《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》

《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》

This game is a simple text adventure game. You need to experience various events and survive in the ghost house. The key factors for survival depend on your various decisions including: attribute growth, exploration routes, use of props, time control, etc.

After going through the difficulties, you can explore the truth of the ghost house, but maybe you can find different stories and surprises when you play for the second time.

The recommended resolution for this game is: 3840×2160 and 1920×1080

**Please note: The game only supports windowed full screen for better resolution performance

Please note: It is recommended not to buy this product for portrait resolution, as it may affect the game screen**

====Recently updated====

2020/08/13 Fixed the problem that some story lines could not continue to progress

2020/08/13 A simple version have launched to make it easier for players to pass levels and understand the plot

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《Curse of disaster spirit : Anecdotes of mansion》 on Steam

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

There are a number of very detailed reviews on this game so I will keep this short.

Lost Words is a lovely adventure that is beautiful to experience and fun to play. I do not normally choose side-scrolling platform games but I made an exception here and I’m glad I did.

It is a story of a child coming to terms with the loss of a beloved family member. It is told through Izzy’s journal and her fantasy story of Estonia. These two aspects of the game have very different mechanics which keeps it interesting. I found the journal sections (where you jump through words and initiate actions) to be simply delightful. The art and narration is excellent and it captures the spirit of a child.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

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When I think about the games as a form of art (which they are most of the time) games like Ori and the Blind Forest or the Journey usually come to my mind. This one might not be as breathtaking in the visual department, but comes very close. This game is nothing like Ori, though, since platformer part here is a vehicle for the plot rather the main attraction. It isn’t bad, it’s just there for the story and not the other way around. Izzy’s story (whose diary we reading) is the primary element here. It’s not unique, but that’s the reason why it’s so easy to empathize with since we all had to deal with the grief at some point in our life. Some, like her, for the first time, and this diary and the story despite started for different purpose end up being one of her anchors through the hard times.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Lost Words: Beyond the Page on Steam



This game is a educational game. I have taken a long time to think about some great ideas and make them all come true.

It is so simple and fascinating. If you want to learn ENGLISH words or CHINESE words while playing, this game is best for you!


This game can help you learn either English words or Chinese words in a funny way. As we all know, reciting words is the basis of learning a new language. But it is a long and boring process to recite words. That is why this game come out to you!

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WordKiller on Steam




Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

当火车鸣笛三秒 on Steam



Good Story

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Oh boi… The ending. Almost make me want to tearing down !

The story of the game… Is really beautiful and I love it so much ! Although the first of the game is kinda scary haha.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Shanghai1920 on Steam

Typomancer in the Feather’s Way

Typomancer in the Feather’s Way

A very different proposal with a very frantic gameplay this is Typomancer. At first I thought that having to type in the middle of a game would make for a strange experience, but I was totally wrong. The fact of typing brought something quite innovative, where we can have frantic moments when it is necessary to type very fast or even moments when we can prepare for the worst by anticipating typing. I really liked the game’s proposal in combination with the effects. 10/10.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

The game has a very nice experience, with a very well polishing done and with a very interesting cost-benefit.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Typomancer in the Feather's Way on Steam

办公室叔叔/UncleOffice:uncle Dating Simulator

办公室叔叔/UncleOffice:uncle Dating Simulator

**You will come to a new city and start your new life.

You are a fresh employee and are curious about everything here.

Here, you will know a lot of friends.

Start your new life and at the same time…find your love.

Hurry up and date your uncles!**

About Uncle

  • He seems to be my boss. If he can become his secretary, he should be able to meet with him every day.

  • I met him in the restaurant. It was a face from the East.

  • His beard is very thick, in order to make money, he works part-time many jobs at the same time.

  • Is the encounter at the banquet again a coincidence?

  • He seems to have a very hot personality, I dare not provoke him.

  • He was an employee of the company’s purchasing department and was also a wrestler. If you also like wrestling, he will be happy to introduce you everything about him.

  • If you want to associate with him, you may need the consent of his parents.

  • Seems to be a newcomer who has just worked, and is a little cautious about everything.

  • He is always good-tempered, even if someone is deliberately sarcastic.

  • A man who works silently, his handsome appearance, no matter how low-key he is, he can’t hide his temperament, and he is always harassed by his female boss.

  • Men from other countries, with a gentle and romantic personality, always prepare some small surprises.

  • Meet him at the bar. It seems that he has lost confidence in who he is now. Maybe he needs help.

    About the game

  • 12 uncles can date.

  • Simple game operation.

  • Each uncle has an independent plot and hidden plot.

  • Each uncle has multiple endings.



办公室叔叔/UncleOffice:uncle Dating Simulator on Steam

The Mikado Birdgirl in Taichung

The Mikado Birdgirl in Taichung

Review with accompanying screenshots and video in Sinical Network


I recently received a free key of this game from 李處守 through my friend ipa as a translator and beta-tester for this game. The Mikado Birdgirl in Taichung is Erotes Studio’s sixth visual novel release (fourth in Steam) fitting into the romance and thriller genre with science fiction themes. This is a direct sequel to its earlier title The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli where we follow the male protagonist Wang Cheng-En in a fictitious alternate reality where the island of Taiwan is split into more than 20 different states after every town and city voted for independence. Cheng-En had to flee his hometown of Miaoli after becoming a fugitive and joined a leopard catgirl Pisuka Riya, and a mikado birdgirl Mika, on a new mission in Taichung.

Real player with 22.4 hrs in game

First of all this is a Sequel to “The Leopard Catgirl in Miaoli” so if you havent played that yet then I recommend checking it out before. Now to the sequel this really feels like an improved version of the first game. The few things that I didnt like about the original were fixed or just improved like the text settings, the resolution and also the translation. They also added voice acting, although I didnt really find it necessary or adding much as it was just kinda monotone. Apart from that the soundtrack was not as fitting in this one and the story was also a bit boring if I am honest cause the entire concept is just very similar to the original game with the exception that the main girl changed and that the country and the bad guys are different. The structure of the story however is quite similar.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

The Mikado Birdgirl in Taichung on Steam

渡劫 x 魔女 ~ Team up with A Magician!

渡劫 x 魔女 ~ Team up with A Magician!

The orc magician who came down from the sky ended my lonely life. However, my peaceful daily life was also disturbed.

Children’s cartoon like love and justice adventure visual novel game, accompanied by vivid and lovely live2d dynamic vertical painting slowly show.

Game style: This work is an all-age adventure GALGAME. The plot is easy, funny and inspirational.

Script words: about 140000 words

Number of CGs: 15 basic CGs

Game CV: heroine voice

The heroine from different dimensions is powerful, dark bellied and eager to learn.

A baby faced young man is a semi detached social person.

渡劫 x 魔女 ~ Team up with A Magician! on Steam