Buzzle is a simple, small, 3D Puzzle game where you move the cubes up, down, left and right. The goal is to get the marked cube to the opening. There are also 40 levels to complete.

A small Note for the players:

The levels aren’t sorted in difficulty, meaning a level that is before one other level could be harder than the next one.


**Move orange with:

W - Up

S - Down

Move pink with:

A - Left

D - Right**

**R - Restart

ESC - Pause**


More Updates are coming in the future!

Buzzle on Steam

Bunny’s Trail

Bunny’s Trail

A simple but very nice casual memory game, the graphics are cute and colorful and It has original and relaxing music. Recomended if you like simple games to play casually and if you like cute rabbits.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

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Simple. Delightful. A different reviewer caused me to buy this, and he or she was right. Training visual memory for a tiny price? Yes, please.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Bunny's Trail on Steam

Drive 21

Drive 21

İyi oyun buglar düzelirse çok iyi başarılı oyun

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

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Game is quite good for an realy early acces game. Wheel support may be worked on but game is playble with an keyboard and xbox one controller. Just try it out its worth it. And devs realy are responding via their discord and as of when i am writing this review are adding tutorial. But try this game out its one of the better early acces games that ther is.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Drive 21 on Steam

Leaf Tree

Leaf Tree

Relaxing atmosphere + pleasant/challenging puzzles

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

This game has potential if it was developed upon, Took me a total of 1 hr and 16 mins to complete. Not bad.

I would recommend the game if you have a spare hour and honestly just looking for something to pass the time.

Some things i would add/change if i was the developer;

  • Pause screen (Instead of hitting ESC to pause instead closes the game)

  • Mute music only button, I think the sounds are good except the music. Found that annoying.

  • Make the “Level Complete” stand out more.

  • Allow level replayability.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Leaf Tree on Steam

Prop Factory

Prop Factory

Get ready for a challenging and fun multi-object assemble game.

Prop Factory is easy to play!

100% 3D Prop Factory is a fun puzzle where you memorize an object and need to assemble it in order but before that you will need to find the pieces in a mess of scraps and throw them on the conveyor simply by dragging.

This game will stimulate your mind and speed up your memory by offering you loads of objects to assemble.


Visual effects and 3D objects.

Prop Factory on Steam

Bunny’s Maze

Bunny’s Maze

An interesting game, with simple gameplay that sometimes complicates, but requires little effort to find a solution.

With 3 different environments and each one with mechanics, this ends up breaking the monotony.

Low price with a few hours of fun, I like that!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

The levels are poorly designed. The game is based around switches that alternate blocks. And the problem is that a lot of switch press sequences are forced. That is, you either have acces to only one next switch, or the other switches are very obviously pointless at current step. So most of the levels you spend more time holding down arrow keys than thinking.

Some of the levels (especially in ice world) are broken - you can ignore some of the switches and parts of the level.

There is no restart button too. But you’ll rarely need it.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Bunny's Maze on Steam

Toree 3D

Toree 3D

For what it is and the price it is: A Geniune Mini-Masterpiece

A short-as-hell but thoroughly entertaining mini-3D Platformer. I’ve gained a lot of enjoyment from this title, and then replaying it going for those additional S ranks. The game shows you what it has to show and gets out before you can notice how limited the title really is. Despite that, it’s rewarding to master Toree as a character within the space and levels flow well feeling the perfect length. The only element I feel is under-utilised in the title is the horror element. It’s non-integral to the game to the point that I don’t think it’s even worth a spoiler warning. I played this originally through the 2021 Edition of Haunted PS1 Demo-Disc and I thought it was a blast both there and here but it definitely feels as if the horror elements were just included as a reason to include it on said disc. (That and the retro-grade aesthetics of course.)

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Well worth the time, and certainly worth the money. Beating the game takes just short of an hour and going for all S-Ranks took me 3. It accomplishes what it sets out to do, and while it doesn’t go much further, it’s only a dollar - you can only really fault it so much :P

The only issues I really took with the game were the fact that the air fans don’t work properly on anything above 60hz, which makes 2 S-Ranks notably harder - and the horror aspects felt completely unwarranted. Starry Sky’s whole gimmick struck me as a thing that was thrown in there last second, especially considering it was never followed up on. It just feels like it’s hindering the game from being true to form, personally.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Toree 3D on Steam

VR shooting cute balloons

VR shooting cute balloons

This is a VR casual shooting game. Players can wear a helmet, immerse themselves in the virtual reality scene created by the game, and experience shooting interactive games. When entering the game, the player can choose the language mode of the game, and then enter an open field with colorful balloons floating in the air. The player needs to operate the handle to shoot, and can walk around at will. Every time a balloon is broken, a girl will drop. Players need to be close to the girl to catch and score points. If you can’t catch it, points will be deducted. Players need to collect 40 points to end the game.

VR shooting cute balloons on Steam

Dolphin Trainer VR

Dolphin Trainer VR

Step 1: Complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program

Take a quick course, learn how aquatic animals behave. Get the necessary knowledge to make them co-work with you and even to talk to them!

Step 2: Earn Scuba Certification

Diving is essential when working with dolphins. Go through training. Learn to use diving equipment in the pool and open waters. Get a diver certificate!

Step 3: Time for practice

You passed the training, you have a diver’s certificate, so it’s time to practice. You start work alone with dolphins. For starters, simple work: feeding, washing, care, and some fun.

Step 4: Gain Work Experience

Welcome to the position of the trainer. The first big order - train our dolphins for a big party that’s ahead of us. You need to prepare dolphins for the show. There are many tricks to master.

Step 5: Rebell and free the dolphins

Taking captive wild animals, especially so intelligent ones, is not a good thing. You knew that from the beginning. You know how to talk to them, you know the topography of the terrain, it’s time to free the dolphins. Let them come back to nature!

Dolphin Trainer VR on Steam

Fireworks Simulator: Realistic

Fireworks Simulator: Realistic

i would not recommend this game its not more than a concept currently.

the game didnt got any updates or informations since about mai. you have 6 fireworks ingame but only 5 of them actually work. a dame dev should be able to recreate the current state of this game in less than 1 week i guess.

Fireworks Mania and Pyroworks are much more advanced have tons more fireworks and a lot more replay value than this game it gets boring after not even 20 min and i have about 380h in Fireworks Mania and about 120h in Pyroworks dont waist your time and money on this game at least in the current state maybe in 1 or 2 years but not right now.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

This is well done. It’s a beautiful, park-like setting where you can place and set off fireworks and enjoy the sights and sounds. I’m hoping more will be added later, such as ways to save configurations and place entire saved shows out to watch. Would also be nice to have the ability to plan out a show with timed releases, etc.

But, just as it is it is enjoyable and beautiful to watch. The sounds are well done. It’s a relaxing way to kill some time and could be fun to play with while listening to a podcast or the like.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Fireworks Simulator: Realistic on Steam