Spike Match

Spike Match

((It Will be updated soon, this is a prototype version))

It is a game based on the old football of nails, in which you will have to beat the machine as many times as possible, in order to increase your statistics!

You must point the arrow where you want, and then calibrate the speed of the ball to make it hit the goal, so you can add points and win the game.

Despite being a project still under development, we have many plans for it. In the future we intend to put an online mode so that you can play with your friends and challenge people from all over the world.

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Spike Match on Steam

Escape Dinosaur Island

Escape Dinosaur Island

Top tier, please make a second one

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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My god, this is awful. I saw Vinny playing this and thought, “ha, this looks like a laugh, I’ll buy it.”

Ugh. Also it keeps trying to boot my VR headset for seemingly no reason. Avoid.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Escape Dinosaur Island on Steam

Festivals - Headliners

Festivals - Headliners

Design your Event Sites, Book Artists, Build your Career as a Promotor and Produce your own Festivals in Festivals - Headliners.

Construct your Site

Build the festival site of your dreams with dozens of stages, food stalls, bars, and hundreds of decorations, billboards and lights. Put up fences and lay down paths to guide your guests in the right direction across your venue and include signing to manage any crowding. Use generators and power lines to form a temporary power grid. And most important of all, keep your fans safe.

Setup your Lineup

Every festival needs entertainment! Book bands, DJs and other talent to entertain your visitors, design awesome shows, include special effects, and make it a night your guests will never forget. And add fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.

As your career progresses, you make more connections, and get the option to book some very popular artists and acts for your events. Take good care of them, they’ll draw in huge crowds!

Be ready for D-Day

Start load-in early enough to be ready on time, but not too early or you’ll spend too much on rental. Don’t start too late, because you’ll never know what might happen. The event industry always has some “interesting” surprises for you along the way. Stay on schedule!

Staff Management

A festival is only as successful as the staff running it. They are your most vital asset, treat them accordingly. Hire staff in advance, so you know you have the best people on your team. Provide training and coaching to ensure they’ll stay with you for years.

During the event, provide them with good catering and plenty of breaks. As always, safety is important, so make sure everyone is wearing earplugs!


While hosting festivals is the most fun job in the world, money still has the be made to pay the bills. Not everyone is doing this for fun. You have to be careful not to overspent. As most festivals don’t make any profit in their first 3 events, don’t be to hard on yourself, but if you’re still in the red by year 4, you might want to consider a different profession. Also, not everyone is to be trusted. Watch out to make sure you’re not lured into anything illegal.

First-person / Third person

Of course you’ll want to witness the spectacle first-hand. As your the head of the event, your AAA card grants you access to every nook and cranny of the venue. Walk around among guests in first-person view, take control of the FOH booth where the lights are controlled, or join the talent on stage to wave at the crowd!


From the early release on Steam on, you’ll be able to share your festival sites on the Steam workshop to share with your friends! Before the final release, we’ll add options to add your own assets to the game, which you’ll also be able to share on the workshop. How this exactly is going to work is still a secret, sign up as a tester to learn more first hand!


  • 2019: Initial work

  • 2020: Work on background systems

  • Now - 2021: Get frontend ready for (beta) testing by end of year

  • 2022: (Early) Release

  • 2023: Initial DLC’S

Tester Needed!

We’re currently actively looking for testers! We hope to ship a first playable version in private beta soon, sign up using this form now to make sure you’re included!

Initially we’ll be testing on windows mostly, but if you want to test on macOS or a console, please let us know through the form, once we’re ready for you, you’ll be the first to know.

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Festivals - Headliners on Steam

Anime Play Life: Unlimited

Anime Play Life: Unlimited

I won’t recommend this game at all, I do admit it has a lot of potential, but in the state its in right now I won’t recommend it. \

  • You don’t get a tutorial on the controls and how they work.

  • The clothing are clipping

  • VERY limited character costumization options.

  • Alot of weird advertising about a “Special version” download which is nowhere to be found at all.

  • No character facial expressions, such as smile, shock, suprised or happy.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

I think there is a lot of potential for this game but how it stands right now, it is not very good. The character customization was bare bones and I had to back out of character customization and reenter just to get the menus to go away so i could hit continue. Once in the game, there was no prompt to let you know what button was used for interacting. I hit numerous buttons and clicked multiple times and still could not interact with anything. Until the game advances, worth the money.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Anime Play Life: Unlimited on Steam

Hearts 3D Premium

Hearts 3D Premium

Realistic 3D Hearts simulation with singleplayer, multiplayer and tutorial. With configurable AI strength and many adjustable rule and game variants you can start exciting Hearts games - or just play for fun.

Compete with tricky computer opponents, or play relaxing rounds with friends or family in online mode!

Game environment, cards, rule variants and much more can be customized! For beginners, there is an animated tutorial in which Hearts is explained step-by-step with all the rules.


  • Singleplayer mode with configurable opponent

  • Many new rule variations of Hearts with up to 6 players

  • Multiplayer mode with LAN or Online mode

  • High Quality full animated 3D graphics

  • Lots of tables, rooms and decks

  • High-performance A.I.: different levels of difficulty

  • Voice output and sound

  • Highscore lists

  • HD widescreen output

  • Tutorial, detailed game instructions and help

Hearts 3D Premium on Steam

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd


  • On the home screen, there is a green button at the bottom called “Starter’s Event”. Clicking that will bring you to a hub that will lead you to your daily logins and objectives to complete. The most important tab is “Path to Greatness”. Completing objectives will lead to more pages of objective and by the end you will have a solid set of characters, weapons, stigmatas and resources. Pressing the yellow “Go!” buttons will bring you directly to the tab you need to complete said objectives. (it could be captain level locked, so just keep running story missions to get exp until it shows up).

