The Soldiers Factory

The Soldiers Factory

The Soldiers Factory is a top-down stealth game and the start of a trilogy.

Go undetected and sneak past enemy soldiers or secretly kill them. Overcome surveillance cameras and laser barricades. Use the room scanner, the taser pistol and many other weapons. But remember, the alarm will make the mission even more difficult.

The playing time on the NORMAL level of difficulty is approximately 12 hours. Of course, it depends on the player. The story takes you to several locations, which is divided into over 60 levels.

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The Soldiers Factory on Steam

Broken Sword 4 - the Angel of Death

Broken Sword 4 - the Angel of Death

When I saw that this game received mixed reviews, I still kept my hopes high. After all, Broken Sword 3 got mixed reviews, and I enjoyed it, despite being trampled by boxes ;). Then I played it. I will say this: I’m glad I played it. I’m a Broken Sword fan; therefore, I must play the whole series. If you are a Broken Sword fan, you probably should play it. It doesn’t get everything wrong, it just doesn’t get enough right. I feel that Broken Sword 3 was much stronger in terms of story and graphics. Anyhow, lets get to the positives of this game before I load you with the negatives.

Real player with 30.7 hrs in game

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Broken Sword 4

Sadly this really is one just for fans of the series… and even then this game will test a lot of them too.

I’ve played a lot of this game due to PC issues… mostly being that I like to reinstall my O.S. every few months to keep my PC clean and fast as possible. Sadly this means that I’ve had to restart games that don’t have cloud save features (This and Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag being two off the top of my head.) Simply put I’ve seen enough of this game up to the Turkish palace bit to last me a lifetime. Anyway that might explain why I logged up so many hours on this game.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

Broken Sword 4 - the Angel of Death on Steam