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Game description key-points: Hop-hOpe-LESS

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

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A platformer with a visual design that reminded me of Sega games. It’s always nice to remember the past. In essence, it resembles Meat Boy-a. I think developers should pay attention to the fact that some textures have bigger pixels than others.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Hoples on Steam

Hell Firefighter

Hell Firefighter


So you’ve read the description of the game and you’re now looking at the comments for guidance. Take a look at my video posted above, I give you everything you need to know about the game and then some.

As for the game itself, it plays like it was carried over/ported over from mobile devices. There are no settings in the game so be prepared to be blasted by music at launch. There is no way to actually exit the game other than stopping the program directly. The gameplay is slow and clunky. Overall, it’s only a dollar (USD) and if you play it more than once it will have paid for itself as a time waster.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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Hell Firefighter on Steam

Star Pixie

Star Pixie

I didn’t think it was possible for a 2D game to be THIS bad.


This minimal effort trash game suffers from:

  • Terrible controls

  • Terrible collision detection

  • Zero indication of being hit by an enemy or enemy bullet

  • Zero sound effects or explosion when you kill enemies

  • No power-ups

  • No goal or purpose

  • No Steam high scores or achievements

  • Not even the most basic audio or video settings

Bottom line.. There is NOTHING to like about this game. It is easily one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Period.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Star Pixie on Steam

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

In 1991, my father came home with a box. Then I (6) have no idea what a game console is. I have some Tomy Handheld toys and I play with them all day. Caveman speeder space vs.

We installed it with my father and connected it to the TV. My father did not buy a game, of course, there is one game in the console. Yes, as you guessed, that game is Alex Kidd’s miracle world.

My mind was blown at the beginning of the game. I said what is this game?

It didn’t take long for me to get used to it, and I made my way through my mother’s cries of “it’s enough, sleep now”. I came to the first boss, of course, at that time I did not know that his name was boss. I call it punch man paper head or something.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

I haven’t read the other reviews for this game, I received it as a gift from one of my brothers so I just jumped straight into it. The Master System is my favourite console, I still buy games for it to this day, so I am very familiar with the original. While fundamentally flawed, it is still one of the best retro platformers of it’s era.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is a remastered version of the game, complete with new a handful of new levels, brand new graphics and a number of changes to bring it into the modern age. The new levels are a welcome addition, very fitting into the rest of the game and adds a nice breath of fresh air to those already completely familiar with the original. I’m not personally sold on the new graphics, I think they look nice, but I will take the legacy/original look any day.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX on Steam

Speed Limit

Speed Limit

Speed Limit is a fun arcade action game, where the perspective of the gameplay and the gameplay style itself changes every 2 levels. It’s framed as what is essentially a non-stop action movie setpiece, where if you die, then the footage is rewound, and you are placed at the last checkpoint. The controls for each gameplay style are very responsive, and the different gameplay styles are all fun to play. I think the Pseudo-3D motorcycle sections are my favorite, because of the sense of speed, and the music during those parts is great. All the pixel art in the game is well done, and very detailed. The death animations and Pseudo-3D effects are of especial note. The sound effects are good, and the music is fast paced and fits the fast gameplay very well. The game is $12CDN, and I think that’s a fair price for what you get. You get the game of course, the artbook which has some really interesting insights and tidbits into the game’s development, as well as the soundtrack. There are quite a few achievements, and some of them are really challenging. It took me roughly 7 hours to 100% the game and get all the achievements. You can tell this game was made with care, and the developers really appreciated the games of the era that the game pays homage to.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

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“Crash. Test… DUMMY!”


Here’s The Thing:

You are Bruce Willis but err, due to budget constraints…!! Hmm. Ahhh, you’re a washed-up action star who- no, that ain’t it either… You’re an untrained passenger on your way to going about your hipster life.

Suddenly, some SWAT team and or Secret Servicemen (because come on…) bust in on you and you’re a patsy of some sort!! So, like any reasonable law-abiding citizen, you come into a fully stocked pistol, and thus begins your unwilling joyride of awesome stunts and equally epic on-screen (and off) deaths~

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Speed Limit on Steam

Hijack Overdrive

Hijack Overdrive

_Why blow up an enemy vehicle when you can steal it?

Why stay in 1 vehicle when you can pilot a small fleet?_

Hijack Overdrive is a fast-paced action game where you steal enemy vehicles mid-combat to fight back. You’ll have to jump from vehicle to vehicle in order to grow and maintain your self-acquired-fleet as you pilot them single-handedly through the enemy forces.

It’s a unique genre-mix of Platformer, Shootemup, and a bit of Towerdefense.

Key Features

  • Innovative new game concept

  • 3+ hours of action-heavy gameplay

  • tons of different vehicle-types to acquire and use as you see fit

  • Bring acquired vehicles to the garage to dismantle them or built new ones, and take them to other missions

  • Grow your own personal fleet to lead assaults into the monster realm!

  • Defeat big boss-monsters

  • Unique scoring system by breakdancing on vehicles


You’re part of a small resistance fighting against a tyrant set on world domination. His quest for power has led him to look beyond our world in search of the elusive monster-realm and the power it contains.

