Next Generation Soccer Coach

Next Generation Soccer Coach

Next Generation Soccer Coach,produced by ace of ace,best of best programmers and graphics experts.including Google Zurich senior programmer focused on Robocup,IIT(India) Robocup worldwide winner team leader.includng US based IT veteran.

Gold-standard Technical Architecture,with Remote server

The most exciting distinguishment of this title is that the match engine is based on real-time simulation,which means the result cannot be pre-determined,and in fact,it is PC monitor’s reflecting of real robot playing soccer on physical pitch.

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Next Generation Soccer Coach on Steam

推箱子(Push Box)

推箱子(Push Box)

This game is a classic Push Box game. Three features are in the following: **1.**more than 132 levels designed each with an answer. **2.**Ideas of passing through level can be saved and replay as video. **3.**You can find a free tool in the root directory of this program and you can design or modify game level with it.

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推箱子(Push Box) on Steam

Number Game:24 Points

Number Game:24 Points

You may have heard something about ‘24 points’ which is a table game.

It is popular around the world for a long time.

Nobody knows who invented it or developed it.

The game is quite simply (or difficultly) for you to make the expression equal to 24 by using plus,minus,multiply,divide!

It is suitable for everyone to play it!

Number Game:24 Points is now accessible!Play it now!

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Number Game:24 Points on Steam

Block Breaker Ninja

Block Breaker Ninja

[So Sorry for the bug at the beginning the game on demo version]

On demo version, the ball did not return to the player. We’ve fixed the bug and you can enjoy playing the demo.


Block Break Ninja is a well-known block breaking style game.

You will be the Ninja to beat Shogun (military manager in old Japanese society) to get back his girlfriend.

There are 25+ exciting stages, and you use only mouse to manipulate!

Why don’t we go back to 30 years ago and enjoy relaxing low resolution game?

Each stage has blocks.

You hit the ball, and break blocks with it.

Each stage has required number of blocks to destroy.

If you reach the number, you can proceed to the next stage even if there are remaining blocks.

Each Stage has time limit.

If you don’t reach the number of required blocks to destroy, you lose one(1) life.

There is charge system on from stage 2-1. Please check it out!

Shuriken, RareItem, and more!!

Block Breaker Ninja on Steam

The Astronomy Game

The Astronomy Game

Very informative in a cool and interactive way. Story was fun and soundtrack was nice, I recommend this game for people who want to learn about astronomy in a fun way.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Does a good job at teaching some interesting information about astronomy, and a pretty cool story line that I liked playing through.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

The Astronomy Game on Steam