Game’s a giant asset flip. It’s like a first draft of a highschool project.

And It’s not remotely finished at that. One of the last levels don’t even load.

The story and dialog were clearly writen by a young child.

Do not buy.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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Very amateur game that ended up breaking on the 5th level. Could no longer use skills in combat which made the stage and the rest of the game unfinishable. Restarting the level or the game did not remedy this. Getting to that point was not enjoyable. The combat was fun at first but after the first few levels you have seen all there is to it. It was that janky fun combat like Enter the Matrix.

Every time you finish a level you are kicked back to the main menu and have to select the next one. The story is told through text that pops up at exclamation points located in the stages. There are no cutscenes. Hardly any interaction with the levels. Some levels are just a single room with a single NPC to talk to. The dialog is bad with sentences that don’t start with capitalized words.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game


The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

I truly enjoyed playing this game. The atmosphere was what kept me going to explore and discover more of what was going on here. If you liked playing Observer and Soma this game is right along those lines but with it’s own twist. It’s got a nice flavor of creepiness without resorting to jump scares to make you feel uneasy. . The ending is with a ‘to be continued’ tag and I do hope that there will be more game play to follow. Achievements are available which if you try to complete them will aid you in solving more of the mystery.

Real player with 61.0 hrs in game

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The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead is a story based Sci-Fi / Horror game that focuses mostly on setting a strong unsettling atmosphere while adding sci-fi elements around it.

You spend most of the game walking around exploring memories and piecing together the story. The cohesion system really works well and adds a nice survival mechanic.

Audio is relay nice too and adds a disturbing layer to the experience.


Real player with 47.4 hrs in game

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead on Steam

Castle Mascot

Castle Mascot

DId you ever dream to have a castle?

Let’s stand a castle on your computer’s desktop!

It has a weather system that will be the SAME from your city. Sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy… The weather will update every hour.

And the time of the castle is synchronize from real time of yours!

Fireworks every hour during night time!

A team of cavalry runs out from the castle every half hours. Where will they go?

Melodious sound from bell tower every hour… And more features to be discovered! Have fun!

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Castle Mascot on Steam

The Dark World: KARMA

The Dark World: KARMA

For some reason, you’ve returned here. Everything has become strange. Your name, your appearance, your voice, and all your memories.

Through the help of an old man, you connected with your past memories by way of a strange tape, and embarked on a journey to find your memories.

In this dark world, experience strange encounters and wade through fragmented memories. As an investigation officer, uncover the truth and find the source of all the happenings.


The player plays the game in first person.

  • Horrifying and mysterious experience: Darkness, monsters, and unusual sounds. The bizarre environment changes randomly; turn on your volume, and always be alert of your surroundings.

  • Fragmented memories: You have to pay attention to the time and space of your location. Observe and spot key personnel and events. It will help you find your way out.

  • Dive: Dive into other people’s minds and experience a familiar but foreign world. You have to find the truth and solve the puzzles surrounding your memories.

  • Gather, investigate and solve puzzles: Different events will occur during your investigation. In this game, you have to make inferences carefully. Obtain hints and report back to your corporation.


The Shrouded City

After the Leviathan Corp took over, nothing has changed for good.

A large aircraft hovers above the city, overseeing them.

This dark forbidden zone is your home.

Solve Safety Case

As a Roam investigation officer, you’re required to move at night and complete the tasks given by the corporation stealthily.

Find the key evidence to solve the problem.

Your identity is intimidating, use it to gain entry.

Strange Hallucinations

Dive into other people’s minds. Investigate and uncover the truth.

Filled with unknowns; experience the dark side.

Final Answer

You should understand that you did not return here by coincidence. The source of all these happenings is the final answer you seek to solve.

Fulfill your duty, or…

The Dark World: KARMA on Steam