Enjoyable game with great potential. Hearing a few of my song tracks in it is cool too.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

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I really wanted to like this game but i cant give it a good review. I think that if they put a little more work into it it could be a much better game.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Trenchlore on Steam

Invincible Fins

Invincible Fins

Awesome! Works on Linux too with Proton

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Invincible Fins on Steam



If you’re looking for a great indie to scratch that Hollow Knight itch before Silksong comes along next year, then I urge you to check out Pronty: A Fishy Tale, a metroidvania set entirely underwater. Now, underwater levels and worlds, traditionally, get derided in video games, but 18Light’s game, gets everything right. Rather than feel like you’re wading through treacle, movement is super slick.

You play as a gilled creature called Pronty, and have a sidekick eel called Bront, who doubles as a javelin that can be thrown at enemies. The once great city of Royla is under threat by a giant fish called Rashka who has razed nearby cities to the ground. In some ways, Pronty’s world reminded me of Bioshock’s Rapture, with many areas featuring 1930s art deco architecture.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

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“Pronty” is an underwater metroidvania with a gorgeous artstyle and a surprisingly heartfelt story.

The combat is range-based, since Pronty has a robotic eel/javelin companion that does all the attacking for you. You click on the enemy, and Bront hits them. This is reminiscent of the original Ori, but since you get to pick your targets, it’s more involved than that. Despite being set underwater and lacking platforming as such, the game’s traversal can get pretty intricate, with various obstacles blocking your way through abandanoed underwater labs and hallways. Pronty gains abilities such as dashing through laser walls, shringking to pass through small crevasses, etc. In addition, the game features equippable perks, a la Hollow Knight that allow you to tailor your “build” to a particular situation. The number of slots for these “memory chips” is limited, so you’re always looking for optimal loadout.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

Pronty on Steam

ScubaVenture: The Search for Pirate’s Treasure

ScubaVenture: The Search for Pirate’s Treasure

Treasure in the abyss.

The wreckage of the Barbosa, one of the last terrible pirate ships to sail in Caribbean waters, rests at the bottom of the sea with its cargo of pillaged gold and valuables. The journal your father left behind before he mysteriously disappeared while searching for the Barbosa’s lost treasure holds the secret to locating its sunken remains. Strap on an oxygen tank and flippers, it’s time to finish your father’s work and go diving for fortune!

Plunder the submerged wreckage of a pirate ship in this colorful 2D side scrolling underwater action adventure originally developed by Apogee Software Productions for the pioneering PC publisher Softdisk. All manner of deadly sea life, hostile divers, and even spooky ghosts seek to prevent unwary adventurers from obtaining the lost treasure. Will you return to the surface with immense riches, or will you perish along with the pirates in a watery grave?

  • Scour the wreckage of the Barbosa to find all eight hidden treasures.

  • Fight off sea creatures and rival divers with your harpoon gun and bombs.

  • Plan your route and watch your oxygen level carefully so you don’t run out of air.

  • Beware of vengeful pirate ghost bosses who haunt the wreckage to protect their treasure!

ScubaVenture: The Search for Pirate's Treasure on Steam

Big Fish

Big Fish

Lucky me has the dubious honour of writing the first review for Big Fish.

Big Fish is an early access 2D top down retro pixel brawler/maze negotiation game. In terms of gameplay it’s a ripoff of the first chapter of Spore/the Sparkle series, as you control a top down fish thing and swim around and collect upgrades that give you different enhancements. Following on from the Spore ripoff, in later stages of the game you jump out onto land, but instead of a 3D brawler you get (sigh), a 2D retro pixel platformer stage.

Real player with 0.0 hrs in game

Big Fish on Steam

Fish Glutton

Fish Glutton

You are Fish Glutton.  Eat as many fish as you can while defeating monster bosses who will stop at nothing to keep you hungry. Beware of the evil red laced fish that kill on contact. 

This game brings up an experience full of digital homemade art and music where you will be able to discover a great variety of fish, monsters and hand-drawn underwater landscapes as you progress through the entire game.

During all the levels in the game, you will be controlling Fish Glutton, a clown fish, driving him through different 2D landscapes full of different fish and monsters. Depending on the fish edges color, you should eat it by touching it, or avoid it by not touching it or not letting them touch you(refer to the legend/map below).

Fish Glutton on Steam

Below The Ocean

Below The Ocean

Experience an expedition to the deepest depths for legendary treasures Below the Ocean!

Below The Ocean is a fun, adorable, and atmospheric 2D Side-Scrolling Platformer! Use your oxygen supply’s tether to swing around unique level designs and solve interesting puzzles.

  • 4 action packed Chapters with unique mechanics, hand-crafted puzzles, and legendary treasure to find!

  • Find and collect shiny DIAMONDS as an optional challenges!

  • Challenge yourself and race to the bottom for your best time in a Speedrun friendly enviroment!

  • Features charming minimalistic 1-Bit style with a splash of color!

“My father used to tell me stories about the ocean’s deepest secrets. Home to treasures coveted by history’s kings. Countless explorers seeking glory and fortune, rallied to prove the legends true. Diving deeper and deeper against all instincts of safety and self preservation. This abyss is my destiny."

Below The Ocean on Steam

Nautilus Epoch

Nautilus Epoch

On a small island in the Adriatic Sea lives a girl called Lily. Her world is turned upside down when she comes upon a strange sea shell. Upon making contact with it she finds herself in the future where the seas have all but vanished and fearsome creatures from the deep roam the surface. 

In her dreams Lily is visited by a being called ‘The Wonderer’ who tasks her with restoring the seas, the only way to save her family. But in order to do so Lily must first travel through time, confront unimaginable dangers, befriend creatures of the sea and ultimately learn the truth behind all life on earth…


Inspired by titles such as CHRONO TRIGGER, TERRANIGMA, ECCO THE DOLPHIN AND ABZU, NAUTILUS EPOCH combines the best of story-driven RPGs with endless mysteries of the deep

A unique turn-based battle system based on BIOLUMINESCENCE, which allows you to learn special skills and interact with the world using the power of light

EXPLORE multiple time periods from the Cretaceous to Ancient Greece to modern times, all realized in a beautiful watercolour style

TEAM UP with and control a wide variety of characters including humans, sea mammals, and even merman

Nautilus Epoch on Steam

Fish Fight: The Prequel

Fish Fight: The Prequel

The “Last Fish Standing” game, over various maps and with lots of different weapons.

Rules a super simple and the game takes just a few seconds to catch on: aim either left or right, pick a weapon, shoot. The rest is up to clever movement and positioning in this fish-on-fish brawler!

Fish Fight: The Prequel on Steam



Side scrolling environmentally conscious educational puzzle game about coral reefs and oceans, and the human impact on both. A family friendly learning experience for any age. There is enough educational content it could be used in schools as part of a lesson. Now before anyone thinks an educational game is not fun, think again. The education is hidden among the 32 collectibles (shiny white sparkly glow balls) which explain coral reefs and oceans, and the devastation humans are causing. These collectibles can be found over 9 different oceanic environments of the 10 chapters. Each chapter has puzzle elements to them: sea currents, pollution walls, various plant and coral life, volcanic vents and cavern systems.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

There are things every medium does well; each with their own potential and set of virtues. For creators, it’s about finding the best way of utilising a medium to amplify their message, whatever that may be.

The proof of gaming’s potential—be it narrative, thematic, or even educational—is now all around us. It has enormous value as an artistic medium and its growth continues to show us what games are capable of. Every year we see games taking on bolder, more innovative, and challenging forms.

Koral, a modest puzzle game with a potent environmental message, is one such form.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Koral on Steam