Mines of Volantis

Mines of Volantis

3 hours disappeared; I’m not sure how. But now I need to sleep before work.

If you liked ‘Motherload’ for the zen mining; you’ll probably like this.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

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Ohhh this games takes me back to the time of Motherload. (the flash version, not the steam version)

I just love the ambiance and the music is very good!

Every time you go down it is the question of will I be back before my fuel runs out? Every dive is a hunt for riches that you don’t want to interrupt to get fuel, but you have to. And in time as well because else your haul will be lost forever!

Upgrading this makes it easier to get huge hauls. Content wise I think the price is a bit steep but the game is very fun to play nontheless.

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Mines of Volantis on Steam

Tribble Troubles

Tribble Troubles

A Tribble in Trouble

It’s tough being a Tribble! You get caught on a ship doing what a Tribble does… eating all of their Quadrotriticale. And the Captain, in a fit of rage, beams you into the center of a nearby planet whose molten lava core is rising! It’s up to you to jump, climb and squish your way to safety as you face off against countless obstacles and treacherous enemies.

The Underground

Watch out for streams and pools of red hot lava! But also keep your eye out for Glommers that are ready to pounce on you whenever you get near.

The Canyon

Climb your way out of the underground and you reach the canyon. Now you’ll go up against ferocious sandworms with spikes! The only time you can attack them is when they’re turning. But be quick!

The Jungle

Next, you’ll reach the jungle. Things get tougher as you’ll have to watch out for poisonous vines, sharp toothed plant traps and alien apes that love nothing more than chasing and squishing Tribbles! The only way to stop an ape is to land on him when he’s briefly trapped in the toothy plant trap!

The Spaceship

Clear the jungle and you’ll be accidentally beamed back up to the ship that you started on. There you’ll find a crew that’s completely ready to greet you… with deadly phaser blasts!

Gameplay Modes

  • Casual mode - For people that might be Tribble fans but aren’t hardcore gamers. Or just casual gamers in general, this mode is for you.

  • Arcade mode - Fewer resources and harder challenges mean that you’ll be put to the test as you guide your Tribble trough this mode.

  • Speedrun mode - A mode for the ultimate gamer! Here, you can prove that you are truly the best of the best. A fixed level selection ensures that all gamers will play on a level playing field. Perfect for game streamers and speed runners alike.

Gameplay Features

  • Collect cans of Quadrotriticale to replenish your health.

  • Collect gems which you can use to stock up on powerups

  • Shield power ups - Briefly protect you from traps and enemies.

  • Sonic attacks - Knock out pesky enemies with this weapon.

  • Sixteen levels - Battle through all sixteen levels across all four environments.

Gameplay Development

“Tribble Troubles” was developed with creative collaboration from:

  • David Gerrold (“The Trouble with Tribbles,” “More Tribbles, More Troubles”)

  • Doug Drexler (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Star Trek: Generations,” “Star Trek: First Contact,” “Star Trek: Insurrection,” “Star Trek: Enterprise”)

Comments from Nightdive Studio’s Independent Game Expose with Sir Larr

  • “my dream”

    • “hahahaha. this is so stupidly cool”

      • “quick where’s the preorder link”

        • “Very Cute!”


            • “that is amazing”

              • “Easy wishlist this is adorable”

                • “This tribble game is incredibly well done, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. Gonna check this out with my kids”

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Tribble Troubles on Steam



Not a bad game, with nice graphics and pleasant gameplay. Played for a couple of hours and it was worth it.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

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Dark Around You is yet another 2D retro pixel platformer polluting the Steam marketplace. This one has a telekinesis gimmick where you can drag things around with the mouse pointer to help you do the platforming.

While this was built in Unity, it doesn’t seem like an asset flip as there’s a bespoke story and some pretty uniquely done mechanics and visuals. Kudos to the developer for that.

They chose to use obsolete retro pixel “art” as a substitute for contemporary PC graphics. It’s unclear if this is due to lack of budget or talent, regardless, the overall visual quality of the game is extremely low as a result. Resolution and controls are locked. There’s a really unpleasant screen filter/effect that makes the camera sway as you move around, it made me feel a bit queasy, and I couldn’t see any way to turn that off. These flaws push this game far below minimum acceptable standards for PC.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game


Target Runner

Target Runner

Terrible control system

Bugged, including losing your entire progress until you reboot multiple times to get it back eventually. One level just putting you back to the start seemingly randomly. Performing actions you didn’t click, and occasionally your character just leaps completely out of your visible area and cannot be controlled, forcing you to start again

The level design is mediocre, with any challenge coming from the mouse based control system that in no way is suited to purpose.

