Drive 21

Drive 21

İyi oyun buglar düzelirse çok iyi başarılı oyun

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

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Game is quite good for an realy early acces game. Wheel support may be worked on but game is playble with an keyboard and xbox one controller. Just try it out its worth it. And devs realy are responding via their discord and as of when i am writing this review are adding tutorial. But try this game out its one of the better early acces games that ther is.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Drive 21 on Steam

Airport Simulator 3: Day & Night

Airport Simulator 3: Day & Night

Nearly recommended this because I’ve enjoyed playing it eventually after realizing I need to have the employees doing all the work and just managing then versus doing the work myself.

Managing the crew works quite well and I enjoyed it. Why is it better to manage, here’s when the problem lies, the game is a buggy mess, most vehicles work ok but there are some that completely break the game.

To start you drive the bus, baggage, and fuel truck, appart from them ending up upside down sometimes they work fine for the most part. It’s once you unlock the other vehicles that poop hits the fan. The jetway got stuck in the terminal building and it’s still stuck there, never to be used again, I have to pay to skip that task now, the baggage loaders bug out a lot and will end up as scrap on the map meaning I have to buy/rent a new one and try to ignore the Broken ones.

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

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When things worked, it was actually fun for a bit. But things are constantly not working, the game seems like it is in a pre-alpha stage, things are so buggy almost nothing works correctly about 85% of the time.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Airport Simulator 3: Day & Night on Steam



I really enjoyed this game and I think that my playtime proves it. However, I feel that this enjoyment comes from being a part of a specific generation rather than the game’s own strengths. When I was a kid, all of my friends stopped whatever we were doing to watch Schumi’s legendary, record breaking 2002 Championship in a country where football is inconceivably more important than any other sport. I also remember a day at the mall when I found a demo Nintendo DS with Mario Kart at a store, playing and mastering it for hours while my parents were shopping. Last one is skipping school countless times to play Blur (2010) with my friends at an internet cafe, finally thinking that PC had a viable Mario Kart competitor.

Real player with 51.4 hrs in game

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F1 Race Stars

A competent and challenging kart/arcade racer

F1 Race stars is a Kart Racer/Arcade racer set in the 2012 F1 season with all real drivers and teams. The game is in the same sort of league as Mario Kart and Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing. Not quite as fast paced but at times more challenging.

No drifting here, Unlike most Kart/Arcade racers where drifting is needed to win, drifting does not feature at all in this game. However you are required to approch corners with a more realistic racing line using your brakes. On kers corners you charge up your kers in the corner by keeping the car controlled and releasing when you leave the corner. If you go into a corner at full speed you will crash.

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

F1 RACE STARS™ on Steam

Galaxy’s Extreme

Galaxy’s Extreme

This game has a lot of potential. I would love to see replays implemented, as well as after the race machine cams, kinda like F Zero GX has. The game runs great, looks amazing, and has super tight controls. I highly recommend this game to any fans of F Zero, Wipeout, or if you just like fast racing games.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Very polished and futuristic racer. Soundtrack is very atmospheric with a hint of 90s dance! Played for about 20 minutes and there are lots of tracks and many ships to unlock which i guess the more you play and advance through the game you can unlock.

The graphics are impressive and the speed is fast but you don’t find yourself crashing into the side of the track a lot trying to control the ships! When you do crash you don’t lose a lot of time trying to catch up to the other ships and trying to gain back your position.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Galaxy's Extreme on Steam

DiRT Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0

Never really cared for any racing or driving games before this one.

It was brutally hard for me to learn but once you actually get the hang of things it is so damn fun and makes you feel like such a badass. There is no feeling quite like going sideways on a dirt road at 100 MPH and knowing you are fully in control.

Real player with 157.1 hrs in game

Racing games were the one thing I always avoided. For someone like me, who’s a major newbie that can’t build on any past experience or skill in this genre, DiRT Rally 2.0 is a challenge. Sure it can get frustrating, sure I’ll never be the best. But this game reconnected me with real skill-building that requires time and concentration. But beyond the stats, and costs, and strategies, the driving experience is just plain fun.

Real player with 61.0 hrs in game

DiRT Rally 2.0 on Steam



I played this game first from a friend who shared their games to me, I just had a go at it since my favourite game is Grid Autosport thought its worth a go.

My first impression was terrible I thought I will never play this game again, it was lagging and i was slow as well.

But I continued on and honestly it become one of my favourites and then later on when it was on a lower price i bought it and then continued on with the dlc-s slowly, sadly there wasnt a season pass like grid autosport

This game is waay different from grid autosport, but in order to break it down to points lets go and start with the positives.

