Biomes: Survival Era

Biomes: Survival Era

biomes: Survival Era

is a top-down, sandbox, solo or 4-player-coop, open-world crafting survival game.

The first version will appear as a regular survival adventure in a map based on the biomes of North America.

You will fight against animals and also flee from them, as well as harvest plants and mine rocks in order to use their raw materials in the manufacture of new weapons, tools and clothing. Either alone or with your friends you can build houses and explore the wilderness.


  • survival mechanics like hunger and thirst

  • Crafting of items and equipment

  • Hunting animals and harvesting plants

  • Different biomes with their native animal and plant species

  • Character creation

  • New human character (last screenshot)

  • Day-Night-Cycle

  • Speed of players and animals based on the slope of the terrain

  • Grid-based building system with which you can easily connect buildings with one another

  • Two camera modes, static with a vertical view and dynamic with a 60-degree angle and obstacle detection

  • Leaves of Trees between character and camera are hidden so that your character always remains visible

  • Show and hide roofs in buildings

  • Multi-floor building system

Pre Release

As long as the game has not yet been released, videos will be published on my Youtube-Channel .

You can also join my Discord-Server to stay up to date, sometimes I am also looking for people to test new functions. Of course, you can also talk to like-minded people there and make new friends who might want to play with you.

Idea behind this game

The idea behind this game is that animals and plants only appear in their native biomes before humans have messed everything up, including species that have been extinct and exclusive, introduced new species by humans.


This game was and is being developed by a single person.

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Biomes: Survival Era on Steam

BACK TO THE EGG! Tower Defense

BACK TO THE EGG! Tower Defense

This game looks like it has some good potential from the screen shots, videos and even the reviews.. but the reality is this game released in 2017 and is likely all but abandoned..

The game has 2 maps, 9 stages, 2 towers and 1 character to choose from.. It has about 4 total enemy models… running orc.. Flying orc, mini boss orc, and big boss… That’s pretty much the content you get for 9.99.. and will ever get… The videos can be called a downright lie as you see the Orcs attacking the player and the towers, bu the reality is the Orcs run mindlessly toward your egg.. you can be standing there and they ignore you and still run to the egg.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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lol the game is fun BUTTTTTTTT its still in development so grab it NOW the devs will ad du and listen

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

BACK TO THE EGG! Tower Defense on Steam