Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Worms Ultimate Mayhem

After hundreds of hours and over 10 years, I figured it’s about time I sit down and write a review for this masterpiece in gaming history. This gem holds a very special place in my heart, and it will forever be one of my all-time favorite games. To me, this is Team17’s magnum opus. It doesn’t get any better than this. It is the reason I first began to engage with the Steam community years ago when I created the Worms Ultimate Mayhem Militia with my brother, and it’s the reason I have hundreds of friends on Steam today. To put it quite simply, Worms Ultimate Mayhem isn’t just a game, it’s one of my passions. I know the new Rumble has beautiful graphics and a much larger playerbase, and the 2D games like Armageddon are beloved and often regarded as best, but in my humble opinion this is the greatest Worms game there is.

Real player with 362.6 hrs in game

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Worms 3D + Worms 4 Mayhem together, with remastered graphics? Awesome!

All is good, good except the lack of effort put into it.

I almost feel like they were doing something good but quit half-way because deadlines or something, they didn’t even do much follow up after release besides patching game-breaking bugs that didn’t allow people to play at all. If I’m recalling correctly the beta correctly, they were trying to put the teleporter utility back in, but ended up not for who knows what reason (although I never got to play it at that time personally due to game launching bugs, so I watched someone else also in the beta who could).

Real player with 176.7 hrs in game

Worms Ultimate Mayhem on Steam

Deborg Desolation Pre-Born

Deborg Desolation Pre-Born

Deborg Desolation is a first-person indie game intended for the survival of mankind because of the infected. Train to be a soldier capable of containing any injurious entity to achieve the permanence of your own race, seek to obtain the greatest degree of knowledge to plan strategies that allow your advancement. NEVER STOP.

It will feature various modes, starting first in INVASION: having to overcome each of its rounds and avoid encountering defeat. Always point to the front and watch your back, the infected end up being fast and you can’t trust them for any second.

Starting in each game you can choose different weapons according to your needs and dexterity to face the threat, remember that ammunition is scarce and therefore you must take advantage of every bullet you have.

To win the game you must get the required or achieve the reward, think and attack with your agility.


Mythical map where you must test your soldier skills by surviving round 10 in a row without showing any surrender.

La Embarcación

Map intended for propagation in which you must contain any entity that may harm you. It will protect you

// The environment was designed in a hermetic way for greater efficiency in the practices of the combatants whose main objective is to overcome the round 10 // - // All information is classified and it is not allowed the disclosure of this, under penalty, of sanctions // - // The ship of the city ***** has been successfully taken: Pollution is carried out. Cleaning of the subjects involved. //

Run the initial Deborg experience.

[All in progress]

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Deborg Desolation Pre-Born on Steam

Riot At World

Riot At World

I don’t recommend this game anyone. Another Unity3D game with a lot of bugs and really bad optimization.

Please, think twice before you get it, there dozens of better games, even in for the same price.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Riot At World on Steam

Dustoff Z

Dustoff Z

Nice little snack-size blast-em-up to enjoy between bigger gaming jaunts. I’m surprised this has so few reviews on steam as it’s perfectly functional and cheap game to pick up and gun through on a lazy weekend afternoon. Ignore the time played, I probably took about 4 hours to complete this fully.

The basic premise is you fly a helicopter about on a 2.5D plain after a zombie apocalypse has occurred, strafing zombies down below, all the while performing convoy escorts, base defense, cargo delivery, and survivor rescues. You upgrade the helicopter and onboard gunners with coins and parts/supplies that you collect/earn for completing missions. There is quite a variety of zombie types arrayed against you with plenty of damage they can bring to bear on you (and even the unarmed walkers have a serious jump you need to dodge or you’ll be pulled out of control into a horde). You have to manage your fuel, health and ammo meters throughout each mission which you top up from collectibles that spring from killing zombies or landing or recharge helipads, which also double as in-mission save spots.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Hi everyone I am the bkbossman, you can find me on youTube and publishing videos here on steam. First off I’d like to thank Alf and Marie from Zordix publishing for putting me in touch with this little gem.

I’ve played a few hours of Dustoff Z now and I’m enjoying it thoroughly, it has definitely taken the great aspects of the original Dustoff Heli rescue and enhanced them with a better tech tree, graphical enhancements and a fun and engaging story line.

The original was simple involving just 4 upgrades (2 choppers and 2 guns) and focusing on great game play, something which has transferred well into this latest iteration. The tech tree has been expanded so you now have not only more helicopters to choose from but you can upgrade them individually. You can also now choose to have gunners on your chopper and the type you bring with you can affect your progression in the game.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Dustoff Z on Steam

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2


I am Tigerfrost. I would like to apologize for anything that is miss-spelled or any grammar issues. Thank you.

If you’d like to skip straight to Pro’s & Con’s, please move to the bottom of the page. Thank you.

How I Found Out About “Just Cause 2”

The same way I found out about a lot of games, from YouTube. I randomly came across a video that was showing someone driving a vehicle off of a tall snowy mountain. The crash and destruction effects made me fall in love. See, I’ve always loved destruction in games/movies/etc. So when I see something like that, I know I must own the game.

Real player with 228.8 hrs in game

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+Just Cause 2 is the very definition of how a sandbox game should be made. Avalanche Studios mastered the art of creating huge open world simulators that lead them to Just Cause 3, Mad Max, Rage 2 and even new IPs.

+At 400km sq. JC2 features one of the largest open world maps ever! Everything is highly detailed, and diverse. Also, there are no loading screens unless you want to fast travel or participate in missions. There’s just so much to explore. From big cities to tropical islands, exotic beaches, sandy deserts, tall mountains, cold regions, dense forests and enemy bases. JC2 has it all!

