction. Thanks to the units and the buildings that you occupy and upgrade and the looting and so on it gives it the much needed interactivity from the player.

Real player with 50.3 hrs in game

Zombie City Defense 2 on Steam

Riot At World

Riot At World

I don’t recommend this game anyone. Another Unity3D game with a lot of bugs and really bad optimization.

Please, think twice before you get it, there dozens of better games, even in for the same price.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Riot At World on Steam

Project : SKYSCAPE

Project : SKYSCAPE

‘Project : Skyscape’ offers a unique fighter jet flight experience, with equal functionality in VR and non-VR. Players can play with friends from either platform as a co-op multiplayer group.

In the world of Skyscape, autonomous drone jets have turned on the very people who unleashed them, now the survivors must take to the sky in the old manually piloted fleet in an attempt to take on the overwhelming tide of the A.I

Unlike most flight experiences, in Skyscape you are free to exit the cockpit and run free. Outside the cockpit you can organize your hardpoint mounted weapons, refuel, reload and repair.

Project : SKYSCAPE on Steam

Project Wunderwaffe

Project Wunderwaffe

From the west, the Allies are approaching, and from the east, the Soviet anthem is screamed by hundreds of Soviet throats. The War seems to be over. None of the soldiers remembers the taste of victory anymore, the commanders only give orders to retreat. Chaos and fear dominate the front lines.

Hope? Nobody thinks about it anymore. The General Staff begins to split, for many the fate of the War is already sealed. The last bastion that can give a shadow of a chance and reverse the fate of the War in favor of the Germans is a secret base hidden deep in the mountains that you must manage. Each of the German commanders who are still fighting on the front lines has been ordered to hold their positions and fight to the end to give you as much time as possible to prepare your weapons of ultimate destruction. Welcome to the Project Wunderwaffe management game in which the fate of World War II depends on you.

Building the base

Your adventure in Project Wunderwaffe will start with the construction of a network of underground corridors and rooms. At the beginning, take care of the efficient operations of the base and access to electricity, water and clean air. In the next stage, focus on the elements of the base that will enable you to carry out your task. For this purpose, you will be able to build laboratories, an operations center, spy centers, test rooms, shooting ranges and many different facilities. Extend your base long and wide, build a self-sufficient huge underground complex that can become a real fortress. Remember to use the available space wisely. Building a chemical weapons room next to the shooting range may not be the best solution.

Creating Project Wunderwaffe

The main objective in the game is to build a weapon that is so powerful that it will turn the tide of victory in your favor. For this purpose, it will be necessary to expand the underground base. When you are underground, your options are limited. Create intel teams that will acquire the necessary materials for you to complete the project. Recruit the best scientists into your ranks, send out spies and agents who will be able to provide you with secret enemy projects and crucial information. In Project Wunderwaffe, you will have an opportunity to create weapons that the world has not heard of yet. Will it be a laser firing from orbit around the Earth, invisible land, sea and air vehicles, or perhaps a projectile piercing any armor? Find out all of these in Project Wunderwaffe. You will have an extremely wide range of possibilities to create weapons of ultimate victory. The invention of the nuclear bomb will be just a small percentage of what you can do in your laboratories - let your every invention leave havoc.

Development of the military base

Building a superweapon will require you to efficiently manage the base, acquire and allocate resources. Don’t forget that the German army continues to repel the attacks of the Allies and Soviets. Support them to get more time to work on the superweapon. There are many possibilities to achieve that. You can create for them improved weapons, modified ammunition or unique armor that will allow the German army to charge the enemy. Pay close attention to the map of warfare in real-time. If you see the enemies taking the upper hand on the front lines, support the German army with your latest projects and technology that you’ve invented. Every decision matters in the game world and every choice you make has its consequences.

Defending the base

Even though your base is well hidden deep underground, the Allies and Soviet spies always pose a threat. You are exposed to many perils from outside and inside, therefore, be ready for everything. The intel of your enemies will not wait idly - the Allies and Soviets will do anything to find and destroy your base.

Enemy spies and attempts to bribe your officers will be just some of the challenges you will have to face. Make sure that the German propaganda works at its best and spreads fear about the possibilities of the superweapon you are working on. Time is not your ally. The more fear you sow in the ranks of the enemy, the more time you will have to complete the project. When an air raid alarm sounds in your base, fear, panic and a ruthless fight for survival will begin. Your role will be to control the situation and bring back the base to full operational capability as soon as possible. Remember that you are not safe. Your enemy is waiting for your mistake. Everything is in your hands.

