The 18th Floor

The 18th Floor

I really enjoyed the game so far. The puzzles are challenging and I really like the style. But I’m a little disappointed with the lack of transparency from the creators. The last news we have been given is that more puzzles will be released in Q4 of last year. We are now on the brink of Q2 this year and still nothing. I just today found out that PSVR was updated but not steam (which bummed me out). So I would love to know what the deal is and if we can expect the DLC for Steam players soon too. Please AOGA Tech give us an update! I see that there are new achievements so I hope that means it won’t be too long. AOGA, I humbly ask that you keep the people who invested in your game updated in regards to progress. When I bought the game I thought I would be seeing more than 2 floors by the end of the year. Please let us know what to expect AOGA! I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate it!

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

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personally, I really liked the game but to be honest, I thought that the puzzles were a little overboard. There are things going on in the puzzle that I swear only people who created it would be able to figure out. I was starting to wonder if some of the people trying to help out were people who actually made the puzzle themselves and realized that it would take many days for the common player to figure out. The one thing that I really messed up is the fact that some of the puzzles are hard enough to figure out that it will take some people more then just a few minutes and yet, if you dont finish it, you cant save it and have to start all over. There does need to be a save feature so we dont have to keep playing the same scene over and over again. A save feature may also help out with the common problem of dropping something and having the item disappear into the floor so that you cant use it and then have to start the game over just to get it back. I do recommend the game though. I thought the graphics were great and I was fully into the game. I do look forward to the next installment

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

The 18th Floor on Steam

L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

Great game with a unique premise. The facial animation is used to determine if a witness/suspect is telling the truth or lying. The voice acting is solid and the cases are based on real life cases of the era. The developers researched how police investigations were done in the 40s and it shows.

Sadly, I can’t recommend this game as you require a connection to RockStar’s Social Club. After 30+ hours of playing the game stops connecting to the SC. That means it wont' launch. I’ve reinstalled the game but still I can’t connect to the SC. Such a shame too. It was good while it lasted. I’d avoid this entirely.

Real player with 46.7 hrs in game

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Buyer beware.

I have bought the Complete edition and it did indeed have all the content and DLC. However in 2019 I had to uninstall to make room for other games, and here I am in 2021 trying to reinstall it, only to find that it only gives me some of the content.

It only gives me a couple of the patrol cases and the DLC that didn’t come with the original game and I found none of the regular game levels are there at all, which is odd as I had done most of them before I had to uninstall and still have trophies for them.

Real player with 46.1 hrs in game

L.A. Noire on Steam



Game’s a giant asset flip. It’s like a first draft of a highschool project.

And It’s not remotely finished at that. One of the last levels don’t even load.

The story and dialog were clearly writen by a young child.

Do not buy.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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Very amateur game that ended up breaking on the 5th level. Could no longer use skills in combat which made the stage and the rest of the game unfinishable. Restarting the level or the game did not remedy this. Getting to that point was not enjoyable. The combat was fun at first but after the first few levels you have seen all there is to it. It was that janky fun combat like Enter the Matrix.

Every time you finish a level you are kicked back to the main menu and have to select the next one. The story is told through text that pops up at exclamation points located in the stages. There are no cutscenes. Hardly any interaction with the levels. Some levels are just a single room with a single NPC to talk to. The dialog is bad with sentences that don’t start with capitalized words.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game


Fears of Glasses  o-o

Fears of Glasses o-o

To be honest, I didn’t understand anything about the game at all. I’m not used to the glasses in the middle of the screen. It feels weird and out of place. Also, the game has obvious problems with the interface. In general, it doesn’t feel like a completed product. Rather, like something hastily whipped up.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Fears of Glasses is a pretty good horror platformer with an atmosphere of gloom and creep.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Fears of Glasses o-o on Steam

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

I truly enjoyed playing this game. The atmosphere was what kept me going to explore and discover more of what was going on here. If you liked playing Observer and Soma this game is right along those lines but with it’s own twist. It’s got a nice flavor of creepiness without resorting to jump scares to make you feel uneasy. . The ending is with a ‘to be continued’ tag and I do hope that there will be more game play to follow. Achievements are available which if you try to complete them will aid you in solving more of the mystery.