Real player with 82.6 hrs in game

Just Cause 2 on Steam

Lake Resort Flipper

Lake Resort Flipper



Start your adventure in Lake Resort Flipper by finding a run-down resort that used to be a place filled with happy tourists. Find the perfect place, set a purchase price and take on the challenge. Start with basic repairs, hire staff and consistently improve your management skills. Learn what the entertainment industry is all about and expand into new areas.

Buy a devastated resort and start your renovation with basic repairs, such as: cleaning, repainting walls, repairing utility elements of the building and much more. Watch your funds closely, make sure you plan your spendings wisely. Your limited budget won’t let you hire professional workers every time, sometimes you’ll have to handle some difficult repairs by yourself. Before you start repairing the electrical system make sure you read the instructions on how to connect the wires - safety first! Do as much work as possible by yourself in order to save money and gain vital experience as a real handyman.

When the first guests finally arrive at your resort, you won’t be able to be everywhere at the same time. That’s the time when you’re gonna need to rely more on your staff. Check carefully qualifications and hourly rate of each employee you take onboard. A sophisticated hotel management system will let you monitor all the HR matters - if your employees are satisfied with their positions, when their contracts end, do they expect to get a pay raise? Pay close attention to your employees’ satisfaction, the competition is just waiting to poach your best people.

A nice room with direct access to the beach may not be enough to encourage tourists to choose your resort. You have to invest in a variety of attractions! How about… kayaks, motorboats, jet skis, wakeboarding, water bikes, windsurfing, sauna and many other water and beach activities you can offer to your guests in Lake Resort Flipper! Don’t forget to expand your indoor facilities as well. Offer your guests additional services of a masseur or a trainer and let them spend some time in one of your restaurants and bars.

Remember that Lake Resort Flipper is not only hard work but also heaps of fun! Enjoy the attractions offered by your resort - try motor boats or jet skis by yourself. Your business is your passion, so have fun!

The more money you earn, the more expansion opportunities will become available to you. Manage your resorts wisely in order to maximise their profits. It will allow you to acquire bigger properties that offer a broader range of attractions. The path to building your lake empire will surely be a bumpy ride. Buckle up and hold on tight.

Lake Resort Flipper on Steam

Project Wunderwaffe

Project Wunderwaffe



From the west, the Allies are approaching, and from the east, the Soviet anthem is screamed by hundreds of Soviet throats. The War seems to be over. None of the soldiers remembers the taste of victory anymore, the commanders only give orders to retreat. Chaos and fear dominate the front lines.

Hope? Nobody thinks about it anymore. The General Staff begins to split, for many the fate of the War is already sealed. The last bastion that can give a shadow of a chance and reverse the fate of the War in favor of the Germans is a secret base hidden deep in the mountains that you must manage. Each of the German commanders who are still fighting on the front lines has been ordered to hold their positions and fight to the end to give you as much time as possible to prepare your weapons of ultimate destruction. Welcome to the Project Wunderwaffe management game in which the fate of World War II depends on you.

Building the base

Your adventure in Project Wunderwaffe will start with the construction of a network of underground corridors and rooms. At the beginning, take care of the efficient operations of the base and access to electricity, water and clean air. In the next stage, focus on the elements of the base that will enable you to carry out your task. For this purpose, you will be able to build laboratories, an operations center, spy centers, test rooms, shooting ranges and many different facilities. Extend your base long and wide, build a self-sufficient huge underground complex that can become a real fortress. Remember to use the available space wisely. Building a chemical weapons room next to the shooting range may not be the best solution.

Creating Project Wunderwaffe

The main objective in the game is to build a weapon that is so powerful that it will turn the tide of victory in your favor. For this purpose, it will be necessary to expand the underground base. When you are underground, your options are limited. Create intel teams that will acquire the necessary materials for you to complete the project. Recruit the best scientists into your ranks, send out spies and agents who will be able to provide you with secret enemy projects and crucial information. In Project Wunderwaffe, you will have an opportunity to create weapons that the world has not heard of yet. Will it be a laser firing from orbit around the Earth, invisible land, sea and air vehicles, or perhaps a projectile piercing any armor? Find out all of these in Project Wunderwaffe. You will have an extremely wide range of possibilities to create weapons of ultimate victory. The invention of the nuclear bomb will be just a small percentage of what you can do in your laboratories - let your every invention leave havoc.

Development of the military base

Building a superweapon will require you to efficiently manage the base, acquire and allocate resources. Don’t forget that the German army continues to repel the attacks of the Allies and Soviets. Support them to get more time to work on the superweapon. There are many possibilities to achieve that. You can create for them improved weapons, modified ammunition or unique armor that will allow the German army to charge the enemy. Pay close attention to the map of warfare in real-time. If you see the enemies taking the upper hand on the front lines, support the German army with your latest projects and technology that you’ve invented. Every decision matters in the game world and every choice you make has its consequences.

Defending the base

Even though your base is well hidden deep underground, the Allies and Soviet spies always pose a threat. You are exposed to many perils from outside and inside, therefore, be ready for everything. The intel of your enemies will not wait idly - the Allies and Soviets will do anything to find and destroy your base.

Enemy spies and attempts to bribe your officers will be just some of the challenges you will have to face. Make sure that the German propaganda works at its best and spreads fear about the possibilities of the superweapon you are working on. Time is not your ally. The more fear you sow in the ranks of the enemy, the more time you will have to complete the project. When an air raid alarm sounds in your base, fear, panic and a ruthless fight for survival will begin. Your role will be to control the situation and bring back the base to full operational capability as soon as possible. Remember that you are not safe. Your enemy is waiting for your mistake. Everything is in your hands.

Project Wunderwaffe on Steam