I really enjoyed this game and I think that my playtime proves it. However, I feel that this enjoyment comes from being a part of a specific generation rather than the game’s own strengths. When I was a kid, all of my friends stopped whatever we were doing to watch Schumi’s legendary, record breaking 2002 Championship in a country where football is inconceivably more important than any other sport. I also remember a day at the mall when I found a demo Nintendo DS with Mario Kart at a store, playing and mastering it for hours while my parents were shopping. Last one is skipping school countless times to play Blur (2010) with my friends at an internet cafe, finally thinking that PC had a viable Mario Kart competitor.

Real player with 51.4 hrs in game

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F1 Race Stars

A competent and challenging kart/arcade racer

F1 Race stars is a Kart Racer/Arcade racer set in the 2012 F1 season with all real drivers and teams. The game is in the same sort of league as Mario Kart and Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing. Not quite as fast paced but at times more challenging.

No drifting here, Unlike most Kart/Arcade racers where drifting is needed to win, drifting does not feature at all in this game. However you are required to approch corners with a more realistic racing line using your brakes. On kers corners you charge up your kers in the corner by keeping the car controlled and releasing when you leave the corner. If you go into a corner at full speed you will crash.

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

F1 RACE STARS™ on Steam

Battal Gazi: Stone of Yada

Battal Gazi: Stone of Yada

The Stone of Yada which gives enormous power to its possessors has broken into four pieces. Kill every enemy in front of you, capture Yada Guards, and bring these pieces together one by one to obtain that power.

Epic Boss Fights

To bring Stone of Yada together, you should kill the bosses who possess the pieces of it. Every piece you captured brings new skills to you.

Different Combat Styles

You can build your character the way you want by using the experience points you gained by killing enemies. Fight as fast as samurai or hit as strong as a knight, the choice is yours.


Explore every corner of the map to find secret items like hidden armors giving unique bonuses. Every armor has cons and pros letting you build your character the way you want.

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Battal Gazi: Stone of Yada on Steam

Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken

I myself have played pretty much every Street Fighter game that is available out there, including the very first Street Fighter game. And I believe my first Playstation game was Tekken 1. I have loved fighting games since I was a little kid, and I in fact, wanted to get this game, but because of some negative reviews on this game by some people, I decided to just stay away from it for a while. Now that it was on a Steam sale, I have decided to buy it, and well, I am not really sure why people would give bad ratings to this game….sure, you can’t really use the Tekken characters like you normally would in the original Tekken games, as the one that made this game is Capcom, but those Tekken characters still maintain their own character even in this game. It kind of sucks that Jin is kind of hard to use in this….or I should say, he either sucks or is for the real hardcore players….or possibly, I simply don’t understand how he works in this game yet. But Jin kind of does not really feel like the Jin in the Tekken series. It sucks even more because you can’t use Devil Jin, either.

Real player with 64.8 hrs in game

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7/10 A good game with several severe drawbacks to it

Review for the Street Fighter X Tekken: Complete Pack version 1.08

Both the Street Fighter & the Tekken franchise are video game milestones. Capcom’s Street Fighter II (1991) became famous for introducing mechanics we nowadays perceive as normal, such as combos, cancellations, or lenient controls. Bandai-Namco’s Tekken series (1994 ongoing) then built upon this & Sega’s Virtua Fighter’s legacy (1993 ongoing) to sweep the market with 3D fighting arenas, new control schemes, more realistic fighting moves, & beginner friendly controls that displayed a remarkable, never before seen depth to them. It seems like a no-brainer for these two giants to meet up in this crossover from 2012. But whether this 2.5D mashup fared well or not, is a completely different question.

Real player with 55.8 hrs in game

Street Fighter X Tekken on Steam

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Simple Review Portion:

===[ ❤ Audience: ]===

☐ Kids

☑ Everyone

☐ Casual players

☐ Pro players

===[ ☼ Graphics: ]===

☐ Potato

☐ Really bad

☐ Bad

☐ OK

☐ Good

☑ Beautiful

☐ Masterpiece

===[ $ Price/quality: ]===

☐ It’s free

☑ Full price

☐ Wait for sale

☐ Average

☐ Refund it if you can

☐ Don’t do it

===[ ☣ Requirments: ]===

☐ 90' PC

☐ Minimum

☑ Medium

☐ Fast

☐ High end

☐ NASA computer

===[ ☼ Difficulty: ]===

☐ You just need 2 arms

☑ Ez

☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Hard (first few hours)

Real player with 562.6 hrs in game


While Starbreeze has enjoyed acclaim from it’s previous releases, the studio hasn’t exactly built it’s reputation on creating whimsical worlds with moving narratives. Both Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness gave their players dark and gritty worlds to explore and some unique gameplay twists to hook players. With such a pedigree Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons stands out as being wholly against type. It’s the video game equivalent of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, stepping away from subject matter reserved for mature audiences to deliver a memorable experience that can be enjoyed by audiences both young and old. While seemingly stepping out of the comfort zone established by their track record, Brothers stands out as one of 2013’s best, and most surprising, releases.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons on Steam

Ladder Box

Ladder Box

Ladder Box is about a courier box in the recycle center which does not want to end up being normal trash, so with the help of other boxes, it travels a long way to become something better than normal trash.

Pass levels with mesmerizing level mechanics!


  • 120 levels.

  • mesmerizing moving mechanics.

