The Garden of Orilon

The Garden of Orilon

The Garden of Orilon is a Role-play acton game. You command unique doll armies and exclusive characters to fight invaders, who intend to conquer the castle received you. And you, have your own purpose, to awaken and take back one of your vanished lover, Aoyius. From azura sky to bloodshed bastion, the challenges, salvation and rewards are here, waiting for you.

A. Unique designed levels: From going through peaceful countryside to fierce castle scenes, from looking up to azura sky to bloodshed river, and even hovering at floating planets in endless cosmos… you will get immersed in the miraculous worlds.

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The Garden of Orilon on Steam

变量 Variables

变量 Variables

Edit: It’s become one of my favorite games on Steam! You will really have to think to beat the higher difficulty levels.

It’s a good idea, realize the execution is currently very crude, and English descriptions are laughable. ; - ) almost returned it, but I’m hoping it will continue evolving.

There are some aspects of Tetris (or more accurately Rampart) in the placement phases.

it would be better to have more tiles, as it’s easy to trap yourself with a layout you can’t expand. Edit: You will learn that you can remove the bases and relocate them! Do this wisely for better chance of survival.

Real player with 41.8 hrs in game

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If you’re a native English speaker like myself, you might have an issue locating the button to select language. It’s a small hurdle. Apart from that, once you get an idea of what you’re doing in this game, it becomes extremely interesting. You start your little game being able to flip over three tiles, which you can select one of as your turret of choice. It doesn’t end there, and if you think your level one turret will end up just taking space, it won’t. Once you get enough turrets that fit into a crafting recipe, it’ll wipe those tiny little baby turrets out and replace it with a turret with more hair on its chest than Austin Powers'.

Real player with 33.4 hrs in game

变量 Variables on Steam