Deep Madness

Deep Madness

In Deep Madness you jump deeper and deeper oh yes and even deeper. Spikes on the edge make it difficult for you. Can you dodge the spikes and go deeper than your friends?

● Infinite platforms

● 30+ badass skins

● All the time same music

● Jump down as far as you can

● Leaderboard

Oh yeah and don’t forget:

YOU CAN COLLECT COINS AND YOU CAN DIE!!!! Attention the game can be addictive. You run the risk of starting over again and again to beat the one highscore, over and over again. If you also notice this addiction it is already too late. Just keep playing. Believe me, this is the best for all of us.

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Deep Madness on Steam

Soul Delivery

Soul Delivery

Soul delivery is a narrative platformer focused on exploration, story, and interaction. This is a cozy game for every sci-fi story fan that doesn’t require you to be especially reactive. Your choices will affect the story.

The story takes place in a neon city in the future. You wake up as a work unit robot, without knowing who you are and what is going on, you are assigned to a mission right away: delivering an anonymous package to a mysterious robot. As you venture out into the night, the story about humans and AI behind this world starts to unfold.


  • Talk to robots with dynamic options to explore the story of this mysterious world. Make choices that affect the story.

  • Upload your consciousness to different bodies, wield their abilities.(Not in the demo)

  • Solve puzzles to advance the story.

  • Enjoy beautiful 2D graphics generated from 3D models with dynamic lighting.

  • No violence, no shooting, and fighting. This game doesn’t require you to be especially reactive.


Hi, I’m single-minded Ryan.

I used to work as a web designer and part-time programmer. Now I’m trying become a solo game developer.

As an English learner, I consider this game to be a milestone in my English learning process.

This also means you might find the dialogue to be a little bit off or filled with a lot of mistakes.

Please help me improve this game by providing suggestions regarding the language, thanks.

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Soul Delivery on Steam

Unforgettable You

Unforgettable You

A delightful free game with 20 chapters to play. The story of a man meeting the love of his life done in a beautiful silhouette style reminiscent of Amphora.

A warning for those people who are not very dexterous. There are platform elements in this game, some requiring precision and others speed. Hence my lengthy time!!

Each chapter has a different environment and they are just gorgeous. Some are darker than others. There are 3 hearts to find in each chapter and they are very easy to find. Some are more difficult to get to than others.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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What a beautiful game! The visuals and soundtrack is stunning (I need the soundtrack in my life haha!) each one completely fitting the mood of each level!

I suck at platformers so it took me a little longer then it would maybe take others, but it’s definitely worth a play!

The story really represents the ups and downs and the different emotions experienced through a relationship with someone, since the very first moment they met them.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Unforgettable You on Steam

Panda Hero

Panda Hero

In this fun and thrilling jump-and-run game, you’ll keep pushing yourself to new heights! As a fearless panda hero, you’ll traverse four imaginatively designed worlds. Whether in an icy winter landscape, in airy heights above the clouds or in dark caves, on your journey you will overcome all abysses and other obstacles with skilfully executed running and jumping.

To get to your destination quickly, clear away all creatures and nasty enemies that get in your way. Use your indestructible bamboo stick or fire a limited number of stones to attack and defend yourself. Be nimble and quick to collect all bonus items and coins lying around to gain new powers and skills. Discover all hidden treasures! But don’t forget to strengthen yourself with enough food that you pick up in passing.

Experience over 50 funny, rousing and action-packed levels. In each world there is an exciting boss fight waiting for you at the end. Get carried away and enjoy hours of addictive gameplay!


  • Thrilling jump-and-run fun on over 50 levels

  • 4 different, imaginatively designed worlds

  • Overcome numerous dangers to reach your goal

  • Various challenging opponents stand in your way

  • Exciting boss fights in the last level of each world

  • Hours of gameplay with a high addictive factor!

Panda Hero on Steam

This Game is Crap

This Game is Crap

This game has only one goal to make you cry. If you think something doesn’t work as it should, then you’re thinking right.

Beware of the following notes Spoiler game content:

This Game is Crap is a 2D jump and run comedy game that contains a lot of drops to deceive the player. It currently contains ten levels (more are planned) and impresses less with gamplay than with funny ideas. It is ideal to fool friends and good for playing in between.

  • Jump & Run
This Game is Crap on Steam

Haunted House - The Murder

Haunted House - The Murder

Deadcloud Productions proudly presents:

Haunted House - The Murder is a brand new game that consists of 1 Detective (Player) trying to free multiple ghosts ina a house.

The Player has to find notebooks and other informations to find out what happened to the family. But theres something he didnt expect to find and is schocked about. You immediadtly cancel the case, like the police did years ago…

The player wont make it out… Your death is your destiny. Your body was never found and will never be found…. You are another spirit out there…

Haunted House - The Murder on Steam



Kambulin is a platformer adventure game, where your choices and actions are fundamental for building your own story. The game tells the story of a group of nomads who have just found a place to live: a mysterious place, where the ancestors of these people once lived. Play with Tarim, the youngest of the group, and enjoy the exploration!

Inspired by the Brazilian savannah, Kambulin presents several scenarios and landscapes to explore, various very different characters and a lot of history to live and create.

This is Kambulin! A Brazilian game, developed mainly by one person, enjoy!

Kambulin on Steam

Tempus Bound

Tempus Bound


  • Uncover this short dark tale as you progress through this twisted journey.

  • Meet some fellow hybrid local types along the way who provide inside secrets.

  • Unlock the timed aspect and use your parkour-platformer skills to race through the world.

  • Compete with your friends (and everyone else) on the leaderboards.

  • Earn items and trinkets with which to decorate your home.

Tempus Bound on Steam

Crystal Valley

Crystal Valley

In Crystal Valley they explore alien landscapes mine raw materials and build new tools and fight against a large number of enemies.

Experience an exciting adventure, fight evil monsters and build powerful weapons.


You have awakened without knowing and can remember nothing. Next to you is an AXT and a pickaxe. And a note. A note that says. Collect 50 crystals and a portal to open.


Mine raw materials and create new tools and weapons from them. Collect crystals to create portals to advance into other areas.

Fight with your weapons against different enemies. Be it ghosts or skeletons.

Remember, when you die it’s all over.

Crystal Vally relies on repetitive play fun. Every round is different and should give you replay value.

Crystal Valley on Steam

Moxie’s Lemon

Moxie’s Lemon

Moxie’s Lemon is a short cinematic platformer about pettiness and frustration, in the style of 2000s-era Flash games. Using mouse, keyboard, or gamepad, help Moxie get her lemon and achieve ultimate satisfaction! The goal of this game is to surprise you, frustrate you, and make you laugh.


  • Constant dumb surprises: Every screen has unique controls and objectives

  • Unexpected musical sequences: Action and music blend together in a horrifying blend of cartoon agony

  • Frustratingly obtuse controls: Laugh with surprise and cry with frustration as you try to figure out what is happening

  • Short and sweet: 15 weird minutes of your life that you’ll never get back

Moxie's Lemon on Steam