Project Wunderwaffe on Steam

War Room

War Room

I’m going to make this very brief under the assumption you are a busy person like me. This game has a lot of potential and some unique and interesting mechanics. That being said however, you can very clearly feel the pressure the devs were under to release this game, as it is riddled with some extremely basic bugs that should have been caught at the alpha and beta testing phases (update: while very basic bugs are fixed, statement holds true overall).

This game is labeled as a completed product and sold at “full price”, but it really feels like an early access title that could be wiped under the rug and forgotten about. It would be a total shame if that were to happen, as I said earlier, this game has a lot of potential. However, the devs really need to hop on some of these basic issues.

Real player with 31.7 hrs in game


To start off, the whole concept of this game is amazing and is going in the right direction. You get a tutorial at the beginning of the game to show you how things work, how to send troops on missions, use supports, even do supply runs and so on. I’ve seen people say this game is too easy but once you’ve completed the tutorial you are on your own and if you push too hard too fast you will loose troops, vehicles, and security / popularity in sectors, ultimately resulting in a loss or at the very least put you in a hard spot. There are multiple different missions / events to do in this game so far from doing recon on possible suicide bombers in town to scouting for enemy camps to sending troops on patrols and hearts and minds missions and more. Your troops will get ambushed quite often (more on this in cons) so you cant just send out two guys in a HMMWV. The further you progress you will capture more bases and have to manage reallocating troops and vehicles as well as supplies. This is not like Wargame, for example, where you control individual units and tell them what to attack, this is more of a laid back commander role, you will tell troops to go somewhere and from there they will engage how they see fit (More on this in cons), you can help them out with air support but that’s about it. The camera controls are a little funky and something I havent really seen before but once you play around with it for a while you get the feel for it and it becomes almost natural (More on this in cons). The camera has 3 different visions, Electro Optical (EO) or just you standard view if you will, White Hot, and Iron Bow (another type of thermal), these views are very nice and useful during the nightime and work very well during the day as well, only small complaint is that troops are just big glares in White hot mode, other than that it’s really well done.

Real player with 16.0 hrs in game

War Room on Steam



After too long in front of the computer screen, it’s time to switch on the VR and refurb the neck with PT+. I can really tell how much this helps. Are you people with “cell phone posture” listening?

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

This is an incredibly simple, yet effective application to help you stretch your neck. Perfect for anyone spending long periods of time at a computer.

Note: Not to be confused with a similarly named reboot of a dead franchise.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

PT+ on Steam

After The War

After The War

This game is far from great, but it’s also getting pummeled way too hard by the reviewers at this point. 11 reviews as I look at it, and 11 negative reviews. ..Not a single positive review.

It’s NOT that bad. ..Again, it’s not great or even good, but there is a TON of effort put into this game by the developer.. and there is fun to be had in it now.

Lots of small bugs, and bad textures take away from the overall experience, but I like what this developer made with this and can see his vision of the game. I hope he ignores all the negative reviews and that he still sees hope in it as I do now. If the developer puts a little more work into this game and fixes some of the minor problems, I think he’d see more positive reviews come in. A price drop to $2.99 USD is also recommended by me to help spur purchases and increase the value of this game some.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

can’t craft items at all

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

After The War on Steam

VR Fighter Jets War

VR Fighter Jets War

i could not even get passed the starting screen

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Over the years of doing these reviews I have played quite a few dogfighting simulation games, but I have to say ‘VR Fighter Jets War’ is probably the worst one yet. I can ignore the terrible graphics and even the lack of a cockpit view, but what I can’t ignore is the truly terrible gameplay and control system. A single motion controller is all you need to make a pretty convincing flight stick, but this needs two and still tries to simplify things, it’s truly terrible. If they had made it gamepad only it would have been much better! Oh! And don’t even start me on how nauseating this game is! Anyway, rant over. If you ever take any advice in life take this nugget of help… DON’T BUY FROM THIS DEVELOPER! Everything they make is a pile of Sh1t and they seem to be happy with that.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

VR Fighter Jets War on Steam