Real player with 61.0 hrs in game

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead is a story based Sci-Fi / Horror game that focuses mostly on setting a strong unsettling atmosphere while adding sci-fi elements around it.

You spend most of the game walking around exploring memories and piecing together the story. The cohesion system really works well and adds a nice survival mechanic.

Audio is relay nice too and adds a disturbing layer to the experience.


Real player with 47.4 hrs in game

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead on Steam

Fade Out

Fade Out

I played more or less 2 hours, i enjoyed the first 5 rooms, the ambient sounds are great, the graphic is cool but in a specific objects like a telephone buttons and clock it’s hard interacting properly with them.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Fade Out is atmospheric VR room escape game with a twist. Every time you do something right the room changes in some way and it makes the game feel fresh and exciting. The rooms are pretty different from one another and there are clever puzzles in each of them. Puzzles are not too hard but I did spend quite a long time in the first room.


  • Creepy atmosphere with matching soundscape

  • Hard enough puzzles to be entertaining but not too hard to make you stop playing

  • If you like room escape games, then this one is for you!

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Fade Out on Steam

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition

working the night shift at the asylum

bored af

smoke a phat joint

thugs come out of nowhere

realize I am about to die

dark shadow comes down from the sky

Batman’s here!

Beats up the thugs

I thank him

He turns around and looks at me

starts walking toward me

He’s looking at the joint in my hand

Remember weed is illegal in Gotham City


Real player with 123.3 hrs in game

This one is a classic! Truly an amazing game with respect to the source material! 10/10.

Real player with 24.7 hrs in game

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition on Steam

Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition

Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition

Arkham City is a direct upgrade to Arkham Asylum: This installment managed to improve literally every aspect of it’s predecessor: Your movement is faster and combat is even more versatile, thanks to all the new gadgets and combat moves included. Remember those annoying Taser, Shield and Firearms bastards from Asylum? You can now destroy their weaponry which looks so badass. Basically you are now given even more tools how to proceed in both Combat and Predator situations. The enemies are more aware of Batman’s tricks - able to destroy vantage points or scan them using thermal goggles. We also get to play as Batman’s allies - Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman - who is my personal favorite due to her light-speed attacks.

Real player with 126.5 hrs in game

Game of the year for a reason. Even non Diehard Batman fans can enjoy this masterpiece of a game years after the initial release. If you have never played it, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Real player with 52.5 hrs in game

Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition on Steam



My Opinion is sooo 50/50

Atmospheric with a creepy vibe! Scary bits in there too-

Just check the Screenshots and when you think you like the style buy it

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

Good Game! Atmospheric with a creepy vibe! Scary bits in there too- would recommend!

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

Deceased on Steam

Batman™: Arkham Origins

Batman™: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins has always been the odd one out, a little unpolished and out of place.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad game though.

Batman Arkham Origins provides a fantastic story, possibly being the most engaging and emotional out of the entire Arkham quadrilogy (yes, I said quadrilogy, stop pretending this game doesn’t exist, I want Origins Remake).

The gameplay is as in-depth and enjoyable as it was in Arkham City, now with the inclusion of a couple of new gadgets, some are decent, others are really cool and one in particular makes the combat loop significantly more fun (although arguably easier).

Real player with 196.8 hrs in game



Combat - The Arkham series has the FUCKING BEST combat in any video game, there are so many different enemy types and so many ways to take em down. It takes skill and practice to get good at, but it’s rewarding and makes you feel like a FUCKING GOD

Traversal - You can glide and grapple around the city with your cape and grapple gun. Traversal also does take a slight bit of skill to get to places faster and it is somewhat fun too.

Stealth - REALLY GOOD stealth gameplay. There are so many amazing ways to sneak up on your enemies such as, grappling between ledges, crawling through vents, or just simply sneaking up behind them. And on top of that there is so many different ways to take them down such as, silent takedown, knockout smash, inverted takedown, vent takedown, ledge takedown, hanging ledge takedown, sonic takedown, ground takedown, slide takedown, glue takedown, and a few more.

Real player with 110.0 hrs in game

Batman™: Arkham Origins on Steam