Even at less than a quid, avoid.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

So 20 minutes into the game, I’ve spent 19 of the minutes on the fourth level. I have died 75 times so far, 74 of those on the fourth level. If you would like to sit here for an hour dying on the fourth level, this is a great game!

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Target Runner on Steam



Очень хорошая и интересная игра, которую можно пройти достаточно быстро, тем самым она никогда не надоест. Игра безусловно заслуживает похвалы.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Top game in which you have to play as a monster. In the levels on your way there are various characters that you have to go through. The game is decent, I did not regret that I bought it. I advise everyone

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

ViruZ on Steam

Save The Astronaut

Save The Astronaut

Such an amazing game from an unknown developer! The asking price should honestly be around atleast $5, $2 is a steal for this hidden gem! I really loved the NES vibes. The game is fast paced, rewarding, and challenging! I actually find myself coming back to it time and time again! If you’re reading this review you need to give this game a chance, it took me about 40 minutes to beat it! This is one of my all time favorite indie games, and i can’t wait for a sequel!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Being someone who knows the creator of this game, this was there 1st game ever made. And it’s a nice 1st game and it’s got that classic NES vibe if not possibly an older console or something along those lines. The game is a challenging & fast paced type of experience if you’re into a good challenge kinda game. I like how there’s no lives system, so you don’t have to worry about getting a game over all the time on difficult sections. The price is not high either with it just being a couple bucks. Without a doubt a nice little game to play if you’re feeling nostalgic for the good ol' days of gaming. I’m proud of my friend being able to create a fun little game to play, and i look forward to seeing where this game and he goes from here on out in the future. The only thing i will say that is a bit of a downer, not that it’s bad or anything is that. Since it’s made on the Unreal Engine, it can be very demanding for performance at times. So just a little heads up for those who have computers who might not be the strongest in the world. But overall though, i recommend this game for the classic vibe of the old school gamers who still love the classics

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

Save The Astronaut on Steam



Solid jump mechanics. Solid combat. Solid art style, world design, sound design, “chill factor.” Nice and tight little metroidvania.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

From what I can tell, you are a lone survivor of what appears to be a massacre of your people from another group of dark entities. Although I am only an hour into the game and cannot give you a great deal of information on the cast in its entirety, that I can say is there are plenty of interesting characters, both good and bad that you will come in counter with.

Levels/ Platforming

The platforming is unique for a couple of stand out reasons. The first is that what appears to be normal stairs to climb are actually just shadows or stairs in the background that you cannot climb. This makes the game interesting because if you make the wrong move you could jump or fall to your death and have to repeat that section of the game.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

IN THE DARK on Steam

Path of Sacrifice

Path of Sacrifice

Very fun but too little content.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game



Este juego se recomienda encarecidamente, no creo que sea difícil, pero he muerto un millón de veces, gran dolor, en resumen, este juego muy bueno, dos horas de despacho de aduanas, ahora está jugando duro difícil, todo el mundo debe comprar para jugar.

Y espero que el autor juegue con algunos nuevos DLC, nuevos modelos, si puede estar en línea, espero que el autor siga innovando.

This game is highly recommended. I thought it was no difficulty, but I died countless times and suffered a lot. In short, this game verygood has passed the customs in two hours. Now it is playing hard core difficulty. We must buy it to play.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Path of Sacrifice on Steam

Rat Prison

Rat Prison

I got this game from a pack of keys, it is very bad. There is no goal is this game. You do the tasks and then you wait for 5 minutes until the day passes. The controls are super annoying, having to use the mouse, WASD and arrows. So in short: Do not buy this, I could honestly make a better game in 2 days.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Rat Prison is a 2D retro pixel side scrolling adventure game with an unusual premise and an unusual interface. You’re a guard in a dungeon and you have to juggle keeping the lights on, checking on the prisoners, and not being killed by rats.

It’s certainly an interesting premise for the game but the implementation is lacking. You have to use the mouse to play (well, just the mouse wheel, no other functions of the mouse do anything in the game, which is a bizarre and unfun decision), and the keyboard to move left and right. If that sounds like an awkward interface, well, it is.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Rat Prison on Steam



Game looks great but causes a memory stack overflow error in Windows 10 Ultimate x64. I know it’s not my gaming rig as have not seen an error like this since early XP. Will definetly try again later, If needed I can send the data to the developers of the crash. Otherwise a cool game, just needs polishing.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Short fun yet very rewarding platformer. Sightbringer has very nice dark gothic graphics and atmosphere with some odd feeling movement that some don’t seem to care for but imo i like it i can’t really explain why but it just feels right. Though the game is short with one level running at no more then a few min and a challenge level a little harder then the base game it feels more like a prologue to a much bigger game(which i would be up for) yet still worth your time.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Sightbringer on Steam