Develop software with fun, game-like programming.

With this application, there’s no need for you to know any technical terms.

You’ll set up things like houses and tools, without using hardly any words, just like a simulation game.

This becomes an act of programming, and as a result, you’ll be able to develop software.

“Programs are toys.”

You may wonder what it means to think like a program.

Some people might even see the word in English and scream “Ahhhh! English!!! Run awaaay!!”

In that case, why not think of it as “playing with building blocks (programing)” instead?

The block structure you make runs as software. The only resource you need is this application.

I’ll say it once more.

“Programs are toys.”

Now’s your chance to assemble some toys.

This isn’t simply a program (toy).

This isn’t simply a game.

Through this toy (game), you can develop software.

Once you’ve developed something, you can use the attached CARPEXECUTABLE.exe (HANDMADE CARPEXECUTABLE)

(It is in the [C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\HANDMADE CARPROGRAM\CARPROGRAM] folder) to execute your creation, and even distribute it to others.

(“Sample” is in it.)

(Icon is able to be changed too)

Create games and software of your own imagining by thinking outside the box, and then release them out into the world.

Note: CARPEXECUTABLE.exe (HANDMADE CARPEXECUTABLE) that comes as part of these files is able to be redistributed on its own. Icon changes are also possible.

You can also make image files of your creations and show them to others to receive praise.

You’re welcome to use this product for videos and livestreams!!

(Though I’m sorry to ask it, please do so responsibly.)

Manual Videos: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFj80BqaOoBFl7k-e8KtAj3Tio9t2AAYr

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Right now, the game lacks content to make up for its price. I can imagine that this game can be fun with real people, but the bots are kinda stupid.

This game plays kind of like Teeworlds, which, to this day, still is a fun game for me. You can pick up several weapons, like shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles etc. There’s also a melee attack. Currently, there’s two maps. Frostland, which has a platform to the right that, as far as I know, cannot be accessed, and I tried everything, including rocket jumping (which, as expected, doesn’t work, sad TF2 noises). Grassland seems nicer. Both maps have a hole in the middle which you can fall down.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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Shooty is a Unity Asset flip, what Valve calls a “fake game”. The “developer”, IronyDev/Shooty, took the Super Multiplayer Shooter Template Unity Store tutorial/demo/game asset pack from the real developers, Visyde Interactives, changed the name, added a sprite pack from another actual developer, and dumped the result onto Steam. They’re attempting to scam people into buying this, so they can get your money for someone else’s work.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Shooty on Steam

Discord Rich Me! (Custom Rich Presence)

Discord Rich Me! (Custom Rich Presence)

Works great! Easy to use and so far it has basically no bugs. The only thing that needs to be done is add the all the templates.


Now that i have over 1000 hours in Discord Rich Me, I can confidently recommend this program to any user who wants just an extra little touch to there Discord profile. One of the great things about Discord Rich Me is that you just start it, minimise it to your tray, and forget about it. I have Discord Rich Me running 24/7 on a spare Windows 7 Laptop i have thats over 16 years old and there is 0 performance change. The community in the Discord server is friendly and can provide help if you need it. 10/10 program, 100% worth the money.

Real player with 1948.7 hrs in game

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Please understand that Discord Rich Me! is currently in BETA. It’s still missing a ton of features, but they have a lot of things planned according to their discord.


As a very prominent and long time Discord user, Discord Rich Me! provides, as of April 19 2021 (19/04/21) a very straightforward interface, with some helpful (though subtle) guides on what every single textbox function does.

At the very least it provides very basic rich presence functionality, but very much so simplifies all of the painful steps it takes to make a rich presence. I do understand that this is still in beta though, and I will re-review once more features have been added over time.

Real player with 502.7 hrs in game

Discord Rich Me! (Custom Rich Presence) on Steam



This is the very first public review on the video game known as “Cat Sudoku” It is my duty to make sure that all the humans reading this spends the correct amount of currency to play this wonderful form of entertainment. Please, this video game is very educational and good for the human mind. It also has the species known as “cats” which I can assume is one of the mammals that you humans enjoy owning when domesticated. This game is a wonderful experience and it should be shared among the humans of earth. Thank you.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

CAT SUDOKU🐱 on Steam