I have a premium subscription to Tabletopia. Based on several games over the past few weeks, I can say that this product is a great sandbox for playing Tabletop games. That said, I’ll point out some caveats.

The community is generally positive though a bit too small to have games running 24/7/365. It’s hard to find a game or players. That said, they do have organized events for teaching and playing games and are expanding the roster of teachers/organizers. Also, after the game reaches final release; more players will be able to be available. Game discussions are generally positive and feedback is welcomed.

Real player with 185.9 hrs in game

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This game is nice because its free however it doesn’t even hold a flame to Tabletop Simulator. This game has some games I have yet to see on Tabletop like S.C.A.R.E. Tactics however this games paywall is painful to say the least. This game contains DLC like Tabletop does but this game also has a subscription system. A vast amount of games are limited in some way because of the need for a subscription. An great example would be Sub Terra. It used to be completely free. Now they added expansions and made it DLC. That isn’t really a problem however they also put the base of the game which was free behind a pay wall. Previously me and 3 other friends would play for free now its only free if you do 2 player coop. Issue with that is if you select 2p coop instead of 1-4 players it restricts your survivor options to only 4 cards instead of all 8 options.

Real player with 113.9 hrs in game

Tabletopia on Steam

Deborg Desolation Pre-Born

Deborg Desolation Pre-Born

Deborg Desolation is a first-person indie game intended for the survival of mankind because of the infected. Train to be a soldier capable of containing any injurious entity to achieve the permanence of your own race, seek to obtain the greatest degree of knowledge to plan strategies that allow your advancement. NEVER STOP.

It will feature various modes, starting first in INVASION: having to overcome each of its rounds and avoid encountering defeat. Always point to the front and watch your back, the infected end up being fast and you can’t trust them for any second.

Starting in each game you can choose different weapons according to your needs and dexterity to face the threat, remember that ammunition is scarce and therefore you must take advantage of every bullet you have.

To win the game you must get the required or achieve the reward, think and attack with your agility.


Mythical map where you must test your soldier skills by surviving round 10 in a row without showing any surrender.

La Embarcación

Map intended for propagation in which you must contain any entity that may harm you. It will protect you

// The environment was designed in a hermetic way for greater efficiency in the practices of the combatants whose main objective is to overcome the round 10 // - // All information is classified and it is not allowed the disclosure of this, under penalty, of sanctions // - // The ship of the city ***** has been successfully taken: Pollution is carried out. Cleaning of the subjects involved. //

Run the initial Deborg experience.

[All in progress]

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Deborg Desolation Pre-Born on Steam

MOENTO - Modular Environment Toolkit

MOENTO - Modular Environment Toolkit

Let me start by saying that this is one of my favorite games at the moment. 

I think we all have times when we just don’t know what to play, or you just want to relax and not play CS:GO against spinbotter… This is the game that fills this gap. 

I randomly saw this game and instantly fell in love with the assets. 

In the beginning it was a little hard to get an overview of all the buttons, but they were all pretty self understanding. After I played a little around I started working on a house. And let me tell… it is SO SATISFYING to do build anything in this game… the animations are on spot 3 I posted it on the Discord of bblessed Gamestudios and the Developer loved it… so sweet.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

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This is really, really awesome. Once you get used to the controls and how to work things, you can throw together pretty much anything. I give this game a 10/10

Real player with 17.7 hrs in game

MOENTO - Modular Environment Toolkit on Steam