Mask Up

Mask Up

Awsome rogue like game, i played a lot on the android version but this one with a controler is even better !

And your goal is to get the all thos beautiful masks !

And try to beat me on the leader board. :p

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

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Great indie roguelike game ! Lots of hidden content to discover 🎭

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Mask Up on Steam

奥术行者  Arcane walker

奥术行者 Arcane walker

the game is introduced

Arcane walker is a game with high playability. The game adopts the game playing mechanism of innovative roguelike. Players have different experience at the beginning of each game,

In this game, players only need to play over and over again, each game is a different experience

Characteristic function

In the game, players need to play an arcane wizard to fight against all kinds of enemies. At the beginning of each game, players will master more than 50 kinds of magic

Against all kinds of enemies, each kind of magic needs players to find in the game

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奥术行者 Arcane walker on Steam

Crazy Rabbit AntiLogic

Crazy Rabbit AntiLogic

Hey man. You need urgently to help the Rabbit to overcome all the obstacles and defeat the evil witch.

Make him feel like a hero! You will have to pass through hard challenges, based on your skills: move adroitly, calculate fast, solve complex puzzles.

It is not so simple in this world, but only you can make it better!

• Interesting storyline

• Original new generation 2D-platformer

• Competition for time and quality of the level passing

• 33 absolutely original levels

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Crazy Rabbit AntiLogic on Steam

Blazing Aries

Blazing Aries

“Blazing Aries” is an ARPG game developed by Kuroto Zakka, and published by OTAKU Plan.


The game tells the story of a new adventurer named Aries.

She visits all kinds of cities, travels around the unknown world, fights against the “Calamities” that spread all over the world.

This game’s core is the orthodox action fighting mode!

Players will use all kinds of skills to adapt to the situation in battle, and fight against various enemies.

Enjoy the experience of refreshing and unrestrained battle!


  • Orthodox Japanese ARPG

  • Combat mode with great pleasure

  • Rich skill Combo

Blazing Aries on Steam

Dwarves  & Dungeons

Dwarves & Dungeons

Only slightly better than Darkest Hunters

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

An interesting game that is more than a match-3 clone. It is a candy bar.

You can bite it in a minute, but it can potentially be savored for hours.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Dwarves & Dungeons on Steam