Real player with 411.6 hrs in game

Before I proceed to the review, you should know that personally I’m racing games addict and cars lover from kid. You should know that I raced in many online leagues in reputable simulator: rFactor - it could have been even 800-1000 driven hours. You may ask “why have you stepped back to GRID?” - it’s simple: I don’t have time for preparations to compete in online leagues (1 race = whole week of training).

Here’s where the GRID2 steps in!


GRID2 is the successor of Race Driver: GRID released in 2008, and it represents the same idea.. but somehow better. At first I need to refer into the roots of the first part of GRID - do you remember a game series called TOCA Race Driver? If not, Codemasters produced that series between 1997 and 2006. Because the sales were dropping, Codemasters decided to abandon TOCA and introduce new brand referring to the old product - Race Driver: GRID. I’ve personally played TOCA Race Driver 3 and I remember that game featured races not only in sportscars but also Monster Trucks and some motocross ones. It was therefore not only asphalt oriented races like the new GRID series. The success of Race Driver: GRID was an indicator to create a new game as GRID2.

Real player with 136.5 hrs in game

GRID 2 on Steam

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

A good but slightly long in the tooth simulation that has been constantly injected with new life thanks to incredibly strong modding support from day 1.

Look up Content Manager, Custom Shaders Patch and SOL, all three work together to inject new life into the game.

Real player with 457.3 hrs in game

good driving simulator for driving enthusiasts looking to go beyond arcade racing games like gt sport or forza. Physics are more challenging, and modding is good. this version of the game is good for gamers looking to try drifting, casual race lobbies, and a wide variety of car and track mods.


-more realistic physics compared to simcade driving games

-large variety of downloadable tracks and cars online for modding

-good simulator to practice realistic drifting

-challenge modes and single player AI are actually hard

Real player with 139.4 hrs in game

Assetto Corsa on Steam

DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally

There’s nothing like flying down a dirt road sliding around corners and missing edges by inches. Its seat of the pants driving in the extreme.

Rally-sport is one of the last untamed racing types in existence. To me its baffling why the sport is not more popular. Im looking forward to attending my first local one next spring. A number of years ago after dirt showdown came out I was so disappointed by the offering I did a google search for rumors about the next dirt game when I came across a extensive survey(8 pages long) for what I wanted in the next dirt game. The nature of the questions were thorough and specific as far as authenticity and most of all realistic simulation vs arcade racing. After taking the survey I was super existed told fellow racing friends about it. But years went by and nothing… 9months ago codies said they were removing the dreaded GFWL from dirt 3 and making it a steamworks game. Time went by and I thought its fate was the same as the survey I took. Then in time for my birthday for this year we got Dirt 3 Complete. Then I was blown away because not long after dirt 3 came this gem.

Real player with 473.2 hrs in game

Initially I had a cracked copy of this game, and I just felt guilty for playing it so much. Buying it was one of the best ideas I had, and I should have bought it day 1

Coming from a history of playing a TON of rally games from the PlayStation 1 era up until now, but sadly missed out on Richard Burns Rally.


  1. I love the fact it’s not as arcadey as most other rally games. I was pretty good in Dirt 3, but coming into DR showed me that I didn’t know NEARLY enough, and since I’d always push as hard as I could, the game punished me for it every single time. They could have improved on the physics but it is still one of the better representations of a rally car

Real player with 321.9 hrs in game

DiRT Rally on Steam

Parking Slide

Parking Slide

Very fun and moderately challenging, very charming art and great ambiance, very relaxing music, everything fits in a way that makes us very immersed in the experience.

very good game

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Relaxing puzzle game with beautiful art. Great for passing the time. I recommend!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Parking Slide on Steam

Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3


Part 1: What to expect?

Part 2: Who is the right person to play?

Part 3: Result

Part 4: End-comment



I really don’t know what the most negativ reviews expected but it’s like they did not really played the game. Yes - it is not a racing simulation but neither is the F1-Series from Codemasters! Yes the F1-Series is a bit closer to a simulation but it is nothing compared to Assetto Corsa (both), iRacing, RaceRoom and so on.

So what can you expect from PROJECT CARS 3? A FUN GAME! JUST ENJOY THINGS AGAIN!

Real player with 67.5 hrs in game

EDITED: After months of waiting for them to improve this game I’m changing my review from positive to negative. There has been a complete lack of transparency from SMS and they decided to release a terrible DLC as opposed to focusing on fixing bugs and improving the overall quality of their product. Even when asked, SMS said that they are focused on fixing bugs and not on future content. The next update was, you guessed it, the DLC and a few bug fixes.

So I’ve played both PC1 and PC2 and I can say that this is nothing like those two games. It takes a completely different direction that isn’t at all Simulator, and I believe it shouldn’t be called Project CARS. But hey! Brand recognition, amirite?

Real player with 51.2 hrs in game

Project CARS 3 on Steam