PhyTetris-Physics Tetris

PhyTetris-Physics Tetris

This is a Tetris with a real physics engine and realistic graphics.

You can challenge the highest score with superb skills.

Support the leaderboard and the world’s master competition

In addition to the classic mode, it also includes a variety of interesting modes

The game input

Move left and right :A, D

Fast landing :S

Clockwise rotation :k

Counterclockwise rotation :L

Menu confirmation: Enter

Menu cancel :Esc

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PhyTetris-Physics Tetris on Steam

Wizard Of Walls

Wizard Of Walls

Great game! Wizard Of Walls faithfully captures a lot of the greatness of the original Wizard Of Wor.

Anyone looking at this game with fond memories of the original game will be happy with their purchase here. The game captures much of what made the original stand out as one of the best games of its era. The action starts slow and ramps up nicely. Sound effects and music feel fresh but also show great care in paying homage to the original. Would be great to see local coop added in the future, but from my limited playing so far, the online coop works great.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

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Wir schreiben das Jahr 1984. Der Heimcomputer Commodore C64 hat seinen Siegeszug in die Wohnzimmer längst begonnen. Midway Games Inc. wirft eine Portierung eines Arcade-Spiels aus dem Jahre 1980 auch für den C64 auf den Markt: Wizard of Wor. Das Spiel besticht durch seine sofort verständliche Spielstruktur, klare Ziele und eine simple Steuerung. Es gilt, Monster zu zerstören und am Ende der einzelnen Level muss ein Endgegner “Worluk” besiegt werden, um für das nächste Level die doppelte Punktzahl zu bekommen.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Wizard Of Walls on Steam

final m00n - Defender of the Cubes

final m00n - Defender of the Cubes

Fulfilled my every expectation and surpassed literary everything I have ever dreamed of about a modern 21st Century “take” on the bygone 1980 classic Williams Defender. final m00n pushes the boundaries set by Defender and breaks the mould with many refreshing new ideas, perspectives and aesthetics bringing to the fray both something different and something very unique.

This review is kept simple, with no game play spoilers (it is best for you to discover these for yourself) and just my appraisal. The game is graphically astounding and the overall presentation polished as the most precious of stones, the diamond and likewise is well worth the asking price. The music is original, retro and yet futuristic at the same time and fits in perfectly with each m00n. Wow. There is also an electronic lady who pops up on occasion to inform the player of new threats of ship status which in my opinion adds more depth to the game. There are many many more things for you to discover so in conclusion:t his is what games are about; finding something intriguing during the earliest stages (Steam Greenlight) of development, the agonising wait and finally the wait ends and the game is released. I am not disappointed in any manner. Defender will always be my favourite arcade game of all time and final m00n is a dream come true for those myself and others who love pure retro game with seriously souped up graphics and a magnificent soundtrack. 9.5 out of 10 - pretty much near perfect retro gaming heaven. A very special THANK YOU goes to the developer Frank Gallinsky who has put his heart and soul into this project for bringing to the market a unique and visually stunning shoot ‘em up that plays like a dream and makes you come back for “one more go” on a continuous basis. final m00n Defender of the Cubes will remain indefinitely on my sold state drive.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

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This game is more than an old school REMAKE.

It’s an respectful homage to Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar, the developers of Williams Defender (1981), and also to Dave Theurer and Rob Fulop, who developed Missile Command for Atari in 1980.

final m00n takes up the topic of bidirectional horizontal scrollers and transforms it with countless innovations and incredible richness of detail, as well as a dark end-time mood; into a game that is undeniably a gem in this genre.

The soundtrack is so fitting and is undoubtedly a million years ahead of any other game soundtrack.

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

final m00n - Defender of the Cubes on Steam

Monster Master

Monster Master

FPS heroes versus RTS horde. An asymmetric multiplayer where 1 player spawns the different monsters, and 3 class-based fps heroes try to survive it.

The game is set in to the small town of Kingsfield, where an energy research facility has given birth to a cosmic horror entity called the monster master.

Players can choose to control and mutate the monster horde or survive as a group of class based heroes with unique powers.

The hero perspective is a thrilling unscripted experience where the monsters feel very intelligent. It suddenly is very quiet and you know “It” is planning something.

Monster Master on Steam



“ATTACK OF THE EVIL POOP VR” is the ultimate toilet experience, crazier than ever!

This Windows and Mac title released last year on Steam, now has a V.R. version too!

(Thank god the smell is not included… Yet!)

Enjoy the frantic EARLY demo experience, optimized for Oculus Rift S.

“ATTACK OF THE EVIL POOP V.R.” is a twisted, fast-paced and super addictive single-player game that puts your gamer skills to test!

Different enemies, weapons, unlockables, surprises, a crappy lore and a lot more!