PhyTetris-Physics Tetris

PhyTetris-Physics Tetris

This is a Tetris with a real physics engine and realistic graphics.

You can challenge the highest score with superb skills.

Support the leaderboard and the world’s master competition

In addition to the classic mode, it also includes a variety of interesting modes

The game input

Move left and right :A, D

Fast landing :S

Clockwise rotation :k

Counterclockwise rotation :L

Menu confirmation: Enter

Menu cancel :Esc

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PhyTetris-Physics Tetris on Steam

Hanoi Puzzles: Flip Match

Hanoi Puzzles: Flip Match

A simple change in the game mechanic gives the puzzles a new way to solve. I am just as happy with this game as the previous version.

Some puzzles are straight forward early on to learn some basic concepts of moving and solving. Then later the solutions are not as obvious and you get to plan out your moves. But if you dont want to solve for the minimum moves, you can just move as much as you want. Being able to move to the next level with the “correct” solution, is huge for me.

The music is still calm and fits the style. Some of the music is a little bit… stronger or more aggressive compared to the previous game, but still calm and in the background.

Real player with 8.4 hrs in game

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Very challenging puzzles and the soundtrack is really good,


Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Hanoi Puzzles: Flip Match on Steam



Papertris is an interesting and fun arcade puzzle game in which colored cubes dissolve in all 6 possible directions and you decide where to place your cubes.

In addition, there are also power cubes and numerous possible combinations in a classic but modern and lovingly hand-painted game.

  • The Challenge mode is tricky with various tasks where the player has to solve suitable tasks in order to get to the next level, which are more difficult at each level

  • In the Endless mode, which gets faster and more difficult from level to level, you can score points as long as you can

  • The 2 player VS mode demands tactical skill in which players can use numerous combos to send each other blocking cubes to block the opponent’s options

  • Combinations of the cubes in all 6 directions

  • Atmospheric music

  • Icon option for color blind people

  • Dark mode

  • Full Controller support

The game itself was designed with a lot of fun and inventiveness with my kids (4y & 2y) and the majority of the game was hand-painted by them, which thus has a beautiful and playful charm.

We really had a lot of fun creating and collecting ideas for the game and hope to inspire you as much as we do.

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Papertris on Steam



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(note: this is meant to be an informational review, not a positive or negative review)

EA: Center2048 is a different “shooter” take on the classic 2048 game. While the gameplay is alright, the graphics are rough, aside from the paid assets infamously used by Konnichiwa Games. 5/10

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Center2048 on Steam