He must be stopped before it is too late, but his forces vastly outnumber the resistance’s. In a last effort, “operation Hijack Overdrive” has been set in motion.

Now all hope rests on your shoulders, as you’ve been trained and equipped to turn the enemies’ numbers against them!


At it’s core Hijack Overdrive is a tactical side-scrolling platformer. Staying in 1 vehicle will often mean the death of you, so you’re constantly on the move, stealing different vehicles, creating a small fleet on the fly, all while dodging enemy fire.

Depending on what you decide to do, a vehicle can be an enemy, an ally, a platform, or a shield.

You decide how you want to tackle each situation, but you’ll have to think fast.


You’re stationed in a base near the front line, from there you will start each mission.

After completing a mission, the vehicles you acquired get added to the garage in your base.

You can use any vehicle from your base to start a mission with, and even summon one when in a pickle.

There’s also a unique challenge for each vehicle type in your garage, so try to collect them all!

Grow your own personal fleet and use them on special missions where you’ll need every last one of them!

You can redo completed missions at any time to get more vehicles in your garage. (and get the ones you missed)

Hijack Overdrive on Steam



In B.I.O.T.A., take control of a commando unit sent to investigate a mining colony that ceased all communication. Survive in 10 completely different environments packed with mutant monsters and deadly traps with the help of a multitude of guns and various crafts, including a mech, a sub and a starship.


It’s year 21XX. You command the Gemini 2 team - a commando unit made up of tough war veterans commissioned by the V-corp, a mega mining corporation. Your task: shed light on strange events that are happening on Frontier Horizon - a small isolated asteroid squeezed in between Mars and Jupiter, and housing a mining station owned by the V-corp.

A new biological organism recently found on the surface of the asteroid, known as “the agent” is able to interact with every element of an ecosystem and change it at its will, taking full control of the organisms. Most of the mineworkers have mutated into horrible monsters, and the scientific team who made this discovery has taken refuge in the tunnels below Frontier Horizon.

Take control of the Gemini II squad by choosing your favourite hero from 8+ and swapping them as needed during this adventure. Explore the sprawling Gemini complex, now home to hostile alien life forms, a multitude of trap-filled corridors, and use all the tools at your disposal - including a bipedal fully-armed mech, offensive submarine and a starfighter class spaceship, among others.

The Retro

All the charm of retro gaming (with breathing signified by two pixels shifting) with the modern-day convenience of saving anywhere, the ability to swap palettes at any time, and a tune so chippy you’ll want to add it to a mixtape for your friends

The Look

Choose your favorite palette from more than 60 available 4-color styles for the most authentic retro feel, and swap each palette as you see fit in the glorious 8-bit visuals

The Aliens

Fight 40+ vicious degenerated monsters from simple, but huge mutated hornets, armed shield sentries to lethal infecting xenoshifters

The Guns

Utilize numerous upgrades and unique unlockable weapons for each character to find the one that suits you the most - be it a sniper-friendly high powered rifle, buckshot loaded shotgun and powerful hand cannon

The Stress Relief

Stress-free rescue system; rest assured that at any moment of the adventure a dedicated key will allow you to save the game and virtually never have to repeat parts already completed

The Exploration

Features a many variations to the classic on-foot gameplay: while exploring you will be able to control a submarine, pilot a mech, a shuttle, jump into a chasm and swing on a rope and pilot the mythical Pegasus, the Gemini II team’s ship

B.I.O.T.A. on Steam



It is your duty to stop the enemies who are trying to destroy our world. Can you protect our world in this colorful and fast game?

Earn points by destroying enemies and own your new plane with the points you earn.

There are 2 Different Planes in the game.

One of them opens with the points you collect.

The normal attacks and special attacks of the 2 planes are different.

There are 3 different levels in the game.


Captain Coffer 2D

Captain Coffer 2D


Real player with 69.0 hrs in game

It’s one of those cutesy challenging platformers that will probably make you scream. A great throwback game and freshman entry from this one-man dev team.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Captain Coffer 2D on Steam

Jetboard Joust

Jetboard Joust


Jetboard Joust is a pixelart roguelike shmup. It’s the sequel to a ZX Spectrum game the developer made as a teen 30 years ago which in turn was inspired by Joust. The sequel has game elements from Defender as well. A major improvement overall.


You’re on a jetboard equipped with a pistol, your task is to protect the babies, clear the level of bad guys and destroy the world bosses. You jetboard is capable of jousts, temporary boosts you can use to quickly get away from a fight or destroy multiple enemies at once.

Real player with 73.0 hrs in game

Kind of like Defender and a bunch of other cool arcade games from the 80s did a shedload of PCP and then spawned this monster.

Gameplay is very Defender-esque. Basically shoot everything - especially the aliens that are abducting the humanoids, only with a gazillion more enemies and weapons, most of which are very chunky and satisfying (sometimes downright hilarious) to use.

Then there’s a roguelite element where you choose a route through the different levels to earn different types of bonuses and also earn cash which can be spent on upgrading weapons and other equipment. It’s enough to add a layer of depth and replayability to the game but not too much to distract from the overall blast-fest.

Real player with 21.9 hrs in game

Jetboard Joust on Steam