Shred! Remastered

Shred! Remastered

I would recommend this game to any mountain bikers out there. If you dont like mountain biking irl then I would NOT suggest this game because you probably wouldnt understand alot of the mechanics. NOTE: If you disagree with this review dont say its not helpful because thats not how that rating system works.


Feel (once you get used to the controls its really flowy)


Level design

Mechanics (although there not true to real life)


Tricks ( Feels fucking awsome to through huge wips and do nac nacs :D)

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

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I deeply enjoy playing this game. I purchased both this version and the mobile version a long while ago, both of which I enjoyed playing through and would reccommend to anyone who enjoys biking or gaming. When playing with a controller the stick sensitivity was an issue for me, so a sensitivity bar in the options menu wouldn’t go amiss (unless i’ve missed one somewhere), also I really like the first person camera, and spent a good half an hour-45 minutes playing 1 level over and over just because I enjoyed it so much. In order to fully enjoy this I feel that this may require some patching and control changes, such as forward and backward on the sticks on a controller, instead of left and right. Other than these small issues (and a couple of bugs, which, lets be honest, are HILARIOUS), this game is awesome and I love it to bits. :)

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Shred! Remastered on Steam

Destroy It

Destroy It

“Destroy it” is like a developer test room with only one function: Ragdoll collision. Choose from two houses and a satellite to destroy, click and drag your mannequin, then realize the money spent was a waste. I’d consider this at risk of removal for being some sort of potential asset flip.

Lacking any sort of features or customization, the application opens to a menu with three structures to choose from. Once selected, the said structure spins wildly next to a limp dummy you’re intended to control. No on-screen instructions explain how to do this, but it’s not difficult to discover that the mouse serves to anchor and pull him into the building. There is no environment to speak of, just a large void atop an infinite plane. You can control the camera with WASD keys and rotate with the right mouse button. And that’s about it.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Great game, besides the repetetive music and way to simple gameplay and bugs and only 3 very badly designed levels it was great. 11,5/10

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Destroy It on Steam