Real player with 296.6 hrs in game

A port of a mobile game, with all the jank that comes with it.

The level gating that you start coming across at around level 25 is a constant showstopper annoyance, stretching what would be an actually really good & reasonably length’d bayoneta style game into a weeks-long stretch between said cool content. The controls with the menu are also quite bad with a controler. I wouldn’t even deign to find out how it works with KB/M.

But ya know, I could deal with all that, if I could at least bring my existing lvl56 account into the steam version.

Real player with 115.9 hrs in game

Honkai Impact 3rd on Steam

Ray Attack

Ray Attack

The first time you enter the game, you need to complete 6 tutorial levels before you can unlock other game content.

There are two modes in the battle mode, one-to-many mode and many-to-many mode.

In one-to-many mode, you can choose your favorite fighter to fight against all enemies.

In many-to-many mode, you can adjust your lineup to fight the enemy lineup.

When the one-to-many mode and many-to-many mode are all cleared, the game will unlock the many-to-one mode. At this time, you can adjust your lineup to fight against the game’s BOSS.

Ray Attack on Steam

Desktop Man

Desktop Man

Im in love with this so fa. made my man dance to meltdown over 6 times now and im feeling a bit bad, lol

Real player with 17.7 hrs in game

App is really cute. Hoping that the application gets more traction, especially from mod creators. Also hoping for an update to support monitoring youtube music too.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

Desktop Man on Steam

Touring Karts

Touring Karts

i received this game for free as a part of the pre-release testing phase. with that being said, i offered to pay for access and had been anticipating this title for months before it released from the first time i saw a post about it on FB.

the game hit a lot of check boxes for me right out of the gates such as

[x] visually appealing and performant

[x] good use of quality audio

[x] multiple control schemes to suit multiple play styles (the virtual steering wheel in a recent update worked very well and was VERY fun compared to the original implementation)

Real player with 59.2 hrs in game

Add me on steam and DISCORD. Anyone who wants to play this game. TRAMPASAURUSREX #5046 Simply one of the best VR games around. I was sure I was gonna be dissapointed, cause I’m just not as into racing games as I was. But because I used to be I still kinda know what to look for. While this may be simplistic in the racing mechanics, it is amazing fun. It actually isn’t completely simple. Easy to play using the toggle on a standard motion controller. But if you use the virtual wheel, a bit of a challenge at first. I put the sensitivity all the way down, and for a round wondered if it could even be made to work consistently. Then I figured it out. I was just moving my wheel arm around a bit too much. I sat it my girls rocking chair with a pillow under me and one on my back. lol Footstool in front of that. I laid my arm a little on the arm rest, hand and controller angled toward my lap/legs. I found that if you just rest your arm in the same position, and rotate your hand like you are holding a little wheel, which you are, then it is perfect. I figured out that I can have even more control of my car with the virtual wheel. Only took me three rounds to get the sweet spot. Use the centering button like this. Lean forward a little bit, hit center, then relax back. Gives ya a little more space. Also makes watching the rear view mirrors easier, and also give ya some leaning room for throwing stuff behind you like an a$$#@$^. lols I adore this game. Great for parties, great for online. Even the bots are fun. The ability to combine powerups is awesome. I was rocking super chickens a lot. lols But I wiped everyone else out and lapped them with a triple chicken bomb. hahha. The racing aspects are fun. The courses are fun, with crazy events breaking them up, like a giant monkey throwing stuff at all of you. You can be in the front and suddenly be at the end. You can also, with some smart driving and use of powerups switch that and go right past everyone to number one. The power ups require some aiming and actual skill, for most, and many of them, if you are very sharp, and have good instincts and reflexes, can be dodged. Everything in this game is perfectly balanced. If this is early access then I cannot wait to see what they do with it next. The people asked for a virtual wheel, and the devs delivered almost immediately. It really does feel like you are driving it with a little toy wheel when you get your hand in that sweet spot and figure it out. Really adds to the immersion and fun. Plus I hear it supports almost all driving wheels. The devs have really outdone themselves and anyone else with this game. Love it. 💖💖💖💖 Little tip, don’t grind the break button when drifting. It seems to work better most of the time to tap it. Hooks those corners nice and tight. Also gets you out of trouble. Of course if you know you have an enemy coming up on you, and you saw their weapon, sometimes you can break, drop back behind them dodging their weapon, and then use your on them. Depending on the situation. I like to play tricky. lol Also there is just enough bullying to make it viable, require a lot of skill, and enough to make it fun. If you see someone close to a wall and they have to turn into a corner. Give them a little ram and they slam. hahah. For when you don’t have a powerup, or you wanna save it for the next guy. Again, a great game. This game would also be fun on any platform, whether it is flat screen or vr. It’s mostly a game for people who like to be friendly jerks.

Real player with 22.5 hrs in game

Touring Karts on Steam

Hockey Manager 20|20

Hockey Manager 20|20

The game is as deep of a hockey sim as I’ve ever seen, however no NHL license is a bit of an immersion killer for me, because I spend more time editing than I do playing. Another downer for me is not having the ability to choose between Euros and Dollars or KG’s and LB’s. When there is a complete overhaul to the US and Canadian teams available in the workshop then I’ll be more interested in playing, but until then it’s FHM for me. If you don’t mind the lack of an NHL license and or editing for months, then the game might be for you. If you’re like me though, I can’t recommend it.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

I like the editing options, there is a lot of play editing possibilities and you can even save and load edited databases. you can even get some addons here https://wasserlasser.com/

Although u might be spending a long time in the editor, the overall gameplay is nice and chill.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Hockey Manager 20|20 on Steam