Ladder Box on Steam

Toree 3D

Toree 3D

For what it is and the price it is: A Geniune Mini-Masterpiece

A short-as-hell but thoroughly entertaining mini-3D Platformer. I’ve gained a lot of enjoyment from this title, and then replaying it going for those additional S ranks. The game shows you what it has to show and gets out before you can notice how limited the title really is. Despite that, it’s rewarding to master Toree as a character within the space and levels flow well feeling the perfect length. The only element I feel is under-utilised in the title is the horror element. It’s non-integral to the game to the point that I don’t think it’s even worth a spoiler warning. I played this originally through the 2021 Edition of Haunted PS1 Demo-Disc and I thought it was a blast both there and here but it definitely feels as if the horror elements were just included as a reason to include it on said disc. (That and the retro-grade aesthetics of course.)

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Well worth the time, and certainly worth the money. Beating the game takes just short of an hour and going for all S-Ranks took me 3. It accomplishes what it sets out to do, and while it doesn’t go much further, it’s only a dollar - you can only really fault it so much :P

The only issues I really took with the game were the fact that the air fans don’t work properly on anything above 60hz, which makes 2 S-Ranks notably harder - and the horror aspects felt completely unwarranted. Starry Sky’s whole gimmick struck me as a thing that was thrown in there last second, especially considering it was never followed up on. It just feels like it’s hindering the game from being true to form, personally.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Toree 3D on Steam

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

This review is relevant to all the Trine games(so far) in regard to themselves, and how they fit into the whole Trine series. I’ll try to be as thorough and clear as I can. I’m also one of those players that cares about the story just as much as the game play, so I’ll also be mentioning that. Bear with me, please. (One thing they all have in common: the artwork and music is out of this world)

Trine 1

I liked Trine 1 because of the gravity of the story and because of it’s relatively good game play and good puzzles. Story wise, it was dark and rather heavy, but for a game like Trine it was good since it kept me focused and in anticipation of the happy ending, which was all the more satisfying. The story wasn’t very involved though (meaning you travel to one place, get a clue, then basically go to the next place while fighting monsters), so that was pretty much the only thing I wish they’d done better. Still, to me, it felt a lot more as if I was in there with the characters, on my way to defeat the forces of darkness.

Real player with 40.2 hrs in game


achievements are short and sweet: finish this, collect that - nothing terrible or hard

why it is so bad?

check the rating of other Trine games. they usually get universal acclaim or overly positive reception. their Steam ratings are varies in 85-95%% rank, which is insanely good. however Trine 3 lacks this and its rating in 60-70%%. why so? what did contribute towards such negative review? ohh, the right answer, as always, lies in monetary direction…

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power on Steam



Weakless – Finding Strength in Collaboration

Weakless is a short and relaxing puzzle-adventure game set in a beautiful organic environment. The player adopts the role of two carefree, wooden creatures called Weavelings, one of which is deaf, the other blind. However, the characters find strengths in their weaknesses and collaboration is the key to solving unique puzzles and saving their world.

Overall, it is a serene and relaxing experience with a disappointingly vague narrative and fairly minimal mechanics. Its visuals and soundtrack are the game’s best features with the style of gameplay allowing the player to enjoy these at a leisurely pace. The cute characters and simple puzzles give the game a very casual feel, making it easy to play but unfortunately, much harder to get immersed in. Weakless was an enjoyable experience overall but the short playtime of around 3-5 hours and technical issues mean that the price tag is a bit too steep. With that in mind, I’d only recommend it cautiously, and definitely on sale.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game


First Impressions🤔

The game looks impressive and feels original from the start. Hand drawn graphics play a significant part in telling the story and there is an unusual soundtrack playing throughout which gives the game an earthy and natural feel. Instruments such as the marimba, rav drums and udu are used to create the weird but spiritual acoustics.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Weakless on Steam

Wing Chun Pak Sung Bo Legends

Wing Chun Pak Sung Bo Legends

adventure cut short感谢游戏缓解工作和生活的挫败感

Really awesome game.especially towards the end it keeps you poised since you have to at times fight crowds of 20 enemies while fighting the boss.AND WATCH OUT BEING KNOCKED DOWN COULD BE FATAL! You’ll see,if you play. really cool moves variaying from akido to karate to muay thai, I would like a steven seagal skin (in an all black indian tunic) Since he would translate well with this games movements and moves. if there will be any modders or ip man.

HOWEVER DEVS PLEASE! THERE IS A BLUE DOOR AFTER YOU DEFEAT MASON YOU CANNOT ENTER AND THE GAME’S PROGRESSION IS HALTED! I seriously would like to complete and know all there is beyond the game. Thanks 中国#1 KotaroDevsgame

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Wing Chun Pak Sung Bo Legends on Steam

Crash Drive 2

Crash Drive 2


My name is PIG! Let me tell you why CD2 is easily, my most favorite game. Most people think the game is over after they achieve 100% game progress. In my opinion, that’s when it really begins. I’ve been playing for several years now, and I’m still learning new things each time I play.

All vehicles have their own uniqueness, or personality. With 30 vehicles to choose from, it is very easy to find one that fits my style of play, if not several. What’s most impressive, is how well the vehicles and terrain work together. They both compliment the other very nicely. The controls are very simple, so children can easily master any vehicle. The complexity of the terrian, and physics of the vehicles, make the game very fun. I have the choice of 4 maps, with lots of hills, ramps, loops, and events. Aside from the main focus of game play, there are hidden locations, and secret ways of getting on top of the rock walls, loops, and structures. I can be as competitive, or as laid back as I want to be.

Real player with 4147.2 hrs in game

You know when Keanu Reeves always says “whoa”? I think he must have been looking at an early copy of this game.

I had no idea what to expect when I threw this in my cart just to raise my order level a couple of bucks. I love racing games; and the description sounded good. The idea of it being multi-player with random events almost turned me off; mostly because I think online multi-player does nothing but bring up the worst possible players in games…not to mention I wasn’t worried about doing anything but driving cars.

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Crash Drive